Month: October 2013

Program Adobe Photoshop

Let’s take a look around yourself and pay attention to the things that we see daily in their everyday life. You can start with morning procedures, we go into the bathroom and take a tube of toothpaste, getting that at your favorite supermarket, we probably had no idea what a huge role in our choice not only played an advertising company that product, but also the appearance and packaging of goods. Now the question is how do packaging can affect the choice adult, sane person? First person perceives visually about 80% of the information from the world around him. When we look at the long bright colorful colors we, as a rule, it is annoying, or vice versa, “plant” is there is turbulent emotions. Pastel, muted tones usually relax. All of these rules, as well as many other widely used to create packages for different goods and products. Successful knowledge of graphic editors such as Photoshop, as well as knowledge on the harmonization of forms and colors to help graphic designer to create beautiful and eye-catching packaging and more. Well-chosen color packaging concept is very increases the percentage of its sales.

Voluminous books on Photoshop are paying much attention to color correction. Program Adobe Photoshop in this is the undisputed leader in the creation and editing raster graphics. At this point in Internet access to hundreds of lessons in this program, so the choice is not long for the availability of information, but for its quality, though just a few years ago in runet was very hard to find decent photoshop lessons in Russian language.

VIP Services

Each of us enjoyed at least once a taxi, but few have thought about the fact that taxi, you are using, and displays your image in society. Our company provides VIP taxi. Today, such services the world is booming, and in some countries, this business could well "get stronger" and "get on its feet," but in our country it is quite in its infancy, and we are one of the firms, which already proved itself to this market. Turning to us, we guarantee that the services of the VIP taxi will be provided at the highest level and best quality. Indeed, in our town you can find companies which this service is only called a "VIP service taxi", in case may be, it is only a call to a comfortable car to the address and delivery you are in the right place for you.

We also offer a VIP service is really a taxi, which in addition to luxury car can include a professional driver who knew the city and can take you to a required address as soon as possible, despite the traffic jams. Also, if necessary, we can provide a driver who speaks English, it will be very important if you come to visit from abroad and they are not able to speak in Russian. Speak English and our operators, so for those who does not know Russian Language is no problem to call a taxi. An important aspect of our services vip taxi is the fact that our drivers will help you with your luggage delivery, because it is more pleasant to relax after arriving or leaving with the rest to him than wasting precious energy on not a very important lesson. This addition to a pleasant trip in comfortable car will come in handy if you are waiting ahead of important negotiations or the conclusion of an important transaction in this case strength you need to address more important issues. It also happens that you just can not be in two places at once, as your business partner came ahead of schedule, in this situation would be very useful use the services of the VIP taxi.

After all, if you've seen his guest, would meet on a comfortable car, you also know the city and would help him with heavy luggage, but it includes our services. You just must specify the time and place where you want to meet your guest, as well as the address to which to deliver it, and then it will be for us. Your guest and you do not have to worry about if they carried any valuables or documents, we guarantee the quality of our services. After a visitor much more difficult to navigate in the city than the locals, and to date has divorced many so-called "bomb", which can immediately distinguish the only local resident. Also of particular difficulty is the one who does not speak Russian. Contact us and we will answer all your questions, in addition, you can choose for themselves the most appropriate tariff, which will include certain services. Our fleet includes all the famous brands of cars that are comfortable and equipped with all modern features that will ensure a pleasant travel around the city. This wide selection allows us to meet the needs of almost every client, because you can include in the VIP taxi service driver availability, but also its absence, in addition to select the most appropriate and most suitable tariff for your car. Please contact us and we guarantee the quality of our customer service.

