Month: April 2014

Next Startup Ecosystem

The format of event organised by STARTeurope ‘ startup live Vienna has made it to the target to promote Austria’s manageable but growing entrepreneurial eco-system. Now startup live Vienna will take place for the meantime eighth time that Palace in Vienna from 25 to 27 January 2013 in the Marx. During these three days, the business ideas of the participants are accompanied to the launch by means of networking, the provision of resources and the feedback from mentors and allows. Not only Great Britain and Germany are covered by the start-up fever also Austria got it. Vienna is based increasingly on the strengths of the dynamic Austrian community of entrepreneurs.

Christopher Kahler, co founder and CEO of Qriously: “Startup live everything has started for Qriously: it was so to speak our first foray out of the cave.” Especially the excellent community of events, consisting of entrepreneurs and mentors, was of great benefit to us: we are private as well as business contact today with many and be it possibly be forever.” The startup live Vienna in January brings together the local start up scene with international entrepreneurs and enables the participants to experienced entrepreneurs to contact experts and investors in contact. Accordingly, it promotes the entrepreneurial scene in Austria with the aim to generate an start-up ecosystem. “STARTeurope is the best organization I know in CEE countries for young entrepreneurs to start their businesses. I wish I’d had this organization at the time when I started. It is impressive to see how they start-ups ranging from teambuilding accompany during the process and the development of the product. So they create”a substantial value for young entrepreneurs and investors, says Tamas Locher, founder of Lookk. Startup live there also across Austrian borders: the format of the event has already established a foothold in cities such as Hamburg, Istanbul and Budapest and networked to start-ups and entrepreneurs all over the world. Jurgen Furian, co-founder of STARTeurope, startup live: “the format”Startup Live”is the ideal breeding ground for all people who want to work on such business ideas and innovative business ideas. 54 Hours exchange of ideas, networking, mentoring, expert and customer feedback, as well as learning from special founder know-how are just a few words what startup live stands.” Yet the early booking bonus of registration is available until end of December and more info on the startup live Vienna are located here.

Know The Price Of Your Dreams

Imagine yourself living the life of your dreams, you have achieved and are achieving all that one day you proposed. You are very happy to enjoy complete financial freedom that lets you do everything you want. You have achieved an enviable balance in all your aspects never before achieved. Is it really that is what more do you want? and the most important question “Are you willing to pay the highest price for it? Do you know how dreams are worth? and What is the price you should be paying on a daily basis in order to achieve and not remain merely “wants”? Of course there is an answer that will allow you to be aware of this reality that we all face every day: Walking post of our dreams and build every day. After knowing the price, will not let you spend hours in vain, but always doing something that leads you toward what you want. There is a simple way. Pay close attention. Determine exactly how much you need at least a month.

Let us assume any amount, say $ 2000. This would mean that each week would have to do 2000 / 4 = $ 500. If you work five days a week, would be 500 / 5 = $ 100 per day. If every day you work an average of 8 hours a day, then: Every hour I represent 100 / 8 = $ 12.5 In this case, for every hour you let it pass without doing something productive, something that leads you to what you will represent $ 12.5 your finances . Are you using your time productively? Remember, this is just a simple example.

But you and I know that the value of our dreams is a lot bigger, a career, a new home, auto latest model, invest in a business, etc, etc, all of that together, your dreams better than anyone what knows. If you exercise to stay with no doubts, you will find that adding the value of your most longed for dreams, what we now want to “one day” you might be needing to win in “An hour.” What is the hourly rate of your freedom Financial? “What you are doing now, we’re driving toward what you want? How much longer will stop spending to focus on what really fills your life satisfaction in activities that really matter? How much downtime you’ve been missing out or are missing out while maintaining the balance? As a final recommendation if you’re still thinking that focus most of your time: 1) Develop your strengths to the fullest. Work on them, you know better than anyone, know that you are really good and you do it with pleasure. 2) Specialize in something related to those skills and strengths. Anything you like, but Focus and do it. This way you’ll be ready for the following: 3) Turn that knowledge into services that help thousands of people get what they want by what you can do your best. 4) Turn your downtime into productive time and have fun while doing it.

North America Computer

The word "computer", like "computer" did not care. Both words are in Russian language is no relationship! But the warm heart and soul. If they are not okay bourgeois! "In foreign, as in the 80s. in domestic literature to refer to computers, the term "computer". In any professional environment, of course, there are special terms, signs, etc. But! Professional, ie relevance to most profession. And that's fine. I'm a programmer, however, do not use the "bird" language, though, and used in his speech, professional terms, however, as my colleagues.

