Month: January 2014


The term “merchandising” is an abbreviation of the noun “merchandise”, meaning “goods” and the radical “ing”, wood reception furniture which expresses the action, wooden school furniture ie, an action which puts the power of the high school desk consumer product, so we can define the school furniture desks “merchandising” as saying: “It is a set of desk in school techniques old school furniture aimed at making products available to consumers, earning a return on the investment made in school house furniture the establishment.” Where do I apply the ‘traditional and popular merchandise”is wooden school desks always associated with the merchandising of antique school desks the product plastic school desks in relation to linear. It is also often applied to the area of sale (POS). Few technicians, especially furniture for schools theorists, who know the authentic requirements of trade, as there is a big difference between books and daily life, but in a generic dire that “merchandising” furniture for school can be applied stackable school furniture to each inner and reception furniture outer corner the establishment, to each space where the eye of the customer arrives. stackable reception furniture Does it apply if the ‘merchandising”Unfortunately, antique school furniture especially in certain trades Antique, but it is most unfortunate that the owners, when told about the subject, often lack of interest and almost never applied. As stated in the previous question, you have to plastic school desk apply preschool furniture all elements of the establishment, not furniture in school just plastic reception furniture the theoretical. Unfortunately very important elements of old reception furniture trade middle school desks remain unexploited, and this impacts very directly on the sale. school desk How does the ‘merchandising’ on sale stackable school desk ‘to sell more, for less cost. All the technique of merchandising, is based on the Psychology and makes school furniture the visitor becomes a school tables furniture customer. All elements of a business have middle school furniture their wooden reception furniture own individual message, for school desks example: Red, strength, passion, heat, old school desks etc.., Horizontal lines, school tables desks peaceful, relaxed, soft, etc.., Marble, hardness, school house desks coldness, and high school furniture so on., Wood, Home , Heat, etc.., elementary school desks. Confidence, Freedom, wood school furniture etc.. preschool desks Vocabulary Right care, education, Flattery, Courtesy, etc.. If desks for schools these elements are combined old school desk properly, the furniture in reception message will furniture for reception be clear and noticeable, if otherwise, each elementary school furniture element plastic school furniture transmits sensations different, the message will be incomprehensible. Societies today like every day more antique reception furniture of a way to advertise and to feel flattered, regardless of income levels. you really should get good are the best! If we can wood school desk show a proper atmosphere, that flatter the ego of the client, we have gained the loyalty to our establishment, phenomenon, furniture as almost everyone knows, has no cost. EXHIBITION The exhibition is an important element of marketing outlet, desks for school the ‘merchandising’.


High Voltage

It would be great to be bird. Able to move me at great speed to the length and breadth of our sky. Challenge the black storm clouds. Pass through a rainbow. Plan. Falling into chopped a few meters, then traced the flight but the fascinating thing, would be to experience the feeling of me posing on a high voltage cable.Observe the firmament without fear of losing me, what paradox, like a bird. Posts to let your imagination, I cannot visualize a bird of sixty kilos there up, so we are going to realize. Let’s say that it is a Sparrow.

There is a complete theoretical explanation, and hundreds of urban legends, behind the fact that birds do not zap to high tension wires. The reality, according to scholars, is that the two points of contact of the feet, are so close, that the potential difference is almost non-existent, with what is not flowing electric current. Resistance to the conduction of the animal’s body is also much higher than the copper, therefore the flow Electron choose follow the thread and not to disturb the winged, which you can enjoy safe from the privileged views. If not outside because each time there are fewer nesting trees and fewer insects to eat, because waters are increasingly polluted and because if you have beautiful feathers, you locked in a cage you sing the rest of your days I would say you that this be bird is a bargain. Do you will find more articles of the same series in Photo: Edurne Iza text: Onintza Otamendi? Iza can download this photo freely. The only restriction is your sale or lucrative use of the same. Do not forget that whole work belongs to its author, get a good use of it.