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Trekking is a sport that has a competition between two or more people, that is practised generally in tracks and mountains, also being able to be carried through in urban environments. The duration of the tests can vary, therefore some minutes can last and to have some kilometers as well as they can last the entire day and have some kilometers to cover. The objective of each team is if to keep all in the speed adjusted during the passage, therefore trekking also is known as enduro to the foot. The teams will discover the way through a navigation spread sheet, that indicates the speed and distance of each stretch, say which to it are the control points that assist so that not if skirt of the track. The Winner is an used equipment to help in the calculations of time, therefore the difficulty of if keeping in the ideal speed occur for some factors. The main one of them is the precision in the calculation of covered distance, because to have the certain speed she is necessary to cover at the correct time in the distance indicated. So that all in agreement skirt the planned one, is necessary to have a marker of steps with high precision.

In the way it course, appears other difficulties that can modify the speed, as rivers, mounts, holes, bushes, lamaais, rain, sun, slippery rocks, untied rocks, bridges, etc. One of the regions where this sport is in high is in the Chapada Diamantina, that is in the state of the Bahia. The place is a region of mountain ranges, where the rivers of the basins of the Paraguau, the Jacupe and the River of Accounts are born almost all. It possesss a national park that is managed by the Institute Chico Mendes de Conservao of Biodiversity (ICMBio). The vegetation is exuberant, formed for species of caatinga, Atlantic Bush and of the serrana flora. The region it is considered most cold of the northeast region, arriving 5. C in the winter. The Chapada Diamantina reserves many attractions, and between them it is to make trekking in old tracks that the goldwashers used. For who it appreciates the sport, beyond being a good place to practise it, still it is possible to make it in the way of a place of rich and very flaring nature.


Another positive factor of the nuclear energy is its raised density, that is, in small soil pieces if they construct plants that produce amounts of infinitely superior energy to other sources, for using few insumos? the nuclear fisso is for return of 2,7 million times denser than oil. The capacity factor? FC of the nuclear plants surpasses any another power plant. The FC is a performance pointer that measures the energy generation face to the installed potential. In U.S.A., the refined factors in the year of 2007 had been: 13.4% for combustible oil and diesel; 36.3% for hydroelectric plants; 40% for energies you renewed (aeolian, solar, biomass); 73.6% for coal; 91.8% for nuclear. Brazil and Australia withhold the biggest reserves of Uranian, natural element more weighed of the Land, whose resources are enough to supply the world-wide demand for about 85 years. Already the thorium, main substitute of the Uranian one, possesss reserves three bigger times. How much to the radioactive, defending rejeitos of the nuclear energy they affirm that after 175 years the emissions of this garbage fall for only one bilionsimo of the index that left the reactor and that technological advances certainly will find solution for this deposit of energy. Nuclear engineers and specialists work incessantly in the development of research to solve the problems of the current generation of reactors.

It has hundreds of new projects in study with the central objective of that new plants, assigned of fourth generation, are less onerous, safer and with lesser ambient impacts. Each one of the nuclear reactors spread by the world has a proper executive project. The standardization lack raises the engineering costs and construction, compromises the formation and training of workmanship hand and becomes capenga the fulfilment of the rigid and essential protocols and routines of security. The nuclear industry is proud of its model of security, called prohibited in depth, to the test of multiple imperfections techniques or human beings.

The Airplanes

' ' Everything this will go to waste itself. The world is great excessively to be bothered with isso' ' , they spoke. She knows, ' ' the world is great demais' ' , and it in fact was for those stands at that time. In other words, these Ford cars Model T, they would not go to destroy the planet. But you look at today for these roads, and see all these cars and trucks, and later airplanes? Seeing here of this arrest, every day, if it sees only tracks of condensation of the airplanes, face.

Good, you also it must see these things where you are. Everything this goes direct for its pulmes, face. You have that to breathe this excrement. to the times I think that people in other parts of the world exist that are creating this here because they want to destroy this half of the planet. She knows, if they will be able to destroy America, this would give the Europe to them. You have that to save the entire planet. You cannot want to save half of it, or part of it.

