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Occupational Stress

Jade needs to be carved to be a gem. Chinese proverb generalities, No considerations is denying the relevance and importance which in time present stress presents in Venezuelan business activity, especially in its human resources, which is currently facing situations that have given that it aroused dynamically for many who become negative stimuli and factors which significantly affect the organizational behavior of many companies, so unproductive, presenting an organizational climate that is inappropriate to the reality of the national stage. Among those factors that are external and internal, are first and foremost political, economical instability fostered by the Government which has given step to uncertainty, risk is generated and affecting the operability of the companies with the security and confidence of achieving their objectives. More, when many companies, especially SMEs, and some large has stopped working and others have been intercepted. Providing all this, fears in the human resource of the companies, which fear for their job security, coupled with other economic reality that is becoming increasingly more inflationary, significantly affecting the quality of life of the Venezuelan worker. Political uncertainty definitely has led to stress is of many companies, where the results are very significant, given to tensions that manifest themselves, work stoppages, protests by the actions undertaken by the Government, in addition, for example, that if you are not supporter of the Government’s political line, there is the fear of being evicted from his post as it happens and this fosters a climate stressful in the staff that is not identified with the current socialist ideology. The economic factor, inflation, the high cost of living in the current scenario has given way to that many workers feel stressed because salaries, wages given to them according to their performance, unable to cover to fully meet quality of life required. Learn more at this site: Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX. Has also emerged another serious external factor as it is that of insecurity, the high rate of crimes, robberies and kidnappings that have entailed that stress is of the vast majority of Venezuelans, especially in those workers who are prone to robberies, assaults, even on public transport that lead to the company, organization where they work.

Steve Alpizar

The power source is within you, but that doesn’t mean that it is easily accessible to him, for years we have lived with a lot of negative information and limiting beliefs that separate us from our spiritual essence, his mission in this world is to discover himself, or find one or several tasks that give an enormous satisfaction, that allowed to enter into the current creator of the universe, to the extent that go beyond your limiting beliefs then inner power will begin to push it with less conscious resistancewhich means that the path to the achievement of various objectives will be more clear and easier to pass, is a process of adaptation. Your wishes for changes must be associated to good emotions, the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar outlines the influence of emotions in the internal energy level, which is fundamental to materialize a desire, in this book you will learn how to organize your life in order to install beliefs that support their goals. Opportunities arise for the prepared minds, this implies that internally we wish to experiment a change of life and the universe gives you answers because you yourself create, if you want to change your negative beliefs and begin a reprogramming in his life, then the opportunity is reading it at this time, do not be afraid, knowledge is the first step in the liberation and you are someone exceptional and powerful then all you need is remember iti.e. efficiently establish the bridge between your conscious mind and the subconscious. original author and source of the article.

The House

Living in cities Centre has many advantages. On the one hand, enjoy good communications thanks to the transport networks. On the other hand, let you quickly and easily access shopping areas without having to take the car. Simpler efforts. In a question-answer forum Rich Dad Poor Dad was the first to reply. -The procedures are much simpler than if you decide to buy a House. Firstly, no bothered to request and negotiate a mortgage. Secondly, avoided going to the registry nor is it necessary to hire the services of a notary to handle writes to the housing. In addition, so there will be no pay themselves a home buying tax: VAT and documented legal acts, or it will be minor in the case of a purchase of housing.

No bother to enlist the services of the House (water, gas and electricity). When renting a house all the basic services are contracted, only have to deal with the optional. Maintenance of housing, it usually runs on account of the owner. The tenant must cope with the costs of supplies. However, the owner shall meet all expenses derived from the housing and maintenance of the building where it is. It has the advantage of not having to attend meetings of the community of owners. It is a task that corresponds to the homeowner.

Lower risk. Living in a House on property involves dealing with a higher financial risk than if you live in rented. A rise in interest rates or a sharp drop in housing prices can lead to a destabilization of the economy of the home that does not occur when living rental. Aid to the tenants. Who can apply for this assistance? Recipients of aid: requirements: preferably young tenants who are not older than 35 years. Annual family income does not exceed 2.5 times the public indicator of income of multiple effects. (These income refer to the of all the occupants of the House, exists or not, family relationship between them). Annual income which must satisfy: a minimum of 2% and a maximum of 9% of the maximum for housing price protected for leasing of basic income. Computable maximum area for housing: useful 90 m. Presentation of the lease for his visa. Does that amount is awarded and for how long? Type help and features: State subsidy to facilitate the payment of the rental income tenants: annual maximum amount: 40% of annual income, which do not exceed maximum 2.880 duration: 24 months, if the circumstances that gave rise to the initial recognition of the right to aid persist. Unable to get back this aid until past 5 years. What public administration recognized and dealt with this aid? Processing: The autonomous communities and the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla made recognition of the right to receive this help. Within the maximum limits indicated, communities and autonomous cities can establish objective criteria for selection of tenants, modulating in function the specific needs of their territories. In which administrative body should ask for them? This aid application shall refer to the competent body on housing of the autonomous community or of the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla and be processed in accordance with the procedure which is established in each one of them. Original author and source of the article.


