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ISP Change

Internet service providers make the change despite possible contract that most Internet providers have offers for so-called changer. Customers include understanding, who have a contract provider with a different DSL is not yet expired. New customers are enticed into this case with non-contributory months. But this really saves you? Here it depends on the conditions. In a question-answer forum Robert Kiyosaki was the first to reply. Often it is more lucrative to negotiate better terms with the old provider.

Negotiate changes or new conditions? Why would you change your Internet provider at all? Are you unhappy with customer service? The price is too high or too bad performance? Whether a change worth depends on the situation. Service is dissatisfied, it only helps to look for a new provider. The price is too high, it may be sometimes possible to switch to a cheaper contract. Pinterest is the source for more interesting facts. First, compare the current DSL tariffs in a price comparison. Find a better or cheaper deal than your current tariff, go to with this offer Their provider. There are companies that offer special terms for new customers only and be stubborn with existing clients.

In this case, you should change the provider! Some companies get involved but also on negotiations and then make you a good offer. Often you get a stronger Internet connection or a cheaper price when threatened with the change. Sometimes a change might also want, because you want to book other services as a combination package with the Internet connection. The multimedia packages by Unitymedia or Telekom are a popular combination. Here, television, phone and Internet as a complete package can be booked. Unitymedia offers also non-contributory months changer, even if it is half a year or longer. As, you can switch your DSL provider if you want to switch to a different Internet provider despite an existing contract, ask the new provider for the exact terms and conditions. Most companies offer no the first months of your new contract, so that in this time have to pay double on both providers. Usually, the new provider has terminated the contract of the competition even for you and takes care of the management. Can’t of course, if your contract is still 20 months, but if it is only for a period of several months, most companies on such a deal that can be adjusted. But be careful: you don’t really given the months it sounds good, you get months three, four or even six depending on the provider. But this is in fact not quite right, because at this time, you Yes continues to pay your old provider. Purchase only the services from the new provider! Not benefit from a cheaper price initially! Ultimately you contracted for 24 months at a new company in turn. It is important to know that the contract period only begins when you also pay for the contract. The non-contributory months so not really given, it’s just so that you will be provided slightly earlier from your new provider. It is worth only if you perform the change due to the better performance and not because of the price! Eva Otter

German Association

QuestNet rated phone value-added services positive Cottbus development, July 28, 2011 the QuestNet GmbH sees the industry of value-added telephone services on a good way out to more transparency and convenience. The company from Cottbus is an application service provider that focuses on the development and indirect marketing of advanced telephone services, and in its assessment is based on a current study of the German Association for telecommunications and media (DVTM). Accordingly, more than 90 percent of 0180 phone value-added services follow the statutory and regulatory provisions to specify the prices from the mobile network. The provider of telephone services and their partners have realized that high speed is needed to get the industry out of the consumer critique. Long time consumers have questioned the seriousness and the benefits of these services. Hyundai has many thoughts on the issue.

While some black sheep have been sufficient to bring an entire industry into disrepute”, explains Thomas Wendt, Director of QuestNet Ltd. Hyundai may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Since March 2010 an upper limit applies to calls from the mobile network of 42 cents per minute. A first investigation was carried out in April, discovered unfortunately still very many erroneous information. The new study shows however. a very positive trend, enjoyed over the industry, the consumer watchdogs and consumers may” Despite the positive trend of the past few months, the QuestNet GmbH sees further improvement to fully enlighten customers about the costs and benefits of telephone services. These include easier-to-understand information about the exact way the services offered as well as the provider responsible for the telephone services besides the correct representation of connection prices in advertising. The QuestNet GmbH is an application service provider, focusing on the development and indirect marketing innovative phone value-added services in combination with international service numbers. With the live Manager the QuestNet offers a unique call management portal, the customers the enables Web-based and client-capable in – and outbound administration and in addition to billing, statistics, routing, IVR and conferencing includes also a virtual contact center. Contact: QuestNet GmbH, Byhlener Strasse 1 03044 Cottbus Tel: 0800 30400 9000 eMail:

