Month: December 2014

Fifth Republic

This scene brings about chaos instances, but not of any type, but of the most particular model, chaos controlentrpico" , that one that is caused and administered by the being controller, the State, in specific dosages, whose dosage administers different gubernativas organizations and from State when they are themselves put under an autocratic and messianic Executive authority. They are the two social aspects that they identify to present Venezuela at this time when the postulates of the Fifth Republic, still without consolidating in the imaginary group, hit a latest bolivariana socialist revolution named Of the 21st century now ". First of them it is the instability. The public and deprived institutions of Venezuela, with all imaginary ones, their hopes of growth and their historical and cultural referring past as are subject to the contingency of the unforeseen circumstance, the sinisterness and the egoisms that motorize plus the spirits and the exhortativo car of a messianic leader, who the transcendental thing that emanates of the group. We are, not to doubt, in a division that it classifies to us like citizens of first or second, which it divides between patriotas&quot to us; and esculidos" , and that simultaneously blurs to us like State, turning to us into fragile and dependent citizens before what it goes beyond the horizon immediate. Peculiarly, it is not the modern rupture social, that specifies the following industrial sociologists of the doctrines of Weber. We are in the presence of the rupture of the social epithelial weave that disables to the citizens the reconstruction of a whole, called project country; that it inhibits them to think about systems social alternating and them restrains so that they tie complementarily, in interrelation of ideas that leads towards associated conception of future, that is not other than the possible Venezuela and of truly democratic opportunities, in that all we dreamed to live.

Executive Director

Blue line is number 1 in the ranking of dialog marketing agencies D-A-CH for three years the ranking of Benchpark from Hamburg created leads blue line almost continuously. Now in two budget categories: 5,000 to 9,999 euros and 10,000 up to 49.999 euro. Determines the ranking on the basis of recommendations and reviews of Agency customers in the six categories: creativity, consulting, implementation, relationship, flexibility and cost consciousness based on a predetermined scale of 0 (low) to 10 (excellent) under this results blue line in all categories, which are significantly above the market average. “” So you can reach in the category flexibility’ followed by consulting services an outstanding rating of 9.19, 8,86 and the complex relationship “with 8,09. exactly are the characteristics, on which customers put the biggest way your agency partner”, said the Executive Director and agency owner Martin Debus the result. When an agency of the size of our personal advice by the Managing Director is no empty phrase but a reality. “And this is reflected then of course also very positive in the relationship with our customers.” The positive relationship with the customers is inward, she inspires the creative power and is reflected in the quality of the implementation. Now 22 publications by blue line work in the journal fishing BBs archive do not come by coincidence, but are the result of this approach consistently pursued. We have the high degree of flexibility and the pronounced cost-consciousness ahead of many other agencies. There staff is released like in times like these, but to obsolete and outdated structures one dares not quite”, Martin Debus analyses the situation in the Agency market.


Another positive factor of the nuclear energy is its raised density, that is, in small soil pieces if they construct plants that produce amounts of infinitely superior energy to other sources, for using few insumos? the nuclear fisso is for return of 2,7 million times denser than oil. The capacity factor? FC of the nuclear plants surpasses any another power plant. The FC is a performance pointer that measures the energy generation face to the installed potential. In U.S.A., the refined factors in the year of 2007 had been: 13.4% for combustible oil and diesel; 36.3% for hydroelectric plants; 40% for energies you renewed (aeolian, solar, biomass); 73.6% for coal; 91.8% for nuclear. Brazil and Australia withhold the biggest reserves of Uranian, natural element more weighed of the Land, whose resources are enough to supply the world-wide demand for about 85 years. Already the thorium, main substitute of the Uranian one, possesss reserves three bigger times. How much to the radioactive, defending rejeitos of the nuclear energy they affirm that after 175 years the emissions of this garbage fall for only one bilionsimo of the index that left the reactor and that technological advances certainly will find solution for this deposit of energy. Nuclear engineers and specialists work incessantly in the development of research to solve the problems of the current generation of reactors.

