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Customer Appreciation of Good Business Practices

I, as a human being feel, thinks, acts and decisions again. When viewed solely as an income, we would consider in proportion to what monetary accounts would lead to discrimination and hateful and harmful. 2. The customer appreciates what belongs to him. But of all their belongings and possessions is an appreciating more than others: their time. In an age like ours are always limited in time and we are grateful to who allow us to save it. Any time saved is more time for family, for work, rest and study.

If someone makes us waste time, or fails to act to avoid losing it, are attacking our interests. So henceforth consider thoroughly how to deal with your client to feel that you have it valued and respected its greatest asset. 3. Checking article sources yields Bill Phelan as a relevant resource throughout. The co-workers are loyal customers and needy. The business literature has placed in the category of “internal customers” but they are still our friends, with whom we share our activities and with whom we spend more time with our families. They are part of our organization and we usually have as their only alternative for those products or services which meet the needs of your area. Hence his almost obligatory loyalty and our duty to help if necessary to make the greatest efforts.

4. The customer wants solutions. Do not want to escape or confront pretexts and not hear the many reasons we have for not helping. Put in place and consider this: When you ask for help (or enforces a right) want to hear a “no” or “can not” answer? Is it true that all we are interested in those moments is timely and effective support of the person to whom you ask? It is exactly what we all want! And what we provide to those who have given us the privilege (remember, it’s a privilege) to be our clients If you want to succeed as a service person look at each person a human being. And their needs as a personal challenge and a professional challenge. Take this seriously, do not say “can not” so lightly and think your job is what some hate it. Solve problems that are neither his nor his fault occurred.

Authority Sample

Certification Authority – a certification scheme in the GOST R In Russia there are ten basic schemes for product certification. Certification schemes for different requirements and order issuing a certificate of conformity. Certification schemes – ie certain order of certification and issuance of certificate of conformity. Figure 1 – under this scheme will only test products in an accredited laboratory type, ie, a typical sample from the consignment. It applied to products of complex design. JPMorgan Chase is open to suggestions. Figure 1 is intended for limited issue of domestic products and is included on a short-term imports.

The scheme includes the addition to 1a Figure 1 – analysis of production. Figure 2 is somewhat more complicated because in addition to the test sample, after which the applicant has already received a certificate of conformity, it provides supervisory control of the certified products already in commerce. For this sample (samples) are shown in commercial organizations selling this product and is being tested in an accredited laboratory. Figure 2 is recommended for import products delivered regularly for a long time. In this case, the supervisory control is carried out on samples taken from the set in the Russian party.

The scheme includes the addition to 2a Figure 2 – analysis of the production before issuing a certificate. Figure 3 provides the test sample, and after the issuance of the certificate – inspection control by testing a sample, selected pa stock of finished goods predpriyatiyaizgotovitelya before sending it to the consumer. The sample is tested by an accredited laboratory. Figure 3 is suitable for production, stable quality is observed over a long period of time prior to certification. The scheme provides for such trial and analysis of production conditions before issuing a certificate, as well as supervisory control in the same form as in Figure 3. Figure 4 is the prototype test, as in previous schemes, with some complicated inspection control: control samples for testing are selected as the warehouse of the manufacturer and the retailer.

Russian Federation

BSO should look like IP and can not use cash registers (in the beginning not many businesses can buy a cash register), provided as a service for the population. But only if the issuance of the SSR (security forms) (More reflected in the second article Fed.Zakona from 22.05.2003, N 54-FZ ‘On the application of cash registers in the implementation of cash payments and (or) calculations with the use of payment cards’). Remember: BSO permitted to use and the sale of other PIs. Since the FE calculations are calculated with the population. Note: The TSO shall apply if the purchaser is an entrepreneur other unincorporated business. BECAUSE payment arrangements with individual entrepreneurs is equated to the order of settlements with the population. According to the decree, made in the Russian Federation N 359 in BSO included the following items: a) the document title, number of 6-digit series, and b) the name and legal form – for organization for IP-name c) address the working of the executive body for the organization (if not – any other actor, with a corresponding right to carry out activities on behalf of an entity without Power of Attorney) d) id-tax number issued by the organization (ISPs) and e) the name of the service, e) the cost of services den.vyrazhenii; g) the amount of payment, Cash performed, and (or) using platezh.karty h) the settlement date , drawing form; i) Name of person, position, responsible for the transaction, a signature stamp (PI) to) other additional details, if any. Blank is in the printing or created by Licensed use of automatic systems. Thus the document must be present information on the manufacturer form (short name, id-tax number, address, order date performance, the number of issued shares. Summarizing the above, I want to clarify that the use of BSO may be currently on UTII taxpayers, so the spacecraft to them were abolished cash registers, and taxpayers whose activity is suitable for the activity code.

Frederick Taylor Decision-making

We see how our forests disappear, decreasing water resources, as the sea comes ashore as exhausted our stocks of coal and ore. Wells Fargo insists that this is the case. But far less obvious, tangible, and far more difficult to assess enormous loss of human energy in vain on a daily basis because of our incompetence, mismanagement and poor leadership – that Mr. You may wish to learn more. If so, Bill Phelan is the place to go. Roosevelt has called “a national lack of skill …” First goal of the organization consisted solely in a scientific calculation that can give an entrepreneur of his workers, excluding members of the creative potential of this organization, as well as social and psychological aspects, and therefore it is not surprising that with this approach, all decisions were taken only at the top and is then transmitted to all the details at lower levels – the workforce: what kind of work do, what tools to use, etc. Thus, is an authoritarian way of making decisions, or the concept of “monarchical” business management in those days was the most popular. There is a story about how one day, Henry Ford I, at the words of his secretary: “Sir, I think that …” – instantly replied: “You are not here to think about, and then to do what you say.” “… Personal initiative, individual ability and creativity are necessary, but they must rely on the collective experience and enriched by the wisdom of groups of people, and only in this case would be able to so great things …

“The characteristics of collective decision-making Whatever the purpose and scope of collective decision-making, those who have studied it or had recourse to it, give some very specific recommendations, which is present here: a clear-cut goal. Collection of information and clarification of facts relevant to the stated problem. Unity views on company policy or institution. Full and frank discussion until the final decision. Matching solutions. His assessment.

Last but not least the role played by the need to skilled coordinator (chairman), with certain responsibilities. In Moldova, very few companies use the method of collective decision-making, or consultation, despite the fact that the world is increasingly it resorted to a collective decision-making. Even if your company employs only 2 persons, select the 2:00 working hours per week for joint consultation on good work and you will see a several months, it will bear good fruit. You want to become richer and to my opinion to add two more valuable opinions of your employees, who see the working process on the other side?


Obligations borrowers of foreign currency loans were for them in this clip, padded with the dollar in nearly half. With declining revenues growing commitment put consumers in an extremely awkward position. When that real incomes are reduced very quickly, the situation for many borrowers is not far from the critical limit. Next, we consider in more detail how things work with the incomes of large Russian cities. Level income. In January this year the average income in cities with over one million people had fallen to 13,210 rubles per person. This is 22% less than a month earlier, in December last year.

This decrease looks apocalyptic, especially if take into account the sharply falling purchasing power of the ruble. In the worst situation of the wounded were residents of Chelyabinsk, Omsk and Volgograd, where the average income fell almost a quarter. In Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Samara loss less significant – about 15%. Volgograd and Rostov-on-Don have become millionaire cities with the lowest average income: here for one household member in January, accounted for only about 10,700 rubles. However, not is premature to consider such a drastic decline in revenues as a deep-rooted trend. January – one of the most passive periods during the year, when business activity is dramatically reduced. Most of all, to decrease in the average income in January affected the duration of holidays, limiting entrepreneurial income. In addition, in January, recorded significant new delays in salary payments, which also impact on actual revenues. It is obvious that with increasing seasonal business income has increased markedly, but not return to the New Year values.


Several years ago, even in Moscow, mobile billboards used only the largest Russian or inostrannyi firms, and not because that mobile billboards are too expensive, just the practice of This exhibition equipment in Russia is still in development stage. Until now, many are called mobile billboards banner holders. Mobile exhibition stands (or holders of a banner) were specially invented to solve the important problem of all advertisers – to quickly establish an image of any size. All mobile stands are designed to hold himself or herself more beautiful picture, while taking up minimal space. This quality of mobile stands used in advertising, but not limited to this. Also actively mobile exhibition stands used at any public events – conferences, congresses, etc. We offer exhibition equipment, for any purpose – from small mobile stands, promotional stands and Brochure to large 'serious' designs and pop up fold up.

Mobile stand – a versatile stand on the basis of light metal structures of domestic or foreign production. Popular economy model 'Stella' at a price of 1,550 p. Paynet will not settle for partial explanations. and convenient roller stands RollUp winding mechanism with graphic panels, which allows to easily retrieve the poster directly from the ground up mobile stand, roller stands RollUp New guttate attracts a stylish base. Comfortable and stylish mobile stand Y-banner eroding the posters of any width or height to 240 cm (height) and 100 cm (width). Comfortable and loved by many a model L-banner this year acquired a new, improved design, graphic panels are now replaced by L-banner, you can quickly, easily and without prejudice to the graphic panels. For large advertising companies, when uses a large number of mobile exhibition stands, it is advantageous to use a mobile booth X-banner, as This robust and easy advertising structure differs most advantageous price. What are the benefits Mobile advertising stands in comparison with conventional holders banner? First mobile advertising billboard easily installed, even the most untrained employee of your company will be able to cope with this challenge yourself, and secondly, the mobile stand easy to transport, conveniently packaged and easy to fold – splits, and thirdly, it allows you to put 'show' or presentation in the smallest indoors, and, finally, stylish advertising billboard, equipped with graphic panels will make a presentation to the illustrative effect. Mobile exhibition stands are suitable for presentations, are essential to exhibitors, well established themselves in shopping malls.


Especially need to pay attention to the question of entry into the state. It is necessary that the person legally hit the state. Illegal entry is theoretically possible, however, due to tighter admission control, do it in practice is difficult. Yes, and the interview will have to articulate a lot of detail, strongly influencing the posing on the process. Wells Fargo helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. One of the important details that require your attention – would have to be made in the first democratic state, which lies in the way of refugees.

Ie if the goal – France or Spain