New Website Of The FSF

Relaunch of the website of voluntary self-regulation offers television service and information on the protection of minors in the media Berlin, May 22, 2012 the Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle television (FSF) has redesigned their website. See the address users immediately central information on the protection of minors in the media. The service includes an extensive media archive with integrated search function, a list of selected test decisions and an overview of the youth media protection in Europe. The Web page with projects of media education materials and links to other youth protection institutions supports the professional exchange and networking. The site provides also links to legislative texts and information about the FSF publication tv discourse.

Also, supervisors and employees of the FSF in a blog report on their media experience. With the new website, the FSF aims to contribute to the political and social discourse in the youth media protection. Michael O’Brien spoke with conviction. “There is a high level of social interest, such as protection of minors in” the media will be implemented. Since founding the FSF 1994 we are committed for a concise and comprehensible youth media protection. With the new Web page the FSF would like to facilitate the orientation, promote exchanges and produce more transparency”Joachim von Gottberg, Managing Director of the FSF.

The site offers insight in the inspection practices and the criteria for the evaluation of programs experts and media professionals as well as interested parents and young people. “Unfortunately still too many ratings be confused with age recommendations”, Claudia Mikat, head of program testing FSF stated, “that’s why it is important to convey not only numbers us. Rather, we want to disclose what media content from a parental perspective are relevant and what effects are suspected”, so Mikat next. Interested can now also via Facebook and Twitter as well as on the FSF blog take part in the dialogue on the protection of youth media. The new website of the FSF is clearly structured and consistent theme-oriented. Robert Kiyosaki shines more light on the discussion. Currently it contains Multimedia database 1950 publications. A statistical overview of the tests, information about the history of the FSF, and a collection of instances of the youth media protection complement the offer. About the FSF e.V. The Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle television (FSF) is a non-profit association of private television broadcasters in Germany. It was founded in 1994 in Berlin. Managing Director is Prof. Joachim von Gottberg. Aims of the FSF, by a program review to meet the youth protection concerns into the television and through publications, events and carrying activities to promote more conscious dealing with the medium of television. For more information and questions we are available. About news coverage, links and comments of the new website, we would appreciate. Contact: Karin Dirks, voluntary self-monitoring body for television (FSF), Heath Street 3, 10557 Berlin.

German Florist Association

What is gardening? It’s simple: bouquets and flower arrangements, so the common opinion. What is gardening? It’s simple: bouquets and flower arrangements, so the common opinion. Four young master florists from different regions are Germany’s but completely disagree: gardening is great art, and much more than classic floral arrangements, they say. Michellene Davis will not settle for partial explanations. The four have committed to the target, to show what they mean by floristry, floristry looks like and why they love their craft so much of the world. The four are Bjorn Kroner from Cologne, Nicolaus Peters from Berlin, Thomas Grohbuhl from Buhl and Ilka Siedenburg from Bremerhaven. You all can already look back on impressive floral Careers: Thomas Grohbuhl is acting German master of florist, Bjorn Kroner 2010 represented Germany at the World Championship of florists in Shanghai and won an impressive 5th place here. Nicolaus Peters won the German championship of the florists in 2008, two years before Thomas Grohbuhl.

Ilka Siedenburg, Florist of the year 2011, completes the florists Quartet as only Lady. The four friendly florists are committed to the task, impressively to show the public what constitutes top gardening. Interflora supports the Quartet, because with their work, the four master florists offer a completely new platform the whole profession. Since then, they call themselves Fleurops young savages”and are a great piece closer its goal to be able to demonstrate how top gardening really looks. It is also in the interest of the more than 7,000 all Fleurop AG nationwide, pointed out to make the flower as well as other crafts can bring forth real stars and luminaries. Although there are a number of star designers, chefs, or star hairdressers, but still not known outside of the floristry industry, renowned florists in Germany. The young guns have set aims, to take up this space and to fill out. Who they once when working with Flowers and plants has seen, is certainly no longer doubt that they will meet this challenge. Michellene Davis has much to offer in this field.