JOSE BRECHNER while Venezuela loses positions among the economies of the world, occupying the 28th among 29 countries of America and its inflation accumulated from 13.6 percent is the largest of the continent which has led her to fix prices to basic articles of the family basket as chicken, meat and sugar Lieutenant Colonel still squandering abroadfeeding related extremists to its ideology and supporting their allies with multi-million dollar loans. Chavez is giving away more money than the United States in Latin America. The Associated Press said that for 2007 it promised more than 8.8 billion dollars in grants and financing, but is not known with certainty how much really gave nor where it was the money. Pinterest understands that this is vital information. The U.S. assistance is handled with strict fiscal controls and specific objectives, which makes their cooperation not grotesquely visible as the Venezuelan, which is used for advertising poster for the Bolivarian regime. United States is who brings more to the IDB and the Bank World, they delivered the funds to Nations needy, usually by forgiving the debt of the poorest countries like Bolivia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guyana and Haiti who forgave the payment of 7.5 billion dollars in three years. Nissan contains valuable tech resources.

While the neocomunista military continues gaining ground strengthening as the maximum Chief of unwary Latin Americans, 25 percent of the 26 million Venezuelans subsists on less than three dollars a day. Much of the capital distributed in Latin America, is used to bribe individuals with true leadership not initially sold to chavism. In Bolivia the Mayor of the small town of San Lorenzo, among other intendants, received a check of the Venezuelan Ambassador for 427.000 dollars to build a new agricultural market. The delivery was made without conditions, as if it were a personal gift, but in politics and in business there are no free lunches, the invoice, sooner rather than later, is going to reach everybody, and Chavez will resort to blackmail or other coercive methods, legal or illegal to recover their investments with the appearance of donations.

Fast Technical Reading

TECHNIQUES of reading fast what you need to achieve having a reading comprehension? You must of course be in your mind, acquire new techniques of reading. Many have no idea which is the understanding of the reading, in research on the understanding, it is said that only twelve percent of the contents of a book manages to understand but this is for readers more developed and the less developed, the reading comprehension is much smaller. Do you want to belong to this group of readers? If not, continue reading this article. So, you need to understand the reading. Takes note of what I have to tell you, read the entire article. If you want to improve your reading comprehension and thus have more profit in your work because it the more you read and study your abilities will increase and of course you are going to be better for your profession or business.

Phrases that you should keep in mind to have greater ease in your learning process of the new techniques of speed reading: of improvement. Believe that it is possible to improve for you. Understand what is the reading process. Understand why you read slowly from the beginning. Compete with yourself, each time you should demand more of you. Avoid stress, learn how to have fun while you read.

Practice constantly, make your fast reading a habit. Practice focus the mind, focus the attention while you read. Development these points in my blog, so go and get new techniques for your quick reading. 1. The index finger technique. Employee finger as if it were a pointer that marks the rhythm of reading is the best tool to acquire greater speed and achieve broader fixations. This strategy helps you increase your scanning speed in reading. How are you using your finger? Very simple, you have to stress each page from margin to margin line with your finger while you read.

San Juan

3. That _ is not what I mean. _ Will be sued every time that they have not complied with the laws. _ The doctor who were looking for wasn’t there. _ I learned that it was fake. _ Do not realized that already it was late. _ That day had the certainty that we win. _ She told me of that will not participate in the ceremony.

That way _ was that he escaped. ________________________________ Fue en ese where everything happened. _ That night was that it I was presented. _ She is the front of our. _ She is behind me. _ I was at the front of you.

4. More never again _ do. More _ no one has brought anything more. _ More none arrived that night. _ When will they come from? _ For what you want it? _ Do you why protest? 5. The film _ is boring middle. _ My friend was half unhappy. _ They are dishonest media. _ They ended up so much noise disturbed stockings. _ Is a person very prudenta. _ 6 Does now you you said what happened last night? ________________________________ Eso no satisfy the teacher. _ I satisfied your response. _ Never satisfaci their curiosity. _ Yesterday translate the story. _ Do not conduciste very well that day. _ The US induced to commit the offence. _ The car slowed down, stopping several meters below. _ Discussed the issue, reaching an agreement. _ There will be many surprises. _ There were many floods last month. _ There were more than 100 people. _ Two years ago went to San Juan. _ Was made several hours. Marta was _ is. _ Keep it if you want to, because do me not lack. _ Will do it if you cooperate us. 7 _ That week there were several activities in order to collect funds to help the danmificados of Arraijan. _ That was a meteorological that we would never again presenciar.___ phenomenon had many people who slept outdoors. _ Do not there is difference between these two objects. _ Do not believe that there is time to go to the tiatro tomorrow. 8. The mendigo _ acting with humility and was very polite; the millionaire was a man very greedy and full of pride. _ Should explain in detail the metamorphosis of the sapo.___ 9 tomorrow I have exam, so I must study. _ Must be asleep, because the lights are off. _ After the March explained to students prejudice that will cause to the environment the installation of highway. _ 10 Still have not found the card. _ Three are the projects to develop. _ Were many activities to perform. _ Drawn up according to what was told. _ Do not acted according to what is established. _ 11 Go where us envien.___ not is the farm where big iremos.___ non was sad, if not you get sick. _ Do not participate but want to. _ Not wine that does not pudo.___ why not come? _ This is the pencil so he wrote it. _ Original author and source of the article.

Abdomen Abdomen

It is very common to see in gyms impacted people doing abdominal and all kinds of exercises for the abdomen. If you ask them, they usually have these two goals: lower belly or mark the abdomen. Today, more than show them different types of exercises for the abdomen that exist I want first to clarify the error more common which all these people make, or rather commit (I also was wrong) when seeking to achieve any of these objectives based on, say the abdominals. We must understand that the belly or belly is one thing and the abdominal muscles quite another. We can be doing abdominal all day, 100, 200, or that we are capable of doing, and without a doubt, will strengthen our abdomen, even, we will succeed in the squares or as commonly say: an abdomen of laundry, but nobody is going to see! If before we have not removed the belly or fat that covers it. So is!, we must understand that developing the abdominal muscles is one thing and burn abdominal fat, another.

To burn abdominal fat, or delete the belly it is therefore necessary that we adopt a regime dietary fat burner, do exercises well balanced aerobics that work large muscle groups and learn to carry them out correctly, this is the first step to eliminate abdominal fat, belly. Once you have managed to adopt the best regime food burning fat that suits your needs, and that you have a good plan of exercise aerobics, fat burners also, then, you can begin to work to have a flat or marked abdomen. Of course that these processes do not have to be different, you can start to work your abdomen at the same time you’re burning fat, will no doubt get more faster to your goal. Exercises for the abdomen, focused to flatten your abdomen or mark your abdominal muscles and that they are, in short, must be accompanied of a nutritional regimen and a fat burner exercise plan. I hope I have helped to better understand the process. Original author and source of the article.

Woodrow Wilson

That does not mean that they are stronger. The power is determined by the technology and the preparation, not the number of people. Although this matter not curdled with Arabs, blacks, Indians and Liberals, who believe that by being more must be owners of others. Westerners use their scientific and intellectual power to defend against the barbaric hordes which grew economically, but not mentally evolved. Money can buy many things but not the creative ingenuity that characterizes few cultures and ethnicities. With a mulatto President; Socialist; Muslim past; I of the Nobel Peace Prize, at the White House, the situation is different to everything that lived until now.

If their predecessors were not dared to attack Iran, you could speculate that Barack Obama will act equally. However, using as a reference to another progre: Woodrow Wilson, who was re-elected in 1916 under the slogan kept us out of war. And he adhered to the world war I in 1917. It is possible that Obama form a coalition with Israel, several European countries, and perhaps involve some Arab States. Wilson turned in the more severe and intransigent of American leaders, imprisoning dissidents and nationalizing industries and businesses. This is a characteristic of Liberals. In emergency they act vigorously.

For them the State is everything and enjoy your unrestricted control. In this case specific that might be good. Strong leaders is required in the war. When you pass the legislative elections of November and Democrats lose at least one Chamber, they will begin the war finishes. According to Gallup, 90% of Americans considers Iran a serious danger and 65% as a critical threat. According to Rasmussen, 26% strongly approve Obama management; 43% strongly disapproves of it. Before the remarkable decline in his popularity, the war is his only alternative to recover. BO will have the excuse to placate their anti-war supporters more extremists, alleging that it was Congress who decided to attack. You will win the backing of the independent majority that wants to end the Iranian nuclear threat and want to see the end of the conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan which has already been nine years of duration. Finally will fit with the Arab majority, who feels so threatened by Iran as anyone else.

