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Certain Legislative Acts

19.07.2009, the Marko Dimitrijevic, author shows great expertise in this. 5 of the Federal Law 312-FZ removed mention of the fact that the founding treaties must be matched in the new law, which means that old constituent treaties llc legally and practically ceased to operate.

Established a new rule that the signature on the statement of party companies or eliminate the use of pre-emptive right to purchase a share or part of the share capital of society must be authenticated by a notary. The list of exceptions where notarization of the transaction the share assignment is not required, supplemented by a new rule that a transaction involving the assignment of shares does not require notarization of the use of pre-emption by sending Offer to sell a share or portion thereof, and its acceptance in accordance with paragraphs 5 – 7 Art.


Currently, the creation of business photos to documents is becoming increasingly popular. This is explained by the increasing demand for this service, and the relative ease of entry into this business, as well as the possibility of earn money in a short period of time. A few years ago these companies were measured by units, but now their number has increased dramatically and continues to grow with each passing day. Demand creates supply, and even strong enough to compete every salon claims to be a piece of cake in the photo market, but with proper promotion – and the lion's share of it. Many entrepreneurs have achieved success in business photos to documents, note that to open a business can absolutely anyone, more or less able to deal with computer and camera. The hardest part – is to open photo studio, and technical aspects of creating a photo on the documents in a position to master each. Here the main thing – reliable hardware and high-quality photo editor to create the documents. For example, the program Document photo profiles from AMS Software allows you to quickly and efficiently produce high-quality photos to documents of various format.

It should be noted that about 60% of all orders photo salons is precisely the creation of images on the documents of different formats. However, experts point out that increased demand for printing photographs electronic media – people began to travel more, returned to fashion in the creation of so-called thematic albums. These two services are the most profitable in the photo business. In addition to the core, photo studios offer a number of additional services. Among them may be noted, for example, restoration of old photographs, digitized photo and video tapes, photo design, correction and retouching images, creating calendars, postcards, branded business cards and name badges.

Photo Salon work could include the sale of a variety of photo products: cameras, picture frames, film, memory cards, photo albums, covers, etc. The starting point for organize your affairs will be the compilation of thoughtful business plan Photo Salon. Along with the proprietary software, the business plan is the foundation of any business that is responsible for konretny question – how open a photo studio. Thus, now create your own photo business is very profitable. At relatively low costs, you can recoup the investment quickly. The most important thing – desire, but maybe you already have.


Obligations borrowers of foreign currency loans were for them in this clip, padded with the dollar in nearly half. With declining revenues growing commitment put consumers in an extremely awkward position. When that real incomes are reduced very quickly, the situation for many borrowers is not far from the critical limit. Next, we consider in more detail how things work with the incomes of large Russian cities. Level income. In January this year the average income in cities with over one million people had fallen to 13,210 rubles per person. This is 22% less than a month earlier, in December last year.

This decrease looks apocalyptic, especially if take into account the sharply falling purchasing power of the ruble. In the worst situation of the wounded were residents of Chelyabinsk, Omsk and Volgograd, where the average income fell almost a quarter. In Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Samara loss less significant – about 15%. Volgograd and Rostov-on-Don have become millionaire cities with the lowest average income: here for one household member in January, accounted for only about 10,700 rubles. However, not is premature to consider such a drastic decline in revenues as a deep-rooted trend. January – one of the most passive periods during the year, when business activity is dramatically reduced. Most of all, to decrease in the average income in January affected the duration of holidays, limiting entrepreneurial income. In addition, in January, recorded significant new delays in salary payments, which also impact on actual revenues. It is obvious that with increasing seasonal business income has increased markedly, but not return to the New Year values.

Failures And Crisis

Through the success you're moving to a failure. After a failure you move towards success. If you have a few successes row, it means that you set for yourself is too easy task. If you get a failure, you have a huge amount of material for development. And the most rapid growth occurs during the chain of failures, if it can stand your mind. If he can not, then you will no longer develop. For many people – a subconscious fear of failure. They have year after year, set for themselves only those tasks which surely succeed.