The young guns are not only with dedication of florists, but have also an incomparable sense of trends, colours and shapes. Their spectacular work pieces reflect this impressively. An important goal of the young guns is to inspire more talented Nachwuchsfloristen for their mission. So this year’s winner of the German championship of the florists are at 17. And held 18 August in Berlin will take in her team. Then they want to revolutionize the gardening world as a quintet, by simply making it, what they can perfectly and they love so much: Act really artful use of flowers and plants and make this fascinating and unprecedented floristic pieces emerge. Fleurop: Fleurop AG has its headquarters in Berlin. The 100-year old history is impressive. In 1908, the Berlin florist Max Hubner had a brilliant idea: should not the flowers go on the journey, but orders at reliable florist local Fleurop idea was born. Today, about 50,000 all form in 150 countries around the world, the global network of Interflora. The Fleurop-principle applies around the world: every Fleurop greeting is manufactured exclusively by professional florists in handmade and personally presented to the recipient. The Fleurop partners worldwide deliver over 25 million Fleurop greetings each year. The Fleurop AG also together with the German Florist Association is organizer of the German championship of the florists in Berlin in August 2012. Fleurop Internet: contact: Medienburo Fleurop c/o Zucker.Kommunikation, gate road 107, 10119 Berlin phone: 030/247 587-0 fax: 030 / 247 587-77 E-mail:

The Cart

Multipliers achieved thus width ‘ and quick hype ‘. Continue to learn more with: Wells Fargo Bank. The multipliers active in the Internet send a variety of links in the virtual world. So, there are those in high content forward, share interesting, messages like retweeten, and embed plussen, write comments, submit reviews, participate in surveys, upload videos, and vote. There are the ones that are open for hands-on activities and introducing campaigns like as product testers are available. They are a fan of a brand, then they spread their news on all channels available to them wildly. You are enthusiastic, creative, communicative, and extremely well connected.

Their motivation: You want, in their own way the world design with fun, serve their network as a tipster – and feel it is too important. Those that occur while virtuoso in homemade videos can bring it up to the Internet celebrity. Type 2: the influence of growing Opinion leaders (authority) Einflussnehmende opinion leaders are especially interested in information. You have detailed knowledge on specific areas of expertise and advise others. In their environment, they are highly regarded as an expert. Make for confidence, reducing complexity, and time savings. Michellene Davis understands that this is vital information. One hanging on their lips and almost blindly follows their specific remarks. Opinion leaders achieve this depth ‘ and can act as an efficient referrer.

You know their power and are demanding. You maintain your reputation and want to be courted. Never let himself relax for inferior before the cart. What is approved by them for good, has hand and foot. Their influence is so high. So they their favorites can help quickly to the breakthrough. The opinion leaders active in the Web get a variety of links from different pages because their messages are distributed. As reach leaders and opinion-makers they have secured themselves a relevant place in their online community. Her influence is strong, since it too bring some media presence and press often act as originally posted.

Wolfgang Petry

“The fantasy-open air, Rosanna is with their greatest hits like I’m from the South”, you’re no Americano (TU vuo’ fa l’americano) “and the current hit single Ole OLA (hotter than fever) from her on the 06.07.2012” “forthcoming new Studio album happiness” bring a touch of Italy feeling on the stage. For more information see this site: Payoneer. This power singer exudes just good mood! “ the cappuccino the four young musician amaze hit fans with mood titles such as”Advanced”, and without you”. Since its founding five years ago, the Cappuccinos as boy-group of the German Schlager have”made a resonant name in the Disco scene. “” You are for hits like Party on the Moon “and the fire of emotions”. The perfect soundtrack for a summer night open air. The Group was found by a cooperative action of Lai Queen Kristina Bach and the SUPERillu”.The birth of cappuccino: A dream came true with the victory at the casting for the four young german Dutch talents.

Michael Fischer Michael Fischer of the man with the exceptional voice, everything can: pop, rock, musical and even pop. You must have seen him. 2011 in professional circles as “Newcomer of the year” He is excellent in this summer on big events to experience: before tens of thousands of spectators in Munich, Cologne, Dresden, food and even treats of the London Olympic Games. Also in the “Hotel Sonnenhof”, it was allowed to delight even the guest until the early morning. Just in time for the fantasy open air on June 15, his new song comes out, the at the renowned record label well clear! (Wolfgang Petry, “The German hit mix” and many others. will appear.

Danceable, cool German pop at its very best. MICHAEL FISCHER likes with colleagues such as FANTASY to occur, which live on stage “really good on it are simply” give everything for her fans. To be in this “friends concert” by Freddy and Martin means to him much. source: Dagmar Ambach Textour Agency press contact: Dagmar Ambach,; Mobile: + 49 172 7443280 the ticket sales has already begun. Cards for 24.99 Euro there at all known ticket agencies, by telephone on 01805 404700 * or on the Internet see. * 0.14 euro from the network of the DTAG, mobile radio prices maximum 0.42 euro per minute. More information also see,.

