Month: November 2013

Pressure Washers

Washers already cleaned not only cars, but their components and assemblies, and also used for cleaning of streets, buildings, walls, clean the sewer, heating and plumbing pipes, tanks, etc. for washing cars vehicles in most cases, pressure 100-150 bar at a water flow of 10-15 l / min. Increased pressure can damage the paintwork and exterior car parts and components and engine parts. Therefore, service station does not make sense to use the sinks, which have 200 bar and above. Apparatus with pressure above 150 bar are mainly used in construction, agriculture, industry, etc. There are vehicles with the pressure of more than 1000 bar – they have already You can simply cut the concrete.

In everyday life, respectively, do not apply. Advantages of Pressure Washers? Achieved an appreciable water savings. On average, tap water per hour follows 3000-3500 liters of water per hour. I wash continuous power of 400 up to 950 liters per hour. And the degree of purification is incomparable, especially in remote locations where conventional methods can not just get there.

Classification by purpose: Domestic: used in the home, cottage, garage – office hours – Several times a week you Semi: expected short-term daily use of the Professional: a permanent job at the washing stations. Differences of professional car wash high pressure from domestic models: the strength of each part and element, easy to replace them; durability, duration of continuous operation; Designed to work in difficult and heavy conditions; the use of special alloys and materials in design (ceramics, brass, stainless steel, durable plastic); high performance (depending on the model and its use) and the solution to any problems; the difference in price. Pressure washers without Cold water Pressure washers without hot water can be successfully used for cleaning various objects and surfaces by changing the configuration of the water jet and the ability to add Detergent Spray jet. To boost their cleaning ability you can use specialized nozzles that are supplied. Pressure Washers Hot water models with heated water are used to quickly remove grease, oil and other contaminants that are resistant to cold water, ice and frozen mud in winter, as well as for cleaning and disinfection of premises and equipment in the food industry and agriculture. Design Pressure Washers consist of filters, purifying the incoming water, high pressure pumps and systems for heating water (for units with heating) and adds detergents, as well as hose and all kinds of nozzles, the choice is determined by the tasks set before washing. Washing machines are equipped with two types of pumps. Most simple low cost pump made of plastic and are essentially disposable, without opportunities for further repairs. The Pistons also made of metal, ceramic and metal. You can find out directly from the sellers themselves.