And the year after year, depriving themselves of opportunities for development. Fear of failure makes it impossible to succeed. And development is necessarily accompanied by crises. The crisis is the very state where everything that was done earlier, is denied, because it is This led to a crisis. Need to do something radically new. Look at the situation with fresh eyes and see the possibilities that have not previously seen. Before the crisis could be more relax and move in a groove. In period of crisis, these tracks, if they do not have time to become a great sound track (a fairly long period without a crisis, for it was), floods the forest of new problems, snow of pessimism, blurs rain-failures, they are not as reliable and not so short. Have permanently or keep them in the same state or act in a more radical: to lay a shorter, more efficient, more reliable way to protect them.

Payment Terminals

Payment terminals – Business turnkey What is a 'terminal to receive payments'? Payment terminal is a stationary machine, hosted on an area of 1 m2, requires only a network connection with a voltage of 220V and enables fast, on-line to pay a cell phone, Internet, television and other charges. Terminal interface depends on the payment system, through which the receipt of payments. Interface payment terminals as simple and straightforward. Terminal software payment of custom designed and debugged for easy maintenance, reliability and security. It is equipped with a wireless GPRS-modem which allows you to connect to the Internet, which makes it possible to place automatic payment at any place convenient for you. The control system of payment terminals as automated. You do not need hire and supervise a staff of personnel – the control of business is so simple and Teasing so little time that one person can serve up to thirty-payment terminals. Accommodation payment terminals Payments terminal is located in the indoor room with a large level of traffic.

This may be a subway, train stations, gas stations, shopping and entertainment centers, universities, kiosks at bus stops, airports, cinemas, etc. Payment terminal – excellent solution for accepting payments in shops, supermarkets and other retail space. A place for the payment terminals at first glance it seems that there is no room for the installation of payment terminals, but the market Terminal payment continues to grow (on a monthly basis in the country sold a few thousand payment terminals). Profit owners of payment terminals is growing more and by increasing the number of operators in whose favor machines to accept payments, as well as by the emergence of new services. Therefore, the payment terminal can give a good average income in places

Ltd Registration

Articles devoted to the registration of the llc, as a basic and familiar to many organizational and legal form of legal entity, with enviable frequency appear in many media. However, as a rule, tips on “How to register a company. ” The authors of these articles are often far removed from the register of enterprises, which leads to the dilution of such articles is very questionable recommendations. Nevertheless, the majority of organizations registered under aid of hired professionals (usually a firm specializing exclusively in the registration of legal entities (hereinafter “the Registrar”). It is believed that the registration of company – a simple and uncomplicated operation. Often, however, have to see how reputable businessmen accompanied by their legal professionals are in the queue for the decision to refuse registration, which gives mifns 46 of Moscow. As the saying goes – “the home”. In any case, the registration of business in Moscow are very popular, and most organizations are created by law firms.

Specifics of the work of such organizations, usually based on the principle of maquila work, which often means the absence of an individual approach to the customer, but that does not mean that the best option is registration Ltd. on its own. In addition, the cost of the services of registrars is relatively low (Moscow 6-8 thousand rubles). Should just follow some tips: Tip One: The solidity of the registrar. Most likely, the quality of services is not affected. Yes, and sites of all registrars replete with phrases like “many years of experience, “Individual approach”, “best solution”, etc.

Nizhny Novgorod

Financiers also lured customers with real estate agencies and mortgage brokers. Due to the increasing price of the apartment, the yield of mortgage deals has grown considerably, and the risks of bankers actually declined since reduced the number of borrowers with low incomes. Now for loans mostly People come with stable income – above average. Those citizens who hoped to buy a home without a loan, after it became more expensive, have to go to the bank. The average loan amount for the 9 months of the year increased by 80-90%. For example, in Moscow, she has already exceeded $ 110 thousand in St. Petersburg – $ 65 thousand in Novgorod – $ 35 thousand The average monthly mortgage payments rose slightly less – about 70% due to lower interest rates and increase the life of the loan. A year ago, the majority of mortgage loans were taken for 5-7 years, now is not less than 10 years, since an increase in the period allows the borrower to reduce the average monthly mortgage payments. But in the end-borrower's account to pay for long-term loan by approximately 10% more than in short-term. In general, the situation risks bankers minimal. Even if the borrower can not repay the loan, the bankers did not doubt that without too much trouble profitable sell mortgaged apartment. This increase in profitability and minimum risk allows bankers to cut interest rates. For ruble loans, they fluctuate around 12% per annum, and on currency Loans are very close to 9% per annum.