Not slang, not abracadabra. And this is a significant difference! Russian language gives me a genuine respect. I do not understand – peresproshu not comprehended at once – understanding will come later. Make a mistake – do work on the bugs. But another opponent, "I'm certainly not a troll, but girl, you the first day of Internet? ". This is clearly not lulz! Hee-hee! Day after day, large numbers of people registered blogs. Imagine a situation, not hypothetical, but realistic: "I am certainly not a troll …." Type in any "search engine", the word "troll". Read.

Visual vocabulary. Troll (Troll) – German scientists, brothers: .. 1) William (1897-1978), botanist, works on the comparative morphology of higher plants and Theoretical Biology … 2), Karl (1899-1975), fizikogeograf, conducted research relief Climate vegetation and their relationships, problems, landscape ecology, glaciology in the mountainous areas of Africa, South. and North America. America and the Center. Asia. Russian-Ukrainian dictionary online. Troll adj. husband. kind; odush. Dictionary Ushakov.

First Congress

“You come out on top with lean and Kaizen!'” On October 27 this year, the lean Congress Mittelrhein in Montabaur in the castle hotel will take place for the first time. On this day, you will experience expert, supra-regional speakers around the large and current topic of lean management. The Congress is for all business leaders and decision makers of the Middle Rhine region and for all those interested in lean. For only 490,-EUR (net) learn the Congress participants in addition to current information from science and research, also best-practice examples of already successful lean conversions by companies from the region. Lean management in German translation also lean management, the totality of thinking principles, methods and procedures for the efficient design of the entire value chain of industrial goods referred to.” (Source:). So the principles of lean management have become already in many different branches of industry as the standard for the cost-efficient corporate organization. Aims of the day of the Congress, the information, which conveyed across Germany and Europe-wide lean conferences, to bring in consistent quality, compact at a reasonable price in the Middle Rhine region. The two managing directors Michael Meiss and Hans r mountain of company Amplico and organizer of the Congress are convinced that the enterprises of the region of lean management as a basis for business need.

So Michael Meiss: in our projects we recognize always, that there is a great need for information and inspiration. With our event we want to create a platform for entrepreneurs, providing regular information on the implementation of optimization projects in companies.” Five different speakers from all over Germany are expected. So for example Mrs Dr. Claudia Kostka, a renowned lean book author, or Olympic winner and Keynote speaker Dieter Thoma, he talks about success and failures. The Congress is hosted by the actress and presenter wife Sabine Swoboda and completed it with a special icing on the cake: you experience a relaxed Representation of typical behaviors in the operating process of change in the form of a role play. By the almost calculated price, as many employees of the companies to have the opportunity to be able to take part on the day. Seems a concept that to go on, from many companies, two and sometimes even more people come to the Congress. So far, 90 participants from around 40 companies have decided to participate. For more information and the ability to login please on, Amplico Unternehmensberatung GmbH, headquartered in Bannberscheid in the Westerwald, sees itself as implementation partner for the optimization of production systems according to lean principles. The consultants of Amplico have both work experience in all levels of industrial enterprises, as well as several years consulting practice.

Muller Messebau GmbH Is Always Greater

Muller Messebau GmbH expanded with a storage area 500 square meters in March-Hugstetten, the 11.11.2013: Muller Messebau GmbH with seat in March-Hugstetten near Freiburg im Breisgau as international trade fair construction company after the formation of the second seat in Miami/United States in consequence of steady growth the storage capacity on their main site increased. In the storage area has been expanded to 500 sqm. Now extensions on local terrain were after the opening of the U.S. subsidiary Muller international exhibit Services Inc.”in Miami, Florida in September 2012 and the local storage area of 3,000 square feet. This is needed become, because more and more customers use our international exhibition construction service we offer our customers appropriate storage capacity for an optimal fair process”, says Managing Director Mathias Glaser.

For the customers of Muller Messebau ( means this increased flexibility through greater variety and optimized inventory levels, increased Storage capacities, as well as new production facilities with the addition of the production area. “Managing Director Mathias Glaser: the warehouse expansion and optimization allows continued to grow us, still better to meet the needs of our customers and to expand our service.” The camp organization in regard to international logistics, with a focus on United States has been reorganized and optimized in the course of expansion at the company’s headquarters. Operate a warehouse on a continent is a challenge in itself. The second camp on a second continent to operate of course even larger. The Organization and coordination we managed quite and gives us and our customers at the trade fair construction significantly more flexibility.” Short profile: Muller Messebau GmbH plans, designed and builds individual exhibition stands for commercial customers from all industries for more than 15 years. When running at Muller Messebau GmbH on structured approach in the planning and implementation focus, because only the defined are strategic and conceptual exhibition well achieved. The Managing Director Matthias Glaser and Daniel Spatz are on the large international trade fair locations for many years, be it in the United States, the Middle East or Asia for their clients locally active and go far beyond the actual stand construction for the care, support, and implementation of State concepts. Contact: Muller Messebau GmbH Matthias Glaser (GF) Industriestrasse 3 D-79232 March – Hugstetten FON.: + 49 (0) 7665 94 77 228 Internet:

