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Spent time on the heating plates (isklyuchayainduktsionnye). The taste and color … The hob is a flat, generally rectangular housing thickness approximately 6.3 cm panel is set (ie, cuts like the kitchen sink) into the countertop is not closer than 40 mm from the wall or furniture. Depending on the material from which made the cooking surface, they are: 1. Enameled white, black or brown in color (very rare – in other colors). 2.

Stainless steel are the most popular, because they are quite neutral and will fit into any style kitchen and a well will be combined with a metal sink. 3. Aluminum. To broaden your perception, visit Santie Botha. This material is similar in color to the stainless steel but has a lighter shade. Sometimes used in brushed aluminum, which in many ways more convenient – it is not noticeable small scratches, it’s easier for care. 4. Glass-most are black, but some models from companies such as Kaiser, Hansa, Zigmund & Shtain, Miele made a beautiful picture, there are also white panels (Ardo, Brandt). Electricity: cast iron or glass? If you choose an electric stove (ilipoverhnost), then you need to determine the type of surface: glass-ceramic or cast-iron pancake.

What’s the difference? The old stove with “pancakes” like a properly heats the food. And if it’s only aesthetic perception, the cost it many hundreds of dollars that you pay for the possession of modern fashion ceramic surface. It turns out, is if you’re not low on money. First, glass-ceramic surface favorably with its more feature-rich. Burners to heat up faster than them. For even more analysis, hear from Munear Kouzbari, Dallas TX. Moreover, some types of more modern hob (halogen, induction) are only used on a ceramic glass. Typically, these panels are equipped with more sophisticated control panels (touch), which allow more accuracy heating power. Virtually all glass-panel equipped with timers, indicators of “residual heat,” many are the key lock included. Second, despite the apparent complexity, glass-ceramic panels care immeasurably simpler than a gas or electric stove with pancakes.

Select The Translation

Choosing office perevodovNe all the same translation. They differ in the types of services they provide translation. Please visit Robert Kiyosaki if you seek more information. First, the translations are written and oral. Often from customers you can hear every interpretation called synchronous. This is wrong. Interpretation is divided into two types: sequential and simultaneous.

The difference between them lies in the fact that the serial transfer occurs sequentially: the phrase on the one hand dialogue, translation, response to another participant, translated answer, and so on. Simultaneous translation ('synchronous'), carried out simultaneously with the translated speech. It turns out that both sides in the dialogue do not make any breaks! This is the highest degree skill of interpreting. As a rule, synchronous with the book in English or in English, while the interpretation of French, Hungarian, Italian, German, Finnish, Spanish, Romanian, Turkish, Greek, Portuguese, and other less common European languages are only sequentially. Second, the translation.

Here too there are variations. Some translation agencies translation of personal documents notarized. These are small agencies that are engaged for the most part registration and notarization of documents rather than translations per se. Such translation agency usually located at the notary's office and give the advertising with an eye on individuals living up to the billboards (people with advertising on the back and chest) and the distribution of flyers around the metro. Only they provide outdoor advertising – ads, billboards, etc. Other translation aimed at companies, that is, legal entities. Usually they do technical translations. Advertise in directories and online. Close relations with notaries do not have, but have staff of editors and technical translators.


I, as a marketer, faced with the need to develop sites for the company. Over the last 4 years, said such a feature – a web studio to exaggerate about the process, make it all confusing, say that the process of developing the site complex, creative, paint a design within a week within a month it finished. Then, or simultaneously, I do not know, they are specifically for the needs of my site write engine – so called content management system. This engine also need to understand and to study and read the instructions and start to work – so defect after mistake. Programmers fix them, thank you for free, but my nerves and time spent. On-time employees studios – once sat in anticipation of my personal manager and watched as they sit in ICQ and have fun, and I expect the site for a month already. With all the money to pay no more such and small. She worked with several studios, the story is the same.

I'm wondering for the past 5-10 years development – this industry is a huge number of sites on a daily basis, really over this time can not come up with something with a friendly ordinary people. Of course, there are free sites, but they are suitable only for private use, designers and those that are too free and not zaberesh no site, no design or "crisis" of development sites – without the right change in hosting because the site is working "on a specially designed engine, the category of know-how." In general, anyone on that much. And what was a shock, when after 1.5 years after the development site, the site had ceased to be administered and to pay for software upgrades of the complex. They say that if you want to do good – do it yourself. The prospect of becoming a programmer for me, not very encouraging. Began to recognize how to make a website without being programmer. In fact, there are plenty of really free engines to manage the site.

