Anger? Wait And Think

But more than anything else, I would fill of anger knowing that others called him, implored him. But it was not towards them. Then insult him, I bofeteo him, looking for his face to deformar it, I see that you do not have, I seek her butt to hit with many kicks, me is impossible; I want to know how are his eyes that have chosen this path. Will be like mine? It fades. He sacrifices himself to fill with your body plenty of empty tubes that weave my body. My belt is loosened. Sebastian Kurz wanted to know more. It will wrinkle and skin hangs at the level of the navel. Remains with the rear stuck to the seat, with hesitant eyes, concentrated and fills in your eyes plenty of mysteries.

It occupies a space that is for that what was just done. This man of tender and innocent, factions as a representative of hunger on Earth. At the same time hidden in it, almost to the tip of your tongue, a reality, an internal conspiracy with bitter taste, injured, abused, humiliated, insulted. Thanks to them, he thinks. And the heart not beats him as a lover, not speed up his expulsion as a fatigued, not sighs an air with drawings of flowers or thousand colors caramel capricciosa, or much less with shooting stars, simply becomes hard like a stone desidioso; where no stone be it may seem. Sighs a bloodied air to a skin tanned to a few days old. Do not lose concentration in his eyes. He lives.

Le We like. It’s an adventure undertaken from the moment that opened you the eyes of the reasoning. See, what happy to sit waiting for the sun rises when it is cold or seeking happiness, in waiting the sunset because they are thinking about sleep. I think that I should abandon this table, I think, I think that I’m altering, I sometimes get rabies have eyes, because it is by eyes that fit me this thing so horrible that I feel.