It has hundreds of new projects in study with the central objective of that new plants, assigned of fourth generation, are less onerous, safer and with lesser ambient impacts. Each one of the nuclear reactors spread by the world has a proper executive project. The standardization lack raises the engineering costs and construction, compromises the formation and training of workmanship hand and becomes capenga the fulfilment of the rigid and essential protocols and routines of security. The nuclear industry is proud of its model of security, called prohibited in depth, to the test of multiple imperfections techniques or human beings.

Oldenburg Munsterland

Be in the industrial area in Riepe a modern gas station for liquid fertilizer build costs 150,000 euros – great relief for local farmers who is GS agri EC. Jurgen Diers, project manager of the cooperative from Schneider jug near Cloppenburg, could deliver this for the farmers in the region very good message on Thursday evening. Emden/Riepe was invited by the construction of seed and try ring diers as a speaker at an event on the subject of liquid fertilizer. For years, some farmers a way to be able to buy a liquid fertilizers for their fields quickly and easily, stressed Jelto-Haneborger, the Chairman of the seed industry and attempt ring Emden/Riepe searched for. In East Frisia, based company showed given the investment volume will be the gas station GS no interest cost countryside around 150,000 euros. Farmers met with the cooperative from the Oldenburg Munsterland, because it is active for a good year in the North. Initial discussions showed quickly, that the seed engineering and experimental ring Emden/Riepe on the search was struck after an innovative partner for the project.

The liquid fertilizer gas station will emerge in the coming weeks in the diesel road, a corresponding property has already acquired the cooperative. When exactly the operation can be absorbed, not yet been determined. The time depends on factors, which we have no control”, said Jurgen of diers. The planning application will be currently, immediately after its approval, it could go off. If the weather is with”added diers. Until that time, the GS delivers countryside as usual liquid fertilizers per truck.

At the gas station the farmers, are can purchase several different products around the clock and make cashless payments by means of a chip. Here, there is the possibility to select the desired amount before. The plant will be on the latest state of the art and is designed to make your work a long time”, would be switched on Jurgen Diers.

Founding Grant

Now, it has come in the middle of the contemplative Christmas time, that cuts of the popular establishment grant over controversial knock at the door! Last week, the President himself likes to be “Promotion” has signed the law. So we probably starting tomorrow, the profound change, the founding grant officially and in force Act. And since the employment agency should save up to 80% budget, everyone can calculate how often the new shortened Foundation grant is still given. Thus the grant only 6 months is shrunk and there must be a minimum rest period of 150 days of unemployment 1. For this, you get the 300 euro grant 9 instead of 6 months. But the klosterberg change remains comfortable that one more is not entitled to the subsidy, but only at the discretion of the employment agency is located, whether it receives Foundation grant. Wanted what many sadly missed or overlooked, unfortunately the founding grant is also the basis to maintain the 90% funded KfW Grundercoaching, which means that also really sensible and proven promoting then almost die out. All hopes that the rules be changed at least for the preservation of the Grundercoachings, have not been fulfilled unfortunately! Because the most start-ups fail within the first five years, the introduction of the KfW Grundercoaching, has closed an important gap and kept some founder before the task of its independence. Since many entrepreneurs to start more have a scarce financial cushion, they are certainly deprived in future support of Grundercoaches. Because Germany is anyway not a founder country compared to the rest of Europe, you can not understand unfortunately the bungling scheme.

Direct Purchase

GrupGV is leader in the market of purchase sale of companies with more than 15 years of experience in the main cities of Spain. The GrupGV job to acquire companies in crisis and try their sanitation and refloating and, later, in some cases, to sell them again. General rule, it’s small and medium-sized enterprises – both industrial and services sector-who for various reasons have been doomed to a difficult situation, with an indebtedness that cannot afford and that without our intervention would inevitably aimed at a cessation of activity and closing. When a society contact Grup Gv, a first visit takes into account the possibilities of your business and also feelings that transmits. If illusion is perceived and a commercial potential comes to analyze the numbers, who are finally determined whether or not the case is viable. THE action plan already begins with an analysis of the current situation of the company to check if there is the possibility of translating a realistic future viability plan.