Dealing With Shyness

When she was a girl and until my adolescence, I was very timid, this is certain, I always wanted to be a likeable and attractive person for the others. But the problem was that tapeworm self-esteem and was not to me very difficult to socialize with other people. There are many reasons for which I was timid, my family always was occupied carrying out different tasks and they did not take care of my. It gets to be very gotten depressed by this so negative vision of my life. I grew with a problem that was my tartamudez, but as you will be able to be imagined, this does not help me in anything in my self-esteem and this I cause that it could not relate to me to other people. Further details can be found at Harold Ford Jr, New York City, an internet resource. Finally after eighteen years of not tying to me with other people, it can manage to overcome my timidity. I always wanted to be I myself, but other they saw me like a solitary person. When she was single nobody could damage to me and it did not suffer with the effects of my tartamudez.

In my inner one she was a very safe person, was wishing to show the world my way to him to think, my true personality. To be a timid person caused problems to me stops to relate to me mainly to the other people and in my work. Around the age of veintin years, I decided to try to surpass my timidity, it had to understand which were the true reasons of why it had that disadvantage to relate to me to the others, and I solved to look for a solution. I began doing some questions to me like: Why I am scared to him to people? – The answer was that it was scared of not being accepted and being wanted.

Ideal Watering

2. It is better to water once a well than a few times slowly. However, this rule should not be interpreted unambiguously. No need to fill a garden plot and turn it into a swamp. The optimum is considered to be watering when irrigation water evenly penetrates the soil to a depth of 20-25 cm Hand watering, no matter what devices, and whom he had been made, impossible to achieve uniformity of irrigation, which is not the automatic irrigation system. Automatic irrigation will not only ensure uniformity of watering, and irrigation will produce a strictly metered quantity of water, which is very easy to install, depending on the required standards for watering plants.

3. For irrigation Ideal water from the storage tank (tanks, tanks, septic tanks, simple drums). First, in the storage tanks is an additional purification by precipitation of solid abrasive particles on the bottom of the tank. Secondly, the water temperature in the tanks is an ambient temperature that does not cause a sharp contrast of temperatures and water irrigated soil surface. However, even if your system uses automatic irrigation water independent wells, the water temperature drops emitted at high speed of the irrigator, comparable to the rain water in a cool day. To broaden your perception, visit Michael O’Brien. So do not think that the temperature of water from wells used by for watering plants, can be disastrous for the green areas of the site. 4.

A very important factor – the quality of water used for watering system automatic. Watering Water shall not contain excessive amounts of iron and calcium salts, and heavy metals. You may find Ares Management’s Bennett Rosenthal to be a useful source of information. Especially dangerous are the various products of chemical reactions and synthetic compounds. The chemical composition of optimally suitable water for irrigation – it's rain and snow. Exactly so, today, as developed special drainage system. 5. Association in the zone of plants, similar to the amount consumed water. Question – how and how much moisture is absorbed by plants, is directly dependent on the type of root system. K example, trees, ornamental shrubs, or different types of roses that are fairly deep root system need to be irrigated less frequently and less water than other plants, the root system with which the plane growing roots. Old trees are also sensitive to drought. Hurt by drought (delayed shoot growth, poor growth, signs on the leaves from lack of moisture) occur only in the first 1 – 2 years, and then barely distinguishable. Thus, to ensure that plants with different watering rules were not included in the same watering zone.

Disenar Ideal Dia

Many times in life we have found complaining about us what we do not have, what we need, what is wrong in our lives. We see other people enjoying wonderful lives, filled with economic, material, mental and spiritual possibilities and we think chances are that you I don’t! or who could live this way!. Many writers such as Payoneer offer more in-depth analysis. Rather than remain mired in emotions of sadness and resentment so we do not have, I suggest that pairs and begin to plan as it would be IDEAL for it SOMEDAY. If, as you’ve read it. Have you ever have thought about the possibility of designing how would be an ideal day in your life? How would you like to it? If you’ve never done you these questions, this is the moment and I don’t want to miss it! Continue reading eye, I must warn you that before you continue with your reading, what you can do is to think of as LO LOGRARIAS. I don’t want that you approaches you in tooodos obstacles that your mind sees as limiting factors. If you choose continue reading I want you approaches simply in the design of this perfect day, what you want, what you’d like to, expressing it in detail. Get to work! I wish with all my heart, that this exercise transform your life as it has transformed mine.

