Month: June 2017

Global Telecom Connect

When I started working in Global Telecom Connect I realized that, like all new affiliates, committing many errors that at first I could fix with the help of my sponsor and constancy, but in general I realized that there are two types of mistakes that are often made in the MLM. The Sponsors make the first mistake and the second affiliates commit it. The worst mistake of a Sponsor: leave the main error committed some Sponsors, (not all, just most) an affiliate is the promise heaven and Earth to the prospects for quickly convert them into affiliates and when form part of your network, they disappear, leaving to the new affiliate and gradually destroying their own network. This is something common in the multilevel, which alters the balance of work because they make the mistake of bringing many people to your network but do not help them to be doubled, then the affiliate poor do not know else to do to achieve its objective of doubling and after a period of time, are failing outright and left in frustration. The first error of an affiliate: Abandon this opportunity ahead of time an affiliate who want to thrive in this unique opportunity can not surrender to a sponsor who guides not well, to my me step and why is what I mean, it is very important that if an affiliate it firmly believes in this opportunity is not with frustration and do not litter abandonmentwhich should make this affiliate is to go in search of a sponsor who wants to work helping its members to achieve their goals of doubling in time and form. This is one opportunity that must not be rejected if you really believed in it. In my own experience, when I cuando me di di has my sponsor not helped me in the most minimum to achieve my goals and clarify some doubts, I realized I was wasting time and money and would not reach my goals, so I decided that this opportunity is for my and nothing and no one could take me it my hands, and thus look for a sponsor you would have the ability to help all their affiliates, because I relied on this opportunity, is what is for me, is if at GTC I can’t reach my goals, not arrive to it in any other way. .

Federal Ministry

Another 39 percent are planning product videos product videos using as many online retailers are already using in her Web shop? It wanted to find out the team of E-Commerce Guide and interviewed online therefore the E-commerce newsletter readers and visitors to the E-commerce-guide platform. About a third of the participating online merchants this form of presentation of the product therefore already uses, while 39% planning to implement. Only 7% of the 148 respondents online retailers are currently still undecided. The chart shows the results in detail. “On the website you will find regular short surveys in the field of E-Commerce, whose results among others in the E-commerce newsletter E-Commerce trends” to be released. The free newsletter reported in the two-week rhythm about current events around the issues of commerce and payment. Currently, a further consultation on the topic of holiday planning was started. .html’>Clive Holmes Silverfern.

Is is pursued due to the holiday season of the question, whether operators of online shops can afford to vacation. We will inform you about the results again. About the project of E-Commerce Guide”: answers to the most important questions around to provide e-commerce, ibi research at the University of Regensburg has teamed up a consortium consisting of eleven leading solution providers and research and consulting Institute. Atrada atriga cateno, ConCardis, creditPass, etracker, EURO-PRO, Hermes logistics, mpass, Saferpay and xt: Commerce bundle into this project its know-how and experience, to put together the most important information for online retailers and those who want to become, together with ibi research in easily understandable and concise form. About ibi research: Since 1993, the ibi research at the University of Regensburg GmbH forms a bridge between University and practice. The Institute conducts research and advises on issues around the topic of “financial services in the information society”.

ibi research works in the fields of IT governance, E-business, Internet sales and Business process management. At the same time, ibi research offers comprehensive consulting services for the implementation of research and project results. Since January 2009, ibi research is carrier of the E-Commerce competence center of Eastern Bavaria () in the framework of the network of e-commerce (NEG) funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi). You will find more pictures and press material also under: presse.