Norm Technique

To guarantee security to the proprietors of these property, any works of georreferenciamento must adopt parameters of precision and acurcia in its geodesic surveys. In accordance with NAZARENO, 2000: ' ' The acurcia associates the degree to it of approach of a estimate with its considered value true and is tied with the random and systematic effect. The term precision is tied with the idea of dispersion of the measured values around of the average and therefore, he is on to the effect aleatrios' '. Table 1 was removed of the current norm of the INCRA, in which it establishes the standard to be reached in the georreferencimento works, demanding that the precision gets an equal or lesser value 100 mm in the C1 classroom, with purpose for basic support, immediate support and limit. Table 1 – Classification of vertices how much to the purpose, precision and type. Source: Norm Technique of Georreferenciamento, p.21. 2010 Valley to point out that after reached this positional precision for ends of transport of coordinates, the geomensor one passes to the conference of survey of the points of the perimeter, that will have to reach a 500 precision of mm or better. One observes in the Table 2 other specifications found in the norm technique that must be followed by the geomensores such as: to keep a lesser or equal PDOP the 6; to use mask of rise of 15; to use necessary events, amongst that they are found in the current norm of 2010.

2-Specification table for kinematic relative positioning. Source: Norm Technique of Georreferenciamento, p.45. 2010 3 METHODOLOGY 3,1 FUNCTION AND GENERATION OF the RESOURCE MULTIMEDIA Generally, to generate a tutorial one is not the sufficient for an efficient learning, appearing, then, the possibility of if generating a video-tutorial one, that it has as function to improve the learning and the qualification of the professional who the search.

The Capitals of Russia

Stuck in queues on the trolley, especially in winter – just unbearable, and yet, if we add to this eternal delay, fuzzy graph, then this option as there is no quick way to move immediately. This kind of comfort Transport is also far from ideal to go to work that morning in the crowded bus, often clogged finally bothered. What possible way out of this situation, because we buy a car is not always able to. By a single is the right choice movement around the city by taxi. The notion that this type of movement – a luxury some can afford only the wealthy people, is false.

To date, competition between taxis so large that the cost of a taxi was available to anyone. Our organization also monitors the prices, we try to make affordable prices and give a nice discount system. Our company Megapolis Moscow taxi with the quality of their services able to gain the trust of large numbers of people who live in the Russian capital. Taxis will benefit not only ordinary people but also many companies, it has been estimated by experts that have a fleet of vehicles much more expensive than use a taxi. And given that the regular customers receive additional discounts, corporate taxi really profitable for the firms.

In signing the agreement with some taxis, you will receive Regular provision of machinery at your disposal. Because it is worth considering whether the company to acquire additional vehicles for their workers, if you can do a lot easier and take a taxi. Really cheap to find a taxi is easy, you only need to know as to where to look. To compare prices and to see a fleet of firms engaged in supply taxi, it is better to use the Internet. On Internet sites These companies can be found a detailed price list, look at photos of cars that are in the taxis.

Employee Anniversaries

And, of course, is to say on the anniversaries of employees, the system of rewards and incentives (for example, in the category 'most marketing', 'Most Creative', etc.). All round the date of the company and activities undertaken to celebrate the most outstanding staff, require a special, creative approach. Is necessarily need to resort to outside help to arrange a truly unusual holiday? If the organization of corporate events will take amateurs who do not have rich experience in this field, they inevitably face many challenges: how to find a suitable place to calculate and check all the details of how to solve traffic problems, find suitable artists and, of course, stay within budget. Can for the experiment to monitor any company who decided to, say, the first organized corporate new year. The first thing they understand – is that to hold a celebration of nowhere – probably all the appropriate places (hotels, restaurants, boarding houses) would long since booked other It is best to plan the celebration of the corporate new year in early autumn, in extreme cases – in October and November. Otherwise, almost certainly not have gone 'take' right place and the 'book' artists. Well, if you still missed – then certainly no professional is indispensable.

It is worth paying attention to preparation time offers, the level of management, creative ideas and, of course, prices of the agency. In addition, each company has its strongest side. For example, work with an open budget, a very small fee or a huge amount of non-standard proposals.


Polikorbanat-new polymer, whose properties can be attributed to plastic materials engineering class. Polycarbonate is, basically, two, or three-layer panels with stiffening ribs, which are highly light transmission and good mechanical properties. Physico-mechanical properties of polycarbonate are the same in a much wider than that of acrylic, temperature range (-45 C to +120 C) and shock resistant polycarbonate glass is more than a hundred times, and more than acrylic is almost ten times. Polycarbonate – a product of polycondensation diphenylolpropane and phosgene (carbonic acid chloride). Polycarbonate panels are not replace the glass or glazing in all designs.