ALPHA COM Expanded Location In Munich

Leading service modernised branch in Munich, the Bavarian city, the 23.11.10 highest security level, more space and an optimised space allocation: for this purpose the ALPHA COM Germany GmbH has fundamentally modernized their production facilities in Munich and expanded by 40 percent. There are now 700 sqm available in well-known and conveniently located Landsberger Strasse. “The expectations of our customers in terms of safety, quality and flexibility are significantly increased”, explains Dietmar Rieger, Branch Manager in Munich at the ALPHA COM Germany GmbH. As an example, he calls the trend to outsource complete processes in document management includes IT operations or software as a service (SaS) digital archive systems. Therefore, the service has invested in State of the art server, secure data lines to customers, efficient networks and backup systems. Further optimize short distances to the internal workings of ALPHA COM implemented a new concept of space, creating new space concept the is already has proven in other branches: successive steps take place in bordering areas, creates what short distances. This significantly increases productivity and ensures enough space to even large volumes of document storage.

The Munich team consists of 35 staff in the two-to three-shift operation. They act for clients of all industries and sizes in Bavaria, Austria and of Switzerland. The services provided range from the daily electronic Inbox, via the digitisation and precise deployment of personnel files, medical records, registration dossiers to the automated invoice processing for virtually any ERP system. Dipl.-ing. Corinna Scholz

Charter Party

Include letters endorsement of authority figures in your industry make its offer and promises credible and sincere. Step # 6 a guarantee. Today, trying to sell without any type of warranty it is a lost case. You have to have one; It will be the strongest of its Charter Party. Although almost no one requested the refund, place a warranty will also much confidence to its readers.

You can offer guarantees of 24 hours, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, or even a full year; here an interesting fact, the higher the warranty period, minor are requests for reimbursement, this is due to the human nature of postponing things until the end, which leads to the oblivion of the refund. Step # 7 easy and accessible payments system. It happens all the time. Someone makes a exceptional sales presentation, and finally not performed no sale, and this since their potential customers do not have clear payment. -According to statistics to be able to close a sale, there must be at least three contacts with the prospect, in other studies it says that the seventh contact. If you can offer various payment systems for your prospects, this is very well seen by the people; and if it offers only a single way, fret that is most clear, step by step how to order order.

Step # 8 easy and enjoyable read-write all his letter as a block and side-to-side of your page, the only thing achieved is your mail to go directly to the trash. The solution? Type in the middle of the page, (not more than 65 characters per line). It’s not write paragraphs with more than 5 lines. Use asterisks, hyphens, and dots, this will give greater fluidity to your mail. Also try to use bullets when necessary, this gives you a higher order and elegance to your mail.

Target Cost As A Strategy Component Of The Intellectual Capital Report

Starting from the product life cycle at the same time also the strategic approach on the market can be developed with a target cost management consistent market orientation (market into company) can be brought in, i.e. the structures are adapted to the extent in which the customer is ready to pay for them. Whose properties in the introduction of a product are set so, that they comply with the wishes of the customer and the own goal planning at the same time. The targets for product features and capabilities, the product quality profile, product price and the quantities of the product are exclusively market-oriented set. On the basis of a retrograde, competitive pricing will approach the desired profit margin (target profit) (allowable costs) determines the eligible costs; progressive calculation on the basis of previous or estimated standard costs the cost (hearing costs) be determined by then and the allowable costs are represented. Using value analysis or similar measures must then the difference between allowable and drifting costs as long as be dismantled until costs reached the targets and this new standard cost can be derived. In the frame of the target cost concept the company sees itself forced to develop its resource strategy in accordance with the wishes of the customer. Thus, it is clear what infrastructure (personnel and capacity) of the company is required to implement the necessary market cost levels sustainable. Target costing thus already supports the overall strategy planning and allows you to adjust the revenue and cost analysis on product features and. Strategy and product design activities are thus due to the both feed back as also the feed-forward pairings of the approach no disconnected or different levels of planning more: the earliness of the cost design is aimed at the entire product lifecycle. Should you decide to embed the marketing planning in a comprehensive approach to the intellectual, a number have been, by Jorg Becker from BusinessIntelligence publications created, including in this context: Becker, Jorg: marketing controlling and intellectual capital profiles and portfolios for knowledge factors, 2008, ISBN 9783837071320 Jorg Becker (