As a complement to this analysis is performed an audit to determine the possibilities of continuity. If the report gives a positive score of the team of analysts, Grupgv proceeds to the acquisition of the shares or corporate shares and begins the process of restructuring. At the same time also searched for synergies with other similar or complementary companies in the sector. Once the situation has stabilized and has a consolidated project is decided if it gets to sale or is integrated into the industrial group. In the majority of cases, poor management and the current difficulty of access to bank credit are the main causes of an envelope unacceptable debt for the company. Often employers mistakenly think that which will make Grupgv is financing their debts and leave the company again in their hands. This is not the philosophy of Grupgv and would be a mistake, since you need the company is a model change and restructuring that entrepreneurs have not failed to make. When Grupgv participates in a society, it does so with all its consequences, including, if necessary, industrial and commercial restructuring, labour adjustments and the implementation of a new business approach. In this sense, a new management team used to work in situations of extreme difficulty, allows you to act in a way more professional and objective and with greater options to achieve the objective which is that save the company.

The Employment Costs 42 Billion Per Year

Is it worth it? That question is not only the business magazine market and medium-sized businesses in its latest edition. That question is not only the business magazine market and medium-sized businesses in its latest edition. There is required, proposes to abolish the authority and to spend this substantial amount for private agencies. Successes in the Arbeitsmittlung are modest overall, individual bright spots such as the Agency for example in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf are rather the exception. Between 70 and 400 customers currently supports a single employment agencies. The predetermined quotas must be met. Many of the staff have fixed-term contracts. She must trick, if they want to keep their job.

The federal employment agency applies therefore questionable methods to beautiful the unemployment statistics. Who is charged and twice does not appear to respond to subpoenas, flies out from the unemployment statistics. Who is ill, also considered to be mediated and is no longer counted. Short negotiations in permanent positions, six months lead to no longer counted also, be. Independent have often only therefore this way, because not found a suitable place. Housewives, pensioners and students on apprenticeship vacancies are not counted anyway.

And who is in one of these questionable measures of further education, was never counted. The Nuremberg specifications prescribe that an initial conversation an hour should take with the employment agencies, every subsequent call half an hour. FEWS ( wants to know how it really is and their Coachingkunden with an additional freebie Grundercoaching in accounting or marketing in Berlin now rewards in an action until 31 March 2011, when they report, as long as a conversation really took. It may be interesting. Women also.


In addition, it allows mail-order IT as efficiently as possible to handle orders. Claudius Malue: Time is the most important factor in the shipping trade. Therefore our solution helps the employees targeted bug fixes errors and bottlenecks in the system and urgent tasks to take care of.” For this purpose, the order cockpit provides a full overview. It shows, for example, if the orders from the online shop created not automated in the ERP system, but is stuck in a queue”. Moreover, a landscaped order can affect even before its release on the availability of items, the order proposals in the disposition or similar.

Built-in control mechanisms facilitate the monitoring of pending orders for parcel service provider, as well as also the individual package tracking by Shipments. Mail-order-IT supports the rapid order processing with the role-based client in addition with active notifications within Dynamics NAV: so about notes to orders can be created, which optionally can be viewed by all users or be made available to specific groups, for example, in accounting or in the Commons,. A message can be also individually only addressed in a specific person. Moreover, was emphasis in the design of the solution, that a high bandwidth can be different, covered some complex commercial cases. In addition to the sale of goods from our own stock, it is also possible to initiate Sonderbeschaffungs – and direct delivery processes from the customer’s order automatically.