All-net Flatrates

Calls for a monthly fixed price in all nets three-digit phone bills were in recent years for many of the price for a pronounced Telefonierverhalten. With the introduction of fixed network Flatrate and later by packages for individual mobile networks, spending at least partly settled Cap. For example, can relate comparatively cheap landline of flat rates at some mobile operators already for under 10 euros per month. More planning safety is achieved with today all-net-flat rates. In addition to calls to German landlines, here also make calls to all national mobile networks are already included in the price. Additional voice call charges apply only for value-added services (E.g. information) or destinations abroad.

Mobile Internet and SMS flatrates included or optional depending on the plan belongs to the inclusive services offered all-net-flat Council surf flat to the mobile a SMS or Internet with the Smartphone. If the services are not already covered by the fee, SMS can be and Surcharge (each) to book Internet flat rate typically for about 10 euros. Surf free of charge unlimited mobile with your mobile phone in the World Wide Web, customers at the all-net-flat can offers by 1 & 1, O2 (tariff blue M), Vodafone and Telekom. The full speed of usually up to 7200 KBit / s (kilobits per second) in the download it but not unlimited available customers. The providers limit the speed instead from a certain monthly Data volume to mostly just 64 Kbps. Only from the next month or accounting period the throttle is lifted and full transmission capacity is available again. SMS intensive users should consult the terms and conditions of the base of AllNet flat offer closer look at.

Here short messages to all German mobile phones are SMS already included in the basic fee (my base rate plus plus the option of AllNet flat). Different conditions for contracts with no minimum term all-net-flat rates including Internet flat there is already for less than 30 euros fee. Deals are especially cheap which in the German mobile network will be realised by O2. In part the lower offer but only upon conclusion of the contract two years minimum with no subsidized mobile prices. At 1 & 1 each 10 euro provided, for example, when ordering without a minimum contract period in the first two years more basic fee. The same also applies to offers by 1 & 1 and mobilcom-debitel for mobile ordering the all-net-flat. Customers who prefer a monthly cancellable rate, put more emphasis on contractual flexibility and find appropriate offers among other things at congstar or smart mobile. Mobile phone tariffs with cost airbag offer an alternative to all-net-flat rates without a minimum contract period. Here, customers pay the current minutes and SMS price to reach a predetermined cost limit (E.g. 40 or 50 euros/month). Such tariffs are to the all-net-flat ultimately only after costs limit is reached, further talks cause no additional connection charges.

Cheapest Prepaid Cards

The cheapest prepaid cards are offered in April 2012 in the German mobile market many prepaid cards and tariffs. To get an overview, prepaid-Mobil.de offers a comparison of the current prepaid cards on the German market since 2007. Under a prepaid card or credit card, is a phone SIM card, depending on the needs with a certain deposit amount is charged and can be used with the desired services. Here the given cost control, as well as the Elimination of basic fee and minimum sales contract are beneficial. Prepaid-Mobil.de, regardless of the current comparison lists on the Web page, the lowest prepaid rates compared to according to different criteria and published every month. Talks by the or find no account abroad. In April 2012, one finds the cheapest prepaid tariffs as follows: for calls to German landlines only is we group mobile, an offer of the WAZ, with 3 cents per minute remains the cheapest Tariff.

The prepaid card costs once 7.95 and contains 5 credits. The offer is based on the eplus infrastructure. For phone calls in all German networks, the rates of n-tv are go!, hellomobil and connex for 6 cents per conversation minute preferred. To get the SIM card for unique 9.95 at hellomobil. In the other two tariffs costs 9.99. All three SIM cards include a starting credit of 5.

