Month: January 2017

Plastic Windows

In addition to frames, glass and accessories, there are few accessories that may be required for windows. Slopes Slopes framed plastic windows on the perimeter and can be installed both inside and outside. In general, they Need to hide the seam compounds frame with window openings. They attach to window opening attractive, elegant, finished look. Do not forget the slopes by changing your wooden windows with plastic. Plastic slopes have a number of advantages over the plaster. Additional sound and heat insulation between the rooms and the street, quick installation, no need for additional care, do not require any repair or paint and do not fade or crack, fully consistent with the color and material of new windows, aesthetic and practical, simple and easy to operate.

The usual material for the manufacture of slopes – polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This material is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and capable of long retain color, in spite of ultraviolet rays. Sills Sill is a functional and aesthetic window. On the windowsill can put flower pots and other plants or use it as a shelf. If you wish to change the window sills, be prepared for a range of issues. Nowadays the market is a large variety of window sills, made of different materials. But are of great importance factors such as mechanical resistance and strength, durability and aesthetics. Window sills can be made from chipboard and wood, stone (artificial or natural), but more popular use plastic window sills.

They are made of rigid pvc coated with a special film. Plastic hardly scratched, and any sensible load (flower pots) are not indestructible form of the sill. The color scheme is very diverse: from traditional white to finish under the natural stones. The tide ebbs – lower part of the window opening from the outside. It protects the window frame against ingress of water from the street. Low tides, which made earlier of galvanized steel sheets were short-lived, quickly became covered with rust, boxes and skew. Fortunately, thanks to new technologies and materials on the market entered a more modern products. In our time, is often used polyester coating for low tide, which does not tarnish with time, will not crack, and themselves ebb is relatively quiet. Mosquito nets Mosquito nets are well protect against the hordes of mosquitoes and other insects during the warm period. The grid should not interfere with air circulation. You can set up a mosquito net if you wish.

The Increase

A woman from the skin crawl to be on a par with men. The woman, a real woman, must become more feminine, to be highly softer and more accommodating. A man, if he wants to be a real man should be as courageous. When this man comes in contact with this woman, they represent polar opposites, extremes. But extremes can love each other, and only extremes can enjoy the intimacy. Today we have witnessed this phenomenon: women have become masculine – they do men's sports have become very hard, rough, do not want to do household chores, etc.

In general, began to copy in all men. And what about men? And they in turn become effeminate beings. As in nature everything must be in equilibrium, if at some point, we see a lack of something else it will be a surplus. Harmony exists when contrasting forces are compensated. And if one force begins to dominate, the other decreases. And we see that in some families, the money earns a woman and man are increasingly engaged in housekeeping and child rearing. For the same reason occurs and homosexuality.

The man, in consequence of the fact that the woman is stronger, it became more soft and weak-willed. The fact that women in the higher plane affects men by 60-70%. If the physical plane will be equal, then respectively, on thin will be an imbalance on the side of a woman. We see that in Europe the equalization of women and men, and the result was the increase in homosexuality.

Federal Constitution

From now on, phase of Provisory Immission in the Ownership is had. In this phase, the ownership of the object of the dispossession is transferred well to the expropriate one, by means of judicial order, at the beginning of the process. The dispossession, as I castrate (2002), if only consummates after the payment of the indemnity and, while not consummated, the possibility fits to the entity of the public administration to give up the procedure, since that it returns the good and it indemnifies the proprietor of the suffered damages. In the case where the payment if of the one through headings, the transference of the good will only occur after the emission of the heading. 2,3 Indemnity According to Viana (1987), for same force of how much made use of the Federal Constitution in vigor, the expropriated one has right to perceive the indemnity, which will have to be previous, joust and in money. Indemnity in accordance with Viana (1987), is that one that integrally selects a value considered necessary for recompor the patrimony of the expropriated one, in way that does not suffer no reduction, englobando the value of the expropriated good, with all the improvements, the losses of profits, the actual damages, the compensatory and delaying interests, honorary pertaining to legal profession and the indexation. It is known, it affirmed Di Pietro (2002, p.82), that the ownership is characterized for conferring to the possessor the exercise, full or not, of some being able of them inherent to the property, as the Federal Constitution in its art.

n 1.196. Therefore, considering the irreversibilidade of the taken dispossession effect (DL 3365/41, art. 35) and the legal nature of the ownership, the provisory immission will result almost, in the practical one, the tolhimento that total of the patrimony of the expropriated one, mainly when the good is used in the exercise of its economic activity.