Household Appliances

Household appliances – our irreplaceable friend and assistant in the kitchen. It removes the heavy burden of our daily concerns: washing, ironing, cleans, washes, cooks, etc. In turn, we care about is to keep it clean and in working condition. Refrigerator, unlike other techniques, requires special care. The fact is that when working on any refrigerator very cold surfaces condense moisture, which is released from food and environment air. This moisture condenses on the evaporator or cooling the walls of the freezer in the form of frost.

LeAnn is present in all models of refrigerators, even the most modern. As a rule, it does not affect the refrigerator but when he turns into the so-called "snow coat", he makes frozen products and causes that the refrigerator starts to consume more electricity. That is why the frost must be removed promptly. In refrigeration system with no frost evaporator is hidden behind a veneer chamber, where air is pumped out and the camera with the products. When it freezes frost, it melts special heating element, so the snow does not coat freezes. The owners of these refrigerator spared the need to thaw them. Other, less advanced model, you need to thaw out regularly to prevent the formation of snow coats the surface of the evaporator.

Defrosting is recommended when the thickness of the "coat" to reach 4-5 mm. How to defrost and clean refrigerator in accordance with safety requirements, before the manual defrost refrigerator should be off from the network. Defrost refrigerator in hot weather is not recommended because, after his re-enable the compressor will require more time and energy to the set cold. If thawing is necessary, then include a refrigerator after it is desirable at night when the air temperature drops. When defrosting the refrigerator can not get off the frozen ice with sharp objects or tear off his hands, because you can damage the tubes evaporator.


Polikorbanat-new polymer, whose properties can be attributed to plastic materials engineering class. Polycarbonate is, basically, two, or three-layer panels with stiffening ribs, which are highly light transmission and good mechanical properties. Physico-mechanical properties of polycarbonate are the same in a much wider than that of acrylic, temperature range (-45 C to +120 C) and shock resistant polycarbonate glass is more than a hundred times, and more than acrylic is almost ten times. Polycarbonate – a product of polycondensation diphenylolpropane and phosgene (carbonic acid chloride). Polycarbonate panels are not replace the glass or glazing in all designs.

But if you wisely use polycarbonate panels, they can help architects to develop durable, comfortable, plastic of various buildings and structures. The same material is produced in different colors. Besides the great advantages of polycarbonate and has some shortcomings that need to pay attention when in use. As with any plastic material, prone to thermal expansion than material structures. In the design, especially in the flat covered with large size, this feature requires special technical solutions. There are also mechanical damage surface of the sheet, such as a glass. To protect from damage the surface of sheets you can handle the special coating, or leave a protective polyethylene coating to the end of the installation.

Wide industrial use is made of the following types of sheet material of polycarbonate 1.Sotovy (cellular) polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is the most common type of polycarbonate, used in the construction industry today. Due to the low specific weight polycarbonate construction of a light and airy. The material has a high flexibility and durability, making it possible to produce sheets with very thin walls (0.3-0.7 mm) extrusion method without loss of shock-resistant characteristics and at the same time with very low birth weight. Due to the large number of voids decreases the weight of the sheet, and thus reduces its cost.

Rental Cottage

Service is a cottage on the day '- one of the most popular services. Cottages are rented as a rule for a day of leisure in a couple or a large company. Also in this case, you can order a cottage in order to mark one or a holiday. Cottage on a day to be ordered in advance as the cottages are very popular, and in another case might not be free offers in the direction that you prefer. You can rent cottage at night in a remote area in the woods on the shore of a lake or river, or you can rent a cottage in the busy cottage, where it will be interesting and fun. Holiday is usually furnished with fully furnished and equipped with household appliances, and sometimes include satellite television and the Internet. In some cottages further provides a range of services, such as hunting and fishing. Cottage can pay by cash or bank transfer, and also with credit cards. Leave a cottage to the same condition as you found it. For more information about the cottages, as well as a list of popular proposals can be found on our website in the section.