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Planning Time

Just think how many important things happen in your life. And now the really important mentally deselect what is needed. Set in the early works, which is really important to you. Want to write a book or engage in any hobby or spend more time with the elementary family, en-no … Jeremy Tucker will undoubtedly add to your understanding. all the time is work-work-work. Here you need to do to pass the report, there have to wash the floors, there is a shop to go, and then again immersed in the preparation graphs and reports.

In the life of many small, but there are urgent matters that pile up on each other, and you're drowning for years in this office and residential swamp, often without realizing this report. Just live with the feeling that something missing. Look around you – in front of you is going on future orders and private services. Project "Nastoronu" offers free your time and do the routine chores. Maids, nannies, secretaries, assistants to the house, merely auxiliary temporary workers – about 2,000 people in Russia and the CIS are ready to undertake any task within the law and morality. Everything you need to do – go to the site of the project, register once, and then choose their role: the customer or the performer. You can place the task of searching for an employee or assistant. If you have any talent, then bragging about it in ads.

Offer your services and you can earn. The project so far fairly new, but many users have already appreciated the real opportunities that arise in life through our site. All completely free, non-profit project. Free ads, free setting goals, no intermediaries and third parties. You negotiate directly with everything the other party (whether artist or client). While others are just going to – we are already helping!

Employer Agency

And the employer – if his people do not like – it will be difficult to fire him. Version of "the street" – the most risky, because it gives absolutely no guarantees: immediately determine the level of training Specialist difficult. Of course, in this case played a role the recommendations. But the recommendation system can be viewed in two ways. Sometimes it happens that the man left the former employment because he did not pay it wages, and in retaliation he was given a bad character. Or vice versa: to get rid of bad specialist in dismissal from the previous place of work he was given a brilliant recommendation – if only he had not returned. In this case, especially when working with middle and senior managers, it is useful to check the past of these people. Such services can provide some solid specialized recruitment agencies, which are ideal recruitment.

But statistics show that the staffing agency recruiters are not treated so often, and mainly for specialists top and middle managers (directors, heads of production, chefs, pastry chef). Businesses small and medium businesses because of financial constraints, unable to pay for agency services and personnel qualified to solve the problem. Although in recent years and restaurateurs This link came to understand that the success of schools is determined by qualifications and level of training. In network structures, as a rule, selection of personnel involved in the personnel department. HR-s resolve the personnel issue per cent at 70-80, while for some of the most difficult positions to address the agency or acting through a friend.

Training Services Lugansk

Training services market in Ukraine rather saturated. Some consulting and training companies have a narrow specialization, offering, for example, only training in personnel management or just on sales techniques. Other companies are working on many fronts. As a rule, it depends on region and market demand. Each company in the market of training services should be geared to the needs of potential clients and time to identify them.

The need for feedback is obvious. For non-compliance needs and suggestions, the interaction will not be effective. Market firms and companies working in Lugansk, is constantly expanding. Almost daily there are new companies, both local origin and branches of large Ukrainian and foreign companies. Although Lugansk – not megacities, but its rapid growth allows us to assume that processes taking place today in Kiev and other cities, in 2-3 years, will be characteristic of Lugansk. Several years ago, rapid training of its employees were engaged only in Lugansk Ukrainian foreign firms origin. For example: Philip Morris, Nestle, Master Foods & Effem Ukraine (MARS) and others like them.

There was a centrally run by the head office. The company had a coach in your state or long-term contracts concluded with major Ukrainian providers of training services. In companies with foreign capital, training of top managers was conducted by senior management or foreign coach, "spill". Today, market trends Lugansk training services include: – It is now clear to all that training – it's not a luxury but a topical need any (major or minor) growing company – not every company can afford own full-time coach, wagon, which would meet all the demands and needs of the company (this simply does not exist in nature).


In 2003 he was created "Center Vietnamese medicine "(which can get only Vietnamese person to them priblezhennye), equipped with necessary medical equipment. The center employs highly qualified specialists. Each employee Corporation on favorable terms can get advice here, take a course of treatment. (lie pure, simple, to workers about it does not say) with a special concern in the "Tehnokome" refer to their children employees. And take care, incidentally, is about someone: the number of children under the age of 14 years, there are almost 700 people.

This, you see, an eloquent indicator of a bad life, how many children govoritsf is born! So, gifts on New Year's Day child protection, cultural campaign into a circus, a puppet theater, the city's Palace of children and youth work – this is self-evident event. (1 ticket for 40 people, and twice a year here, and choose …) A except that – in the summer of children aged 7 to 14 years of age have the opportunity to relax and get healthier in the sea at the recreation center in Evpatoria. Sports number 1 in the "Tehnokome" is, of course, mini-football (where they are driving force after work and top of the list check for failure to appear fine 50griven). On each of the companies has its own team of futsal. Between them are regularly held friendly matches.

They are involved in corporate tournaments. SUN, air and water health – the main property rights. In "Tehnokome" strive to ensure that workers are included in the company of enterprises not only gain satisfaction from their work, but also had the opportunity to maintain a proper level and your health fully relax.

Jobs In Makhachkala

'As the wolf do not drive, but he looks into the woods. " Dagestan as well as a number of other regions is economically backward region. Few state agencies, primarily thriving private business. And as in other underdeveloped regions – bezrbotitsa. Because the work is in Makhachkala and place and cause problems so the mass transfer to Moscow Dagestan.

Recall that the authorities of Dagestan intend to significantly increase the investment attractiveness of the country. In February new prime minister Magomed Abdulayev proposed to postpone the adoption of "Strategy of social and economic development in Dagestan to 2020 ', held hearings in the parliament. The prime minister said the new economic course will require changes in strategy. According to Abdullaev, taken new measures will allow the country to reduce subsidy dependence on the federal budget, reduce unemployment and help to attract Dagestan investors. Rosstat summed up the next quarterly survey on employment (according to the survey population as of the third week of August). Dagestan is still in the top ten regions Russia (8th place), leading in the number of unemployed on the ILO criteria. According to the Federal State Statistics Service, the number of economically active population in Dagestan was 1316.7 thousand, of which 1130.4 thousand employed. Thus, the number unemployed have more than 186.2 thousand people.

If you take the other regions, the number of unemployed in the Moscow region was 200.6 thousand, Irkutsk – 196.4, Krasnodar Territory – 191.9, Chechnya – 189, Bashkortostan – 186.9. According to data, voiced by the Health Ministry of Russia, since early October is observed decline in the number of the unemployed. Positive dynamics was fixed in 73 Russian regions, including the Republic of Tuva, Kostroma, Leningrad, and Belgorod regions in Dagestan. It should be noted that the overall unemployment rate, calculated according to the criteria of ILO Rosstat, far above officially registered. For example, in Dagestan, officially registered only 48.8 thousand unemployed, it is almost four times less than the "Motovsky" figure. The reason for such a high margin is used by the State Statistics Service sources – on the one hand, statistics on the number of people who have registered themselves in local bodies and employment services, and on the other – an analysis based on official estimates by combining data from different sources available. The result is that registered unemployment rate is always lower than that which exists in the country really is. Indeed, many unemployed do not register with the Employment and looking for a job on their own and therefore are not counted in the statistics. In his turn, the International Labour Organization considers even students and senior citizens 72 years without work, that is, cover all categories of unemployed.


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