Also, orders for customer-specific packaging and design can be created. For the quick overview of current business developments mail-order-IT provides numerous statistics options that users individually in its make a personal screen. Here he can show then as many diagrams, for histories of sales compared to last year’s levels. There are preset reports, inter alia as a Top10 of the accounts receivable for particularly popular articles, as well as for the comparison of the orders in the day, month and year. The role-tailored client used in mail-order-IT is a basic feature of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. Different roles with the views of the data in the ERP cropped on standard user types are configured in the roll Centre, for example for accountants, purchasers or storage and shipping staff. The views can be change but individually by the user and adapted to the own information needs and taste. The role-tailored client for the order process manager spectrum this specifically to a specific process support which is geared to the requirements of modern online-shop operators. Via a standard interface can be any shops such as for example, oxide, Magento or Intershop link. About prisma informatik GmbH: the prisma informatik GmbH was founded in October 2006. The company offers medium-sized companies, primarily in the areas of trade and manufacturing with high quality standards, services, and solutions based on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Microsoft technologies, SharePoint and Microsoft SQL Server. Prism acquires Informatics project implementation, design and implementation of complex systems. Project work, long-term development and support are made in one hand. Users of Prism solutions computer science are nationally and internationally active companies. The portfolio is rounded off by an extensive range of training for Dynamics NAV applications in the Prism Academy. Contact address: Prism Informatics GmbH Merianstrasse 26 90409 Nurnberg Tel.: 0911 / 239-80-550 fax: 0911 / 239 80 555 E-mail: Internet: PR Agency: Walter Visual PR GmbH wife Leonie Walter Rheinstrasse 99 65185 Wiesbaden Tel.: 06 11 / 2 38 78 – 0 fax: 06 11 / 2 38 78 – 23 E-mail: Internet:

Loan Product

In an environment in which says that banks do not grant loans or give them only to those people who do not need it, it is convenient to take into account a number of things when it comes to entering our usual Bank with the aim of a loan. Justify the expense: always accompany a quotation or invoice pro forma of what you want to pay that money and to reason the reason for the loan. Reforms, vehicles or studies are more valued, for example, travel as it is logical. Set at maximum amount to apply: the criteria to measure our ability to borrow are more stringent, that unlike a few years we must back the strictly necessary money, i.e. the minimum possible and forgetting to ask for extra money. Payroll is the best warranty: warranty are our gains in personal loans, and in case of couples married in regime of joint property of both stable and recurring revenues are therefore a very important point. Have a permanent contract with antiquity currently are inexcusable requirements.

Return it, as soon as possible: is a complicated balance, since capacity to pay that in theory is more valued less fee. But if you trim the term as much as possible, we will pay less interest and depreciation faster, which is safer for the Bank. Amortization and payment, a mandatory condition protection insurance: even for small quantities, the life insurance guaranteeing repayment of loans in the event of death or disability are compulsory recruitment. It is also often compel insurance payment protection, which covers fees in case of stay unemployed for a year. Additional guarantees: in the case of a personal credit translates into more involved or guarantors. Be able to provide guarantors with properties, pledge (guarantee payment of credit with other assets) shares, deposits from family members or other passive products is a guarantee of success. The possible lowest amount, minimum term and with maximum guarantees, in the current environment are key points for finally being able to get a personal loan. Compare: the conditions of various financial entities and see which is the loan that best fits our needs, in general can think that all offer the same, but there are small details that make the difference and can make one entity than other more attractive.

Formula One

The Spaniard finished third in Monza. Vettel WINS and almost the title sentence. So live the live race. Spanish Fernando Alonso (Ferrari), double world champion of Formula 1 and today finished third in the Grand Prix of Italy, said after the race which will try to strive to be second in the World Cup and that six races remaining is in Singapore where more possibilities. Alonso ctuo these statements once the German Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) left virtually sentenced the world to win in Monza, where he signed win of the season eighth. There are six races and it is impossible to win the World Cup, although mathematically still not Vettel has it won. We are not already in that fight, so what remains will try to amuse ourselves, fighting for victories and trying to finish second in the Championship.

It is better to finish second to fifth, replied to Alonso at the post-race FIA Conference. I think I’m now second overall, so I’m going to try to keep that Since, said Alonso. Six circuits that remain, which we should better go is Singapore (where will be held the following Grand Prize). It is similar to Monaco and Monaco we were seconds. Now the car is going better, so we will fight to win there, he explained to the double world champion Spaniard. Singapore is a circuit that I love, said Alonso. Source of the news: Alonso: “I will try to fight for being second in the world and win in Singapore”