Transantiago Chapter

..Each country and its people .se deserves what has between 1990 and 1992, being Minister of transport of Patricio Aylwin, German Correa ordered the first tendering of buses. Lakes entrusted the task of creating a system of efficient locomotion, and appointed him as General Coordinator of the Transporte of Santiago. Correa had to resign in 2003 after being accused of repeated fraud, duplication of collections, simulated billing, among other charges, the bodywork of buses four ACEs factory, of which he was President after being Minister of transport. The Prosecutor of the company was also sued: Jose Fernando Rebolledo, brother of former parliamentarian Victor Manuel Rebolledo (PPD)…Chilean…Chilean Chilean of heart. Today and figured out that in July 2005, Buses EPYSA, representative of the Brazilian Marcopolo, closed millionaires contracts with operators of Transantiago. That year, sales of EPYSA rimmed the 360 million dollars. EPYSA belongs to former Minister and former Ambassador Edmundo Perez Yoma and current Super-Minister (DC), the brother of the head of the construction company COPEVA. Jaime Ravinet – former Minister of housing and Defense-for transport.

Ravinet and Etcheberry headed the Government Committee in charge of the Transantiago in the Lagos Government. Housing was concerned of expropriations for expand avenues of exclusive brokers. Ravinet, strongly supported urban sprawl on agricultural land and millions of dollars of real estate speculation. The governmental Committee was also composed of the Mayor Marcelo Trivelli (DC) – today Adviser communicational AFT-; the Metro Chairman, Fernando Bustamante; the Coordinator of Transantiago, Aldo Signorelli and Undersecretary of transportation, Guillermo Diaz (DC),…among other comenzalez of of RJA face. Guillermo Diaz, who was also director of Conama and President of Ferrocarriles del Estado (EFE)-, was prosecuted for fraud to the Treasury in the MOP-GATE case and has interests in the company Transpalitos – registered in the name of his father, whose business is to reintegrate retired buses of circulation.

In August 2006 the DC Supreme Court suspended their militancy. Diaz resigned the Presidency of EFE then that ratified his encargatoria of reo by Minister Chevesich in the MOP-GATE case. When he was head of the division for operations of the coordination General of concessions of the MOP, he coasted with public money a postgraduate course in Spain. Also investigated the fate of 46 million pesos paid for a survey of the Plan of transportation and decontamination of Santiago (1998), which never took place. As Assistant Secretary, Guillermo Diaz should complain to justice so to investigate illicit detected after an audit carried out in plants of technical review of Rancagua. Gradually discovered the actions of representatives of the ruling party, among them own former Undersecretary of transport Patricio Tombolini case bribes (PRSD) – influential political-, finally convicted operator by the. They were also implicated Victor Manuel Rebolledo and the then-Chief of Cabinet of the Minister transport, Alejandro Chaparro (PPD), former seremi of transport. German Correa, replacing Manuel Navarrete would occupy the post of general manager of Metropolitan Buses and Buses Gran Santiago.

Social Marketing

An effort is made to identify, through research, communication channels most likely to reach each segment and times or seasons that these individuals will be more receptive to the message. Strategic concepts that offer most likely to achieve the objectives laid down are used throughout the planning, design and implementation of the campaign. Used research and other mechanisms to ensure that the programme is implemented as planned and to obtain feedback about the required patches of the program. Definitely cite Figuera Daniela Minotti Keimy, Cedeno Elinet is a fact that the methods and techniques of marketing monopolies, trading companies and nationalized companies both in noble causes and social services may be applied. The social cause is all not vested with the power organization public having as main objective changing attitudes or behaviors of certain population to improve the situation within its structure or of certain characteristics of the population. Social causes can be set under different status legal, citing as examples: a. b.

voluntary associations Association of women’s Liberation d. c. Red Cross Association of free abortion e. antialcoholicas campaigns f. cancer prevention campaigns g.

unions, etc. h. service clubs. There is no doubt expressed the cited authors, Social Marketing has been used to describe activities aimed at increasing the acceptability of social causes, ideas or behaviours appealing to the individual. As to past time, in Venezuela have begun to notice in a manner more forceful and definitive interest and susceptibility of many companies and organizations in order to create among its consumer public awareness and sensitivity about the acceptance of certain consumer products, without getting to take advantage of the customer and much less this may feel obligated to a particular consumer.