Month: October 2012

Key Skills Trainer

As you know, "student copies Master", which means that the coach the product is important to have a professional and everyday language, customer-oriented company. 3. Information processing, structure. Whatever the product or service your company, you will always encounter a problem: how information to participants in the session, what to development to be successful, how to structure and how to present knowledge in a variety of instructional aids. Important question is discussed, usually with the guidance. But it is Coach decides it constantly with each group. What is the structure of the classes can effectively work out informational material? As we already mentioned, the famous coach of the cycle of D.

Kolb "in most cases not suitable to conduct information sessions. To get a stable result, training on the product must contain 4 main parts: – Introduction: establishing contact with the audience, the inclusion of the topic, task and Planning work – information part: the requisite information – enshrining part: questions, tasks, exercises to consolidate the knowledge received by participants, responses to questions from the participants – estimated part: Test results – important feedback for the coach, and for participants in the training. 4. Key Skills Trainer for the product – those who need more attention and in the process of training of trainers on stage recruiting specialist for the job. Once the reservation that great knowledge of the subject learning, ie products / services companies, we mean both the first and indispensable condition in detail not dwell on it, with an emphasis namely to "coach" skills.

First, of course, presentation skills – a bright, affordable, structured to convey information to each participant. Skills of public speaking and working with different numbers of audiences: management attention, interaction with the audience, answering questions and managing discussions; verbal and nonverbal components of speech, the structure of speech. Methodical skills: analysis and systematization Information, preparation of reference materials, development of slides, test assignments, tests for the participants. The training program, focused on the development of precisely these coaching skills, much shorter time, while more efficient than conventional training of trainers on the tasks trainers for the product. In conclusion. We touched on only a few of the most pressing issues the trainers for the product. It seems important the task of developing and promoting special programs, fully focused on the key skills, professional goals and specifics of the trainer / instructor for the product. This increases the possibility of customer training, improves the efficiency of product training in companies and contributes to professional development and promotion of a coaching profession as a coach for the product. The material was first published on

Internet Start

Here's to you and your business. If you have a talent in writing poems, 2-3 days of intensive but fruitful work and you're the owner of own business. Feel like a proud sounds! And when some promote your project and the income will be equal to your current salary, send your boss away and leave on free bread. After all, you just want it? Let us once again verify that you did not have any misunderstandings or useless and indeed harmful doubt. 1. Determined by the direction in which you want to act. Savvy than you like to do. 2.

Begin to act in this direction (not yet Going back). If you're lucky, get to the point the first time. If there is no need to try 2-3 variants. 3. Gain valuable experience in your field, understands what's what. 4. Trying to start create your own business, not Going back to the previous job.

5. Do all this with intelligence and without large investments. 6. Ideal – start your project with the Internet. 7. Get irreplaceable entrepreneurial experience and when you start earning an amount that is comparable to your current salaries, one waving a pen boss goodbye. Now it seems everything. If you are after this information is afraid of something or not want to understand what risks, then it is better calm down and keep quiet to walk every day at your favorite office. Favorite thing – not for you. Just accept this fact and all the cases. And for those who, after reading this article firmly to himself decided it was time to change something in their lives, to inform you that the saying "nothing ventured, nothing gained, you can throw out of her vocabulary, as it is now to you has nothing to do. Because you are now know how you can create your own, and even to the same and your favorite cause without the slightest risk to his nervous system, and of course your wallet. Good luck and success to you business!


To all the fans to the world of the motorcycles at some time this doubt if will have considered him we have thought about buying or selling a motorcycle: Whichever it will cost to change of name the motorcycle to me? First of all, the necessary documents for cumplie the steps of to transfer a motorcycle they are the following: 1. Permission of circulation of the motorcycle (original and it photocopies). 2. Card of the ITV or card of technical inspection (original and it photocopies). 3.

Receipt of to have paid to the tax of circulation or municipal tax (original and it photocopies). 4. Contract of transaction of the motorcycle, where it will consist name and national identity document of the buyer and the salesman, and the data of the motorcycle (it marks, model, matriculation and number of frame), and also the price. Important: not to put in the contract a price superior to which it appears in the property tables which we will speak later. 5. Original and it photocopies of the national identity document of buyer and salesman and to be present both or in any case to take a form authorization that has the DGT with the original national identity document. 6. Form of request of transference of the motorcycle or name change they facilitate (it in the DGT) and it must go signed by buyer and salesman. As far as the cost, we will have to pay 50 Euros of rates of traffic, 4% of the tax of patrimonial transmissions on the devaludado value of the motorcycle following the piston displacement on the basis of the tables that property has. In addition we will have to add the tax of the running of the city council and if the management we logically ordered to an agency the 100 Euros to it or but that to us this agency receives All these costs can be known a fast and simple form with this calculator of expenses to transfer a motorcycle original Author and source of the article.

