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Germany wide ECE shopping center and run MAMA run the shopping center to the fitness center / new trend sport for mothers make with child and baby strollers in the shopping paradise Berlin, October 10, 2013: from November 2013 selected ECE shopping center and run MAMA run start in cooperation a nationwide new and innovative fitness facilities for mothers. In the winter months the shopping center are on one or two days a week to the fitness center for mothers with child and stroller. The Ernst-August-Galerie in Hanover, the Elbe shopping center in Hamburg, the Leo Center in Leonberg, the Gesundbrunnen-Center in Berlin, the City Gallery Augsburg, the Star Center in Potsdam, the Hessen-Center in Frankfurt am Main and additional ECE centers involved among others. When the run MAMA run Center fitness classes, mothers can train relaxed with child and baby strollers in the morning before business opening in the Mall. The effective approach of training focused on specific strength workout for a flat stomach, a strong back and toning for all Muscle groups. The conditions of the shopping centres allow a tight circuit training at various stations as well as the longer Cardiostrecken in the Center. The expert guidance from trained run MAMA run trainers ensures that the participants train effectively and safely.

After an hour of training, the courses end on time when the Cafes and shops open. Combine sport, Spritzer and shopping can be so”. Katja Ohly n, Managing Director of run MAMA run, says: we see as the perfect complement to our year-round outdoor activities in the new Center-fitness course concept. Here, several flies can be steered with one stone: the mothers can come together with their children to the training in this course format and therefore need a babysitter. At the same time the use of the large open spaces in the Center allows us to offer our courses in wind – and weatherproof. This is perfect for those, it is too uncomfortable in the autumn and winter when the outdoor courses, but also do not train in small, overheated classrooms. A wonderful bonus is that you can do even more his errands then in following the course or can enjoy a cosy Cafe visit!” The feedback from the participating women is also positive.

Will the combination of fitness class and window shopping: all participants agree that the Center courses provide a good alternative for the cold season and allow an effective workout and a relaxed shopping experience the Mamas. Start: From November 2013 in selected ECE centers in many German cities. Registration and further information: see like we provide contact and an interview with a run Mommy run partner. Press contact: run MAMA run UG outdoor fitness for moms Kim Kuntzlin press & media Tel: 0157 87 66 52 83 email: website: run MAMA run Center fitness classes are a joint action by run MAMA run and selected ECE shopping centers: ECE developed. plans, implements, leases and manages shopping centers since 1965. With 189 malls in management is the company of European leader in inner-city shopping galleries. RUN MAMA run is one of the largest nationwide provider of outdoor fitness for mothers with locations in over 30 cities. As a fitness expert for Mama sports run MAMA run offers a variety of course options. “The special thing about it: the courses take place mostly outdoors in the fresh air and the children are all the time in the stroller, so that the moms need a babysitter, and also the small personal trainer” have their fun.

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You support your fitness sessions and muscle building with Pharmasports Flexbolon here Pharmasports shows a product that can give you the opportunity, your endurance and maximum strength to improve significantly. With the combination of Tribulus terrestris, L-Leucine, L-glutamine and lots of BCAA’s, you get a combination that can lead to a strong muscle, as well as to an improved regeneration. Countless hours have been spent by the Pharmasports team in the laboratory to match this product optimally and to bring it on the market. With this compilation a blast we succeeded in really, so David power band (Director of Pharmasports). But what makes this combination so special? L-glutamine is a truly amazing and special nutrient.

After physical exertion, he often is employed to supply the body with sufficient amino acids. It is used for years to various immune and digestive disorders, traumatic recovery after operations and much more. to handle and muscle growth under Load to improve. This is an amino acid is one of the most amazing nutrients our industry ever were offered really. L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body with a share of approximately 60% of all free amino acids. It is the only amino acid that nitrogen per molecule contains two atoms. The fact that glutamine two atoms contains nitrogen is very important, because this extra nitrogen in the situation is to promote the increased synthesis of muscle tissue.

In essence, glutamine is as known the nitrogen absorbs nitrogen transporter and again releases it in specific places in the body where it is needed. Tribulus terrestris proved extremely effective means to increase energy and endurance during athletic activities. It acts directly on the muscle fibres, thereby increasing the testosterone levels – in contrast to anabolic steroids – has no side effects and safe and absolutely sure proved. In addition, Tribulus terrestris has the property that it the so often desired dry hardness”with him can bring, which is very popular especially in the bodybuilding. L-Leucine: L-Leucine is an essential amino acid, in free-form, it is high-quality as a normal L-Leucine. L-Leucine is one of the three BCAA’s “branched-chain amino acids” – the branched-chain amino acids. They are extremely important for muscle building, because almost 35% of muscles consist of branched-chain amino acids. BCAAs: These amino acids are needed for the maintenance of muscle tissue in physical stress and intense training. From the perspective of the athletes, BCAA’s work as anabolic agents that cause thrift, which allows the body to burn fat and not muscle. Customer reviews of Pharmasports Flexbolon: (also available in the online shop can be viewed) author: Martin White October 26, 2009 rating: 5 stars (full score) in the endurance power was to now not soooo much, but in the maximum force ey hammer! Like this already write most. You can tell real doll in the basic exercises like bench press. You can hear pretty much about products, but when it comes to maximum power this Flexbolon beats everything I took so far and clear!