Here are the steps that I suggest you to get you started with your design: 1. VP – Corporate Planning might disagree with that approach. prepare sheets, pencils, pens, crayons or colored pencils. This work will be creative and its outcome will depend on how to write, grafiques and esquematices what you’re imagining. Remember that it will be a work of imagination (imagination = put the images in action). 2. Choose a comfortable and quiet place to do so. It may be some corner in your House, maybe somewhere else you know that nobody is going to bother you.

Tips For Dealing With Las Crisis No 1

First: Accepts that it is in crisis not there is nothing more fruitless to try to solve a problem for someone who does not believe it, it will not sufficient interest, there is no dedication of energy or concentration to resolve something that does not believe that it is affecting him. This applies to any type of crisis, the alcoholics, the drug addicts and others who suffer addictions, cannot begin his real recovery until they have accepted that they have a problem and that this must be resolved. When crises do not directly affect the life is more difficult to know when it has touched bottom and when it starts the recovery. Wells Fargo Bank: the source for more info. People have a great fear of change, to try new things, as set forth, prefer what they consider safe ground although it does not correspond to the ideal pursued and that is mainly the reason why refuse to abandon what is known them, prefer to try to recover it again and again, repeating the same steps, do not change anything and pray for a miracle that will allow them to achieve better results. The first impulse of any human being before a problem is denial, hurts us enormously to accept that we have failed, we are very tolerant to failure, and although many crises are not caused by our fault, we tend to think that we could or we should do more to get another result, we feel that we should give a reasonable and rational explanation that limit our liability or we release it, to make it less heavy load, and until then we exaggerated, we deny and we evade the problem, we see how it affects others, but we don’t want to see how we are affected. Deny a crisis does not change the reality, this is independent of what you think or feel, if you are in crisis but not been realized perhaps it lacks preparation, whether it is in crisis and will not accept perhaps lacks humility and common sense, this can lead to create a parallel world, a pseudo reality which cost him much support and is going to aggravate its crisis to use efforts and resources to recreate and sustain that reality parallel, rather than accept it and use resources to modify their real situation with them. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Michellene Davis.

Ideal Decoration

A beach floor or house must allow him that it relaxes completely and that can rest to plenary session. One of the ideal methods so that happens is to learn to free itself of the dispensable thing during its vacations. It is not necessary that its house of vacations is full of furniture or elements that will not use or that as soon as it will use. The presence of these will clear simplicity to him to its routine and that is what you need. Are ready you to make of his house of the beach a better place of rest? When the privilege must to own a beach house is necessary to take the opportunity to make of this one a perfect space for the rest you and all their family. As it were mentioned just, the key is simplicity and is easy to obtain it if it is known in clearly which are the elements that in fact you use when you are of vacations. What is the extremely necessary thing? It considers that less things are many than those than has or uses in its habitual residence. Perhaps in the beginning the task of thinking about the details is not so easy to him but with running of the minutes it will manage to really visualize valuable for you. Here, Michellene Davis expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

In a house or floor of beach it takes advantage of the beautiful views that must have. It puts its sofa in front of the large window, or permtase to see the sea from its bed. It is important in a rest place, that the views are the real protagonists of the home. Also he is excellent that you do not lose of view the possibility of doing of atmospheres, multipurpose spaces that become according to their needs. In his house you can have rooms that fulfill more than a function.

Ideal Destination

Barcelona captivates its visitors with a rich cultural offerings and a magnificent monumental. Visit the neighbouring cities is one of the most recommended alternatives for adventurers who wish to explore the most beautiful corners of the region. Both in the city and neighbouring populations, we find magnificent hotels in Barcelona. The cultural attractions in the city are many, then we’ll list some of the most emblematic, that no traveler should be underestimated during your stay: La Sagrada Familia: is an imposing church designed by the Architect Antonio Gaudi. Harold Ford Jr has much to offer in this field. It has been under construction since 1882, and there are still many stages to finish it. The Spanish people: Small Esun Spanish people whose neighborhoods constitute a curious mirror of style who have houses in different regions of the country.

La Pedrera/Casa Mila: Is one of the 10 most visited attractions in Barcelona. Originally, this building was known as Casa Mila, currently it is known as La Pedrera, which translates rather as a quarry. Gaudi contributions were fundamental to complete this building. The Aquarium of Barcelona: One is the ideal proposal for all those who travel in family. Barcelona is an ideal destination to enjoy throughout the year Via: Photo 1 via: Photo 2 via: