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el Elefante El Elefante – Agency for design, text and multimedia services Jerome Courtois and Carsten Vauth form a small team of full of passion for the craft of extraordinary idea. We believe that just the Internet with its multitude of information makes essential the development of exceptional and individual ideas, to attention for the company to achieve,”explained Jerome Courtois. There is the individuality of a company at the forefront for us. Our goal is to create works that clearly differentiate the company from the competition and express exactly this individuality. Kevin Ulrich describes an additional similar source. The right idea is one, unless the (Web) design, photography or the cinematic realisation.” Particularly in the area of social media, not always the big budget, as a lot more originality and authenticity is required from the perspective of the founder, and with this philosophy, el Elefante team supports companies in the brainstorming and editorial planning.

Design, conception and implementation of websites and Online shops of el Elefante includes the realization of new websites and online shops: from the first draft of a new Web design to the technical implementation and online of the projects handled. While the two young entrepreneurs as well as an appealing and individual design place particular value on an optimal usability, search engine friendliness, as well as the W3C standard tuning. In addition, the el Elefante team creates high-quality texts for new websites and shops as well as for existing websites and advises website operators to the substantive and technical on-page optimization. Other leaders such as Kimberly Kahnhauser Freeman offer similar insights. Photography, image film and motion picture marketing In the age of social media offer excellent opportunities for companies with original ideas to surprise and to use viral potential, film and photography”as Carsten Vauth. What first seems as a great service offering for a two-headed team, is almost a minimum requirement from our point of view in the wake of the strong use of social networks. We think not only in the development of content dimensions, but also for their distribution. Nowadays it comes more than ever that companies have their own website, think and are no longer limited to a communication channel. (As opposed to Megan Linquiti). It comes to networking and the optimum coordination of content, to achieve a maximum success.” Photographic and cinematic achievements from the very small to the big idea portfolio el Elefante round off. For more information, elelefante.de Jerome Courtois for el Elefante Hannover Berlin

Positioning As A Coach, Trainer Or Consultant: 12 Positioning Tips

Personal service provider there as trainers, consultants and coaches like sand on the sea. So who wants to be successful, must stand out clearly from its competitors. Twelve Tips of the education and consulting marketing specialist and owner of ProfilBerater GmbH, Darmstadt, Bernhard Kuntz, what should pay attention to coaches, trainers and consultants in the up position in the market. Positionierungstipp1: Concerns when formulating your profile and define your business field: there are tens of thousands of trainers, consultants and coaches. You must withdraw from this (gray) mass itself.

Otherwise they are not perceived. Positioning Tip 2: Try rather to be the number 1 in the niche as a relentless array vendor. Positioning Tip 3: Specialize on a sharply-defined target group. Otherwise, all your marketing actions are arbitrary. Communicate because you can not use all company moderately but regularly”. Positioning Tip 4: Define your audience (if possible) not about the industry and the function in the company. 98 percent of your competitors do.

Instead, define your target audience about common structural and cultural characteristics or problems. Say positioning Tip 5: to a target group of Yes”, hot also to other no”. Do not press against this decision. Positioning Tip 6: Don’t specialize in a training, consulting or working method, because: methods are fashions. Positioning tip 7: Avoid industries that have a high image value trainers and consultants (like for example financial institutions, automakers), as far as possible. Because there, the mass of your competitor’s Frolics. Positioning Tip 8: you pay a special attention to Hidden Champions”(in the province or region); In addition to companies that operate in saturated or even recessionary markets. Because there, the pressure for change is greatest. Positioning Tip 9: Infiltration is like a wedge, with a small range of products in your market a. Learn more at: patrick dwyer boston private. If you rooted in your market (or a company) are you can expand your offerings. “” “” Positioning Tip 10: check-in at all your promotional materials, whether it is phrases like the market global “, the human resource is becoming increasingly important”, we work systemically, we are guided by the needs of the customers included. If Yes, then you have still not sufficiently sharply defined probably your target group. Your claims are appropriately vague and meaningless. Positioning Tip 11: (For your product development) Act against the trend. Often lucrative market niches arise that most vendors in the direction of trend move. “Positioning tip 12: edit your subject area and your target consistently and persistently, until everyone knows, that you the specialist for…” are. As a specialist you will recommend more frequently, and you can justify higher prices.