But if you wisely use polycarbonate panels, they can help architects to develop durable, comfortable, plastic of various buildings and structures. The same material is produced in different colors. Besides the great advantages of polycarbonate and has some shortcomings that need to pay attention when in use. As with any plastic material, prone to thermal expansion than material structures. In the design, especially in the flat covered with large size, this feature requires special technical solutions. There are also mechanical damage surface of the sheet, such as a glass. To protect from damage the surface of sheets you can handle the special coating, or leave a protective polyethylene coating to the end of the installation.

Wide industrial use is made of the following types of sheet material of polycarbonate 1.Sotovy (cellular) polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is the most common type of polycarbonate, used in the construction industry today. Due to the low specific weight polycarbonate construction of a light and airy. The material has a high flexibility and durability, making it possible to produce sheets with very thin walls (0.3-0.7 mm) extrusion method without loss of shock-resistant characteristics and at the same time with very low birth weight. Due to the large number of voids decreases the weight of the sheet, and thus reduces its cost.


Talking about the crisis and discounts are now being discussed in virtually all media, even in children's magazines write, how to save, inflating the small bubbles from bubble gum instead of big. However, we all understand that you need to save. But as save money on clothes? After all, clothing for the Russians is one of the major spending categories. Did not want to be, so we save on brands. Social network for shopping introduces all shopaholics and ordinary consumers with a history of almost any brand.

But knowing the history of the most znametyh brands and trademarks, we can easily make the right choice. But, sazhaleniyu, one story and not enough big names to buy fashionable clothes. Any avid shopaholic wants to know how to save money on clothes and where to buy fashion brands at a bargain price. To buy fashion and famous name-brand stuff, not necessarily spend a lot of money. …

But saving is not worth. Too low price for a popular brand name may cause some buyers suspicion and doubt as this brand. To dispel all doubts, July 31 company conducted a study and found out where you can buy discount fashionable and famous brands. In this paper, we have identified such brands as Adidas and Nike. This company, which for the time of its existence, bought their fans. The company Adidas (Adidas) produces one of the most best athletic shoes. And is the second largest athletic footwear companies in the market. For over 80 years, Adidas is the symbol of success in the sports world. Nike is releasing athletic footwear, apparel and equipment. In Leaders of the world industry shoes Nike has brought the fact that production has introduced a new feature. Soles of shoes designed in such a way that it looked like a waffle iron, and gave a lightness in his gait.

Probe Group

Already there are companies that founded and successfully promoting international projects going to create social communities on the through means of telecommunication. It's fantastic for those who understand our vision of this approach to business! Have the opportunity to talk with anyone, anytime, anywhere. Do not limit yourself in time. Use the 3G connection. Created on the basis, of their social community within which the communication is free and, moreover, it is also a society of consumption of certain values – material or spiritual. It is the creation market for many producers of "information" products (whether multimedia applications or e-books, etc.) So, this is a guaranteed source of income for those engaged in communication.

Even providing free connection to people, these companies will make huge amounts of money on those products, which will be sold through the same connection! Skachok in the development of telephony from fixed to mobile – it's just skachok. But the transition from mobile telephony to the technology VoIP, and wireless Internet technologies – it is a revolution in telecom! And this revolution is affecting everyone and everything. And if not now affected – it will affect the already the near future. gsm communication is very expensive because of the high cost of servicing its technical basis and that is why she will not be free! But the VoIP link goes through other channels, has a different specificity and provides a great opportunities to the communications and service providers. Therefore, it is now cheaper and will be even cheaper as reducing the cost of the Internet (which is now strive with great speed to zero!). It creation of social and consumer communities will be the mechanism that connects and provides a stable revenue growth of money the companies that promote such projects to the market.