Only one form exists to make something how much to this, and this form is not mine. I did not invent it, I I only visualized. In other words, I am not saying ' ' he looks at here, I I created this idia' '. I am not creating nothing. I am only visualizing what he is real, because I was forced to abandon my being I have 60 years more than. If you make what you order to make, and this is the only thing that you can make? what you order to make? then you think on that it is for backwards of this. In other words, you he sees somebody saying something to it, and you see what they are making, and you say: ' ' Good, them they are saying this to me, and they are that outro' '. I want to say, who I am the true delinquent? They are saying to all these besteiras to me, and are stealing my rights. They are not giving my rights to me, and there she has the Kadafi and the Barackabable, and all these faces, and then they to say come you: ' ' Good, them they can make any thing that they to want fazer' '. why we cannot make the same thing that they are making? Why we cannot make what the Nixon was making? They make this in our name. They say that they are in representing when they make these things. Then, I say the following one: ' ' If you to make this, you you go morrer' '. you says: ' ' You threatening are me? ' ' I say: ' ' Not, threatening I am not you. What you are making is you ameaando' '. If you to continue to direct these cars, these trucks. If you to continue to make this, you go to die. You will finish without air. they say: ' ' We cannot stop to make this, because to stop itself, we will not have more comida' '. I say: ' ' Good, when you will not have food, you he will learn to make its proper comida' '.

Rio De Janeiro

What it is happening in Rio De Janeiro in other cities they are for causes of these actions, great climatic catastrophes happens because of the global heating, them try to maquiar saying that not, they are constructions in hillsides and others, is because of this also, more is fact that the nature is rebelled with the humanity, these strong rains, land floods, landslide to the times dry very extensive who happens in some parts of the world is all consequence of the action of the man not having another explanation, are taking off more than what the nature can offer, in exchange returns with destruction not with the preservation, not keeping its support. The same one needs a time to be to recoup, is our paper to make with that this recovery happens and as we can make this, with orientation, being extracted the natural resources in ecologically correct way. The organizations need to acquire knowledge themselves that it does not advance to be alone in the theory, that great slogan, that says: we go to preserve, the nature it is thankful, in the layer of the same notebook we evidence this, preserves! In commercial of TV and the others. Plus this conscience will not be alone game of MARKETING to increase its profits, will be that these companies would have courage to place available at least 15%, 20% or more than its liquid profit the disposal of the preservation of the environment? This is a thing that all we doubt. Botar the society along with the problems that will go to appear if will be taken measured immediate in favor of the preservation of the world is the first walked way, to guide them to apply these measures of prevention also in practises. The education institutions are one of half the most efficient ones for already starting these injunctions. The children learn in the theory on the importance of the preservation, pass the knowledge acquired for the parents to be applied in practical in the day the day. if not to take these and others you provide, will happen a world-wide disequilibrium, the disaster that is happening in the present future, it will be tripled in the next future, we will have problems more disastrous than it will go to not only provoke the suffering of the society more also of our future generations.

Government State

They had been demanded, also, the initiation of the cattle one of small transport, the elaboration of a project of reforestation with fruitful trees for the villages, the implantation of a project of creation of fish, the acquisition of wild animals, mills of coffee, engenhoca of sugar cane, animals tractive, wagon of plough, construction of box d? water and of break-springs. In attention to the outcry of the aboriginal communities the City hall of Aracruz in partnership with the State secretary of Justice and Citizenship organized one ' ' State seminary on the Indgena&#039 Question; ' , in which chieftains had appeared, municipal, state authorities and until national aboriginal leaderships as Ailton Krenak, Itatuitim Streets, Terena Landmarks, having the City hall and the Government State, one more time, if compromised to decide the immediate problems of the aboriginals. As nothing he was fulfilled, in day 09 of April of 1992, Day of the Indian, the 1,300 aboriginals of the City of Aracruz commemorate in its villages, painting its bodies and dressing tangas and decorating with necklaces and cocares, and charging entered of the visitors to see its dances typical. According to news article of the Periodical the GAZETTE, 19-04-92, the indians continued to live in the same economy of subsistence of a rudimentary agriculture, it hunts and it fishes rarefied, or artesanatos, while some were engaged in the agricultural or urban market of work as proletarian, as farmers, garis, assistant of mason, house servants, and others earning, when very, the national wage-minimum. In the occasion, the indians had remembered the lack of a conjugated work enter the Government of the State, the City hall of Aracruz, the FUNAI and the Indigenista Advice Missionary, who according to Head of the Aboriginal Rank of FUNAI, Edson Da Silva Fidlis, the problem was in the differences ideological politics and of these organizations. In the same news article, the teachers of the School of the Guarani Village, Ftima of Anjos and Odilia Gustavo Birth, even so perceiving the necessity of the indians to learn the culture and the way of life of the whites to coexist them more beneficially, had questioned its proper work having complained of the difficulty to teach the Portuguese language and of the alfabetizao of the children in a bilingual education (Guarani and Portugus), that they had considered as one ' ' invaso' ' of the aboriginal culture.