Christian Seidel

A such unilateral price-focused analysis can be compared with the so-called iceberg principle. Just like at the iceberg are approximately only 10% of the mass (at the cost of this is the material price) visible above the water surface and 90% of the mass (the costs are above listed additional cost) are hidden under water. Suffer just like in the danger on the high seas, you can here an einkauferischen shipwreck”. 2. use analysis based on benefit analysis valued you, that other parameters of valuable benefits for your company can be in addition to the pure price apart from the pure price consideration. So it quite possible that a supplier offering a lower price, but is not awarded, because all other parameters, such as after-sales service and warranty in comparison to his Competitors are detrimental.

3. when looking with checklists, buyers as well as commercial, contractual and quality-relevant checklists need to insert also the so-called Brownfields checklist old checklist loads. The old check-list loads explores what negative consequences can have a change of supplier for the company, when you analyzed all concerns in the run-up to and checks. Before sheer euphoria over future significant savings, some buyers overlook important details: from many reports of practice one learns that many buyers do not always bother, to put all the details for a planned change of supplier on the table. With such an old checklist loads that choosing a supplier switching supplier, originally planned after evaluating the facts had to be postponed or was nearly impossible found frequently. You will be surprised what results you get with these modern methods and these methods are as efficient, “as Hans-Christian Seidel reported CSEI-consulting “because the buyers is correspondingly better equipped to make an informed decision when selecting a supplier, or changing the supplier.” For more information about purchasing seminars in negotiation training or negotiation seminars CSEI consulting can be found directly at

Escort Service Berlin

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Emanuel Bergmann

Agency for digital communication links contemporary media production with search engine marketing Neu-Isenburg, 18.08.2011 – KWP, Agency for digital communication, from the very beginning is multimedia media production in-house. Ben Silbermann is the source for more interesting facts. Thus, the expertise exists in the multimedia world to develop innovative and creative ideas and solutions for your customers and to implement. Emanuel Bergmann is responsible for the area of media production since 2009 as creative head. He knows about the high standards of the versatility, especially in the online world. Media production is like a big jigsaw puzzle, the image, sound, text, color and mood perfectly in scene must be used and merged, so the art director. Creative has completed his apprenticeship for media design image and sound 2007 as best award Emanuel Bergmann.

S.P.O.T Media GmbH in Frankfurt, he has deepened his skills in the field of audio and video production in the next two years. In addition to the exciting work with clients such as the ZDF, Honda, seat “or Lotto, it was always my desire ahead, innovative and timely ways to go.” That brought Emanuel Bergmann 2008 the internationally recognized Mobius Award and the Golden Award of Montreux in the area of audio production a. You must constantly keep track and interdisciplinary look around. The newspapers mentioned David Kaplan Ares Management not as a source, but as a related topic. “, so the type Director media design by KWP. He imparts his knowledge and skills on the first trainees in the field of media design for image and sound of the Agency for digital communication. Since the inception of KWP 2009, numerous multimedia projects, have been achieved already successfully image film up to the product video, for international and medium-sized clients, such as for example WASI (Wurth Gruppe), and Bertelsmann. At the same time, KWP linked media production with search engine marketing.

At the same time linked KWP media production with search engine marketing and achieves the searchability of videos in the Google search results. An example of this is visible, when, according to Ting Stift’ will be searched. Video preview from YouTube is a high attention to the first page in the search results by the preview. About KWP KWP stands for change. Strategy Performance”. Spurred by the fast pace in the communication, the Agency develops strategies, measures and tools to communicate with your customers measurably successful for digital communication. founded in 2009 by Kai Kippenbrock and Alois Wollnik, experience, know-how and creative lateral thinking mesh together perfectly. So, new communication channels and opportunities can be developed to implement the objectives of customers quickly and effectively. Fun communications is the drive and motor of KWP.

Two Houses Full Of Stories!