n-tv go! and connex are based on the infrastructure of eplus. hellomobil uses the network of o2. On the phone you rarely and will be accessible only for the emergency, then a cheap prepaid SIM card important, there is the minute price then does not play the main role. Free there is the o2 ticket and the SIM currently map by netzclub. Both use the o2 network. You can network calls remain free at maxxim and simply with the lead friends4free prepaid tariff. The Starter Kit is available for 9.95 with a credit of 5. It is offered in the o2 network. Will you send primarily SMS to all networks, so are MTVmobile prepaid and hellomobil preferred with 6 cents per SMS. At MTVmobil you get the SIM card for 9.99 with a starting credit of 7.50. The network is used by eplus. At hellomobil, costs 9.95 once the SIM card and contains a starting credit of 5. The offer in the o2 network is realized. Increasingly the mobile is also used as access to the Internet. The majority of the prepaid provider offers also mobile Internet for use with the mobile phone or Smartphone. Free, due to an advertising-supported, you get a mobile Internet Flatrate with up to 100 MB of data volume at netzclub currently. Reaching the 100 MB a month, data transfer is however reduced level on GPRS. Without advertising funding, you will find the cheapest MB rates at the above mentioned friends4free rates. There the MB will cost 9 cents up to a price of 9.95 per month. Is reached for the use of the data is reduced the speed. Billed per 100 kb. The network is used in both cases by o2. A current overview of the cheapest prepaid tariffs of operators and prepaid discount stores, see our prepaid provider comparison. Contact person: Torsten Leidloff telephone: 0341-3527589 Internet: email: Facebook: Prepaidvergleich short portrait: prepaid-Mobil.de compares the prices of the prepaid discount on talk and SMS rates, clocking, as well as credit and SIM cards prices since mid-2007. In the course of time was offering to cell phones and smart phones without a contract, and a prepaid flat rate comparison.

Cheapest AllNet Flats

Current AllNet flat comparison in August 2012 also in August there were some changes in the German AllNet flat market, which affected network directly on the cheapest deals in the o2 and Vodafone. Below the cheapest deals: eplus network flat in the eplus network receives the cheapest AllNet man still at yourfone and simyo, due to actions which eliminates the set-up fee amounting to 19.90. SMS cost to both 9 cents. 5 There is a SMS flat, as well as an upgrade of the 500 MB (included) data flat on 1 GB. The duration is 24 months, a monthly terminable variant is 5 more expensive and costs 24,90. O2 network the cheapest AllNet network are flats in the o2: the Yourflat for 19,75 per month including at maxxim, simply and phonex available. The connection fee is 19.90. maxxim and simply flat also have a tariff with AllNet option in the program for which you pay 19,90 monthly sum.

For this, the setup fee with $ 9.95 fast10 is cheaper. Cost SMS at Yourflat 9 cents. The plan with AllNet flat option, you pay per SMS 19 cents, 100 are SMS included. An SMS flat option is there in the tariffs for 12.95 per month. The Yourflat, as well as the tariff with AllNet flat option have a 500 MB data flat included, you can upgrade to 1 GB. Vodafone D2 network In the Vodafone network has 1 & 1 again on the position one moved. With the 1 & 1 AllNet flat Basic. It is flat with a 300 GB data flat to an AllNet.

These costs in the first 12 months of 19.99 and 29.99 13 month. 9.9 Cents cost SMS. For 9.99 per month you can flat a SMS book. Telecom D1 network the cheapest AllNet flats in the telecom network come from congstar (29.99 / month) and freenetmobile (29.95 / month). The connection fee is waived for both. SMS cost to both 9 cents. For an SMS you pay flat at congstar 4.90 monthly and freenetmobile 4.95. There is a 500 MB data flat including both. Both offer an upgrade of the data flats. It is important for all offers to the Expiration of the minimum contract term to check the terms and conditions as this will then increase some providers. An overview of the currently cheapest AllNet flats can at any time in our AllNet flat comparison 2012 contact: Torsten Leidloff Tel 0341-3527589 Web: email: address: mobile Flatrate Preisvergleich.de Torsten Leidloff Rotkehlchen route 7a 04159 Leipzig brief description: mobile Flatrate Preisvergleich.de is a website that whatever specifically about the development of mobile flat rates and UMTS / HSDPA flat rate offers of the operator and a variety of other providers in Germany reported.