Clavelina Flower

As you know there are a lot of flowers, but there are some that are more popular than others, as with the carnation, which is one of the flowers that can be found easily with May in many parts, perhaps only surpassed by Roses, carnations as is favored greatly by its beautiful form and variety of colors they have, which are all very nice, which is very attractive to the eye of anyone. In earlier times the carnation could become the most popular flower in the world, yet on the market of flowers were introduced a lot of changes and innovations that had an impact on sales and demand and hence carnation cultivation decreased, but were not all negative consequences for the carnation, as this led to the lovers of this beautiful flower gave rise to new manifestations of carnation with new scents, sizes, colors and even new formats, allowing the carnation would not be displaced by the news of the floriculture.

The large group that does the carnation, is formed by 250 different species, representing a huge variety of colors and fragrances, there are also other variations depending on the species, since the life of these flowers varies depending on their classification, since there are annual flowers that are there will be another presentation of lively carnation. Among the many highlights of the carnation samples standard mode and the so-called spray, which flaunt the red tones, after these presentations are very common in the white colors pink, pink, yellow and orange. Very important in the carnation, the color, since this is one of the most distinctive features within the carnation, as it acts as a means of identifying the species of this flower. The carnation has a loose and growing vertically, together with a woody base and stems can reach a height of 90 centimeters, which may influence the fact that both the stalks and stems of these flowers sometimes need a support, otherwise yield to the same weight of the flower supported on a stalk that can not resist. The carnation is a flower belonging to the group Carifilaceas plants, characterized by the ease at the time of collection of flowers. Something very important to take into account within the carnation is the flower of their own distribution, which leads to three different general classifications within the group of carnations, which are the standard presentation or also called uniflora, presenting an average size, the another version of the carnation flower is great, finally found the small-flowered carnation, which in turn is divided into mini or spray, which also often called Clavelina and other micro presentation is presented below one size even more.

Fuel Oil Price 29 October: Nothing New In The West, How Is The Winter?

How all week were crude oil prices hardly moves. Heating oil prices also made no exception and changed only minimally to the week and month end. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) You could say nothing new in the West, given the locations of crude oil traded in New York and London. How about all week very little was here today.

The fundamental market data reflect more of an excess supply, which also exists in Europe, despite the slow de-leveraging off strikes in France. Market participants were hoping until mid-afternoon on positive figures on the gross domestic product of the world’s largest consumer, the United States, that better than were expected, but not could soften the general reluctance on the commodity futures exchanges with 2.0 per cent. Restraint of the fuel oil price also fits on the development a Germany. The 100-litre batch cost 67,52 euro today at a shipment of 3,000 litres in the national average now. These are 11 cents less than yesterday and 4 cents less than at the beginning of the week.

Many customers are little whether this meaningful development confused whether she should order now or wait on falling prices. Dealer report of still subdued customer numbers. An assessment of how soon feeding winter, could help further. But the forecasts contradict each other exactly like the current economic news, providing a balanced oil prices. Predictors of a bitterly cold winter plunge on low activity of sunspots and a Gulf stream probably thereby weakened. To end October with temperatures below 2 C of the long-standing remedy seems to give these prophets. However, almost always a warm winter follows statistically on a cold October. Due to such forecast security”, one can also consult the 100-year calendar. Who says the upcoming winter 2010 / 2011 the following: winter is more dry than moist and pretty – if also not excessively cold. It begins with unlieblichem, rough weather, but it will soon get better. February can be “with lovely weather, but ends with very cold weather, which continues also in the March into.” (Source:). Granted, a decision to order quantity this half-baked assessment help nor. “Because you can try also with tried and true rules of Bauer, about: October wind, believe me, friends announced harsh winter”. “Or: much fog in the autumn, lots of snow in the winter.” Who contributes little to the decision-making process, which helps perhaps the following proverb: the wise man (or of course the woman) is built in. Say: sufficient to meet even a harsh winter orders. That reported the online portal of the journal fuel level and oil review on its Web site. The Ceto news ticker provides a daily assessment of the development of crude oil and heating oil prices as well as important messages to the energy market. Interested parties who want to include it on their website, see it here: informationen_ceto_newsticker.pdf