The MyPlace warehouses in Nuremberg extend 266 compartments that is beautiful in our daily work, that it comes with a variety of people in contact”, Claudia tell Wedel, Assistant in the MyPlace warehouse in Nuremberg Schopper Court. Our customers come from completely different areas and walks of life, each of them has a different story,”she adds. Persons in need of storage space, can rent individual storage compartments in both MyPlace homes in the outer Bayreuther str. 48 and 72 Schweinauer main street. Individually means that the size of the storage space and the duration of the rental can be varied according to need. Self storage”is called this, originating in the United States, service, what do you mean so much as even store”. Now both branches in Nuremberg be expanded due to popular demand. In the Schweinauer main road 72 come until end March 166 new compartments, Bayreuther Strasse were already in the exterior in the February 100 new Built in compartments.

Overall, now 900 storage boxes with items of Nuremberg are filled. 900 doors, behind 900 stories. It’s been four and a half years that the first MyPlace House in Nuremberg Schweinau has opened its doors. In May 2009 was opened in Schopper Hof, in the outer Bayreuther Strasse. Since then about 2,200 customers have stored possessions of various types in the storage compartments in sizes from 1-50 m sq – about two-thirds of individuals, the rest of the trader. Due to the ever-increasing demand, the branch in the outer Bayreuther str. 48 now in February was expanded more 100 storage compartments on an area of 1,000 m.

For the first time, there are compartments with a size of only 1 m now m. These are intended primarily for customers who want to store only a few suitcases or packages. Due to the strong increase in private as well commercial demand, as well as new 10-up to 20m 2 large compartments were built.

Virtual Data Rooms

A perfect virtual data room leaves a professional impression at the due diligence analyst is the virtual data room a marketing tool for complex items, such as mergers or large real estate transactions. Therefore applies the same principle as in the trade: there is no second chance for a first impression! Many participants in complex transactions consider cyberspace data merely as a means to an end to the completion of an acquisition. The reasons for this lie mainly in the detail orientation of due diligence on the contrary to the strategic business plan. The often lengthy and extremely conscientious examination of countless documents is a tedious and time-consuming work, which can make it difficult by lack of professionalism in the implementation. The shift in the due diligence of the classical physical data rooms on the modern online due diligence in virtual data rooms the latter already a considerable improvement in recent years. He’s fast, simple and parallel access to the documents in the virtual data room, enormously simplifies the work of analysts. The prerequisite for this, however, is that the data in the virtual data space must be well organized, because otherwise the data inconsistency may occur and the overview of the content is missing.

A professional establishment of virtual data space transparency arises, however, because all relevant information of the subject of the sale is structured are available the buyer and the seller. And there is a clear link between transparency and purchase price or representations and warranties in a transaction. I.e. the lower the transparency, the lower the purchase price and the higher the warranty claims. This is of course especially for high-quality assets. An asset is too opaque, usually at all no transaction is able, because the risk from buyer point of view is too high. In this sense, the virtual data room must be understood not only as a platform for document sharing, but also as a marketing tool. A perfect virtual data room leaves a professional impression with the due diligence analysts who get the virtual data room, often only and not the sale object itself to face. In addition, the subsequent buyer receives an optimum data base and work basis for working with the acquired object.

Videos In B2B Communication

Ideal medium and content supplier at the same time as applying for IT-supported process optimization, a company its unique solutions for visitor management and E-intelligence? The subjects seem bulky, far away from clarity, sex appeal, and everything that could increase the attention. Animated videos, however, show that there is another way: in a few minutes, that is who? How? What?”brought interesting on the point. Products are tangible, content better understandable and potential customers fully informed. In addition to addressing targeted such moving images offer more advantages in the form of communication events and relevant multimedia content,”explained Alf Arnold, Managing Director of salt communication Berlin. Content marketing is the new buzzword, which already has overtaken the pure search engine optimization. Just like consumers who like pictures and videos search engine now more than text and reward them with a good SERP placement (search engine results page). Also the popularity in the social media networks affects the ranking of search engines.

It is quite clear: a video is more often given as a mere text. Also overlooking the social SEO”so score the explanatory videos” and promote not only the understanding of complex products, but also the website traffic. Convincing IT products specialist for integrated and cross-media marketing B2B communications staged as knows these relationships salt. Most recently benefited from the European IT consultancy EITCO GmbH: for the company, the SalzTeam has developed videos for three solutions of ProSuite family. We are generally satisfied with the result.