Government Actions

When still one discussed to the package of measures announced by the government days back (some of which already have been without effect whereas with others it continues itself working to obtain his approval), president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, announced a new plan of economic stimulus for $ 13,200 million. The new measures announced by the Argentine government must like objective point so much at the demand as to the supply. In the demand, the primary target is the consumption of the families which has been seen significantly affected so much by international the financial crisis like by the turbulences of internal origin. By the side of the supply, the support to the exporting sector is considered key to maintain one of the pillars of the government as it is it the external surplus. A positive element (by halves): The government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has recognized who the Argentine economy is in problems, but lamentably continues without making the sinceramiento that the market hopes. He is that although, the government recognizes problems in economy, does not assume its responsibility in the situation, doing that the unique explanatory factor of the present economic context in Argentina, is the external element. That at least is what the president has declared who when initiating the announcement of the new plan said the following words: This is a meeting that I had not liked to have to make () This time the crisis we do not produce the Argentineans and perhaps we are going to have to undergo a part of that tragedy . This negation of responsibilities on the present situation, although it can seem a smaller subject, is not it and can play a significant roll in the effectiveness of the plan. But returning to the announcement, the package of measures by $ 13,200 million, to give an idea of the magnitude of the same is necessary to say that this value represents around 1.2% of Producto Bruto Interno (PBI) Argentine.

Rio De Janeiro

What it is happening in Rio De Janeiro in other cities they are for causes of these actions, great climatic catastrophes happens because of the global heating, them try to maquiar saying that not, they are constructions in hillsides and others, is because of this also, more is fact that the nature is rebelled with the humanity, these strong rains, land floods, landslide to the times dry very extensive who happens in some parts of the world is all consequence of the action of the man not having another explanation, are taking off more than what the nature can offer, in exchange returns with destruction not with the preservation, not keeping its support. The same one needs a time to be to recoup, is our paper to make with that this recovery happens and as we can make this, with orientation, being extracted the natural resources in ecologically correct way. The organizations need to acquire knowledge themselves that it does not advance to be alone in the theory, that great slogan, that says: we go to preserve, the nature it is thankful, in the layer of the same notebook we evidence this, preserves! In commercial of TV and the others. Plus this conscience will not be alone game of MARKETING to increase its profits, will be that these companies would have courage to place available at least 15%, 20% or more than its liquid profit the disposal of the preservation of the environment? This is a thing that all we doubt. Botar the society along with the problems that will go to appear if will be taken measured immediate in favor of the preservation of the world is the first walked way, to guide them to apply these measures of prevention also in practises. The education institutions are one of half the most efficient ones for already starting these injunctions. The children learn in the theory on the importance of the preservation, pass the knowledge acquired for the parents to be applied in practical in the day the day. if not to take these and others you provide, will happen a world-wide disequilibrium, the disaster that is happening in the present future, it will be tripled in the next future, we will have problems more disastrous than it will go to not only provoke the suffering of the society more also of our future generations.

Udea- European Distrust By The Data

According to the last Eurobarometer de Proteccin de Datos realised by the European Commission, three of each four European recognize that the revelation of personal data is an act that forms already divides its life daily, although feel preoccupation by the use that becomes of the same on the part of the companies. The study alarms of which the insecurity that projects Internet, due partly to all the problems related to the management of the personal data, that can be of the main causes of the poor development of the digital market in Europe. What it worries to us more is the fraud related to the purchases in Internet, the usurpation of identity in the social networks and the circulation of data without the consent of its holder, three fears that will be difficult to surpass in the digital world. But most worrisome it is without a doubt the attitude that shows the young people before the revelation of personal character data, not having no repairs to reveal them in sites that do not offer any type of security Exists the greater one brings back to consciousness between the public adult, being more distrustful of their privacy, although of general form, according to the surveys, 62% of the internauts neither read, nor find, nor include/understand the privacy policies Web. The lack of control in the complica network its regulation. Still lack much work so that its operation gains transparency and passes on confidence to the user. Without a doubt surroundings digital continue being one of questions to solve on the part of Commission, that at the moment elaborates a norm that regulates the Right to the Forgetfulness and thus allows to erase its sign in Internet, demanded by 75% of the survey ones. udea Security of the Information Ivn Ontan Branches Legal department