I can even guess what these companies capture a significant segment of the telecom market, as Not only do earn it, but, above all, provide an opportunity to earn an income to those involved in the dissemination of these services and in using them! By According to the magazine Forbs' Today (Article written in late 2006), Internet telephony is used not more than 1% of subscribers of wireline networks. But by 2008, according to research firm Probe Group, the share of the world will increase to 28%. Technology voice over WI-FI allows the use of the existing zones for wireless Internet telephony: using special phone subscribers can get access to a global network and use it for voice communications. " Someone will say: 'We know we have this voip! The quality is worse than fixed-line phones ' But statistics suggest that many people are willing to go to a small deterioration in quality, but save on this (and even more to earn)! Even worse is the quality, in comparison, such as cellular phone? No, not worse As well as in mobile communications, and there are interruptions, and noise, so in the ip-telephony there are obstacles associated with the functional state of the Internet But this does not stop people who want to talk, talk, see each other without restrictions. And the quality will improve as technology. They improved to ogomnymi speeds. All of this is already happening before our eyes. Future of VoIP-telecommunications grand!

Nizhny Novgorod

Financiers also lured customers with real estate agencies and mortgage brokers. Due to the increasing price of the apartment, the yield of mortgage deals has grown considerably, and the risks of bankers actually declined since reduced the number of borrowers with low incomes. Now for loans mostly People come with stable income – above average. Those citizens who hoped to buy a home without a loan, after it became more expensive, have to go to the bank. The average loan amount for the 9 months of the year increased by 80-90%. For example, in Moscow, she has already exceeded $ 110 thousand in St. Petersburg – $ 65 thousand in Novgorod – $ 35 thousand The average monthly mortgage payments rose slightly less – about 70% due to lower interest rates and increase the life of the loan. A year ago, the majority of mortgage loans were taken for 5-7 years, now is not less than 10 years, since an increase in the period allows the borrower to reduce the average monthly mortgage payments. But in the end-borrower's account to pay for long-term loan by approximately 10% more than in short-term. In general, the situation risks bankers minimal. Even if the borrower can not repay the loan, the bankers did not doubt that without too much trouble profitable sell mortgaged apartment. This increase in profitability and minimum risk allows bankers to cut interest rates. For ruble loans, they fluctuate around 12% per annum, and on currency Loans are very close to 9% per annum.

RSS for Marketers

EXAMPLE Chris Pirillo Chris Pirillo is the publisher of one of the most popular sites on the net, In fact, it was the first to proclaim e-mail as being dead. Still, while preferrs to subscribers using RSS instead of e-mail, which is not that prevent the use or the promotion of RSS or email. COMPARISON “N blogs, e-zines, E-MAIL AND RSS If you’re reading this article and think that blogs are actually “beyond e-mail”, has only the following facts. RSS and email are the distribution channels for content, tools that allow us to deliver content to end users. Blogs and e-zines on the other hand are two different media formats of Internet content, which differ in the form / content provided and presented through them.

RSS / e-mail and blogs / e-zines, are not directly comparable. Blog content and e-zine content can both be delivered via RSS and e-mail, and there is no direct insurance business / logical relation between, for example, blogs and RSS. Blogs are “personal” conversations, opinions and news, delivered in a linear structure, usually written in a more personal style, and is restricted to a limited number of types of content. E-zines on the other hand are more similar to magazines or newspapers, carrying content presented in a complex structure and non-linear content, and have the ability to carry many different content types that do not mix well together if provided through a linear content structure. A typical e-zine might include: – An editorial – An editorial, which represents the dominant theme of a specific e-zine issue – support articles, clearly structured to show they are secondary to the publisher – Links the “best” blog posts in the schedule; – Links to the most relevant forum topics and posts; – A news section – A leading client case study – different ads (banners, text ads , infomercials, etc) – A consultant functions – A Q & A – A technical paper with functions – Etc Providing all of this content demands a complex content structure and a strong and experienced editor.

The blog format simply does not provide the level of the structure to effectively present a mix of complex content. But that does not mean that blogs are in no way inferior to e-zines, which are simply different. And businesses need both, and they need to offer both via RSS and email. Personal preferences towards content delivery channels and formats of media Internet content have no place in business. What matters is what our viewers want and how they want. Copyright 2005 Rok Rok Hrastnik Hrastnik urienda is the author of the marketing and release power RSSe publication, hailed as the best and most comprehensive guide to RSS for marketers by leading RSS experts.