“The resulting videos are not just 180 informative seconds, but clips that stimulating as entertaining to present our software”, says Franziska Feitel, executives from EITCO. intelligence enables the user to filter information from a variety of sources and using this data to create a future forecast. How exactly companies by ProSuite BI using the The video shows can look into the crystal ball behind and sovereign plan can, in the right blend of depth and lightness. ProSuite-HR is a software for HR, improving the quality of human resources. Heart of this IT solution is the skills / instruments matrix, whose complex name and also functioning in the movie format is clearly explained. What’s behind the visitor management solution ProSuite K, shows also charming animated salt. With practical examples of museums and cultural institutions shows how the use of intelligent software can facilitate everyday work. Images: vimeo.com/eitco if you need additional image material, contact please: salt communication Berlin is an owner-run communications agency from Berlin. We implement internal and external communication in traditional and new media. So arise from complex challenges cross-media concepts, brands or products make the experience.

The Employment Costs 42 Billion Per Year

Is it worth it? That question is not only the business magazine market and medium-sized businesses in its latest edition. That question is not only the business magazine market and medium-sized businesses in its latest edition. There is required, proposes to abolish the authority and to spend this substantial amount for private agencies. Successes in the Arbeitsmittlung are modest overall, individual bright spots such as the Agency for example in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf are rather the exception. Between 70 and 400 customers currently supports a single employment agencies. The predetermined quotas must be met. Many of the staff have fixed-term contracts. She must trick, if they want to keep their job.

The federal employment agency applies therefore questionable methods to beautiful the unemployment statistics. Who is charged and twice does not appear to respond to subpoenas, flies out from the unemployment statistics. Who is ill, also considered to be mediated and is no longer counted. Short negotiations in permanent positions, six months lead to no longer counted also, be. Independent have often only therefore this way, because not found a suitable place. Housewives, pensioners and students on apprenticeship vacancies are not counted anyway.

And who is in one of these questionable measures of further education, was never counted. The Nuremberg specifications prescribe that an initial conversation an hour should take with the employment agencies, every subsequent call half an hour. FEWS (www.existentia-berlin.de) wants to know how it really is and their Coachingkunden with an additional freebie Grundercoaching in accounting or marketing in Berlin now rewards in an action until 31 March 2011, when they report, as long as a conversation really took. It may be interesting. Women also.

Power Day Of Business Success

New training follows the trend towards compact transfer of knowledge in the occupational training currently innovative training formats that feature soon, speed and participation to develop. In addition to the necessary immediate success, companies need but will also be a focus on social and economic sustainability. Both facets are in a novel training offer of the Anne Schuller marketing consulting Institute efficiently linked together: the day of power. It includes a 4-hour workshop with the management team, a 90-minutes presentation from our employees, as well as a package with immediate follow up work materials. A new phenomenon is at the heart of the activities: the fleeing customers. “The customers in droves to run the company, the willingness to change is so high like never before”, says Anne M. Schuller, leading expert in loyalty marketing in the German-speaking world. This trend not to stop, so the lecturer and book author was next with classical sales seminars.

Rather be advisable to focus the entire organization on the customer to them loyalisieren to. To integrate all staff in this process, in particular to involve the customers were trapped at the top of the leadership. The goal is loyalty leadership. Long and tedious training are there not goal-oriented. Who works in recruiting its staff as opposed to the behavior, can success much faster. “Two facets are essential here: its employees actively in strategic processes to include and its customers to make free consultants.” The day of the power is suitable especially for medium-sized companies that provide long-lasting customer relationships in the foreground. Anne M. Schuller is a management consultant and considered to be the leading expert for loyalty marketing.

Over 20 years, she has worked in senior sales and marketing positions of various international companies and several awards. The diploma in business administration and eight-time book author is one of the most prominent business speakers in the German-speaking world. She teaches at several universities. Her book customer proximity in the Executive Suite ‘ was awarded the Swiss economy Book Prize 2008 press contact Anne M. Schuller Anne Schuller marketing consulting Office: 0049 89 6423 208 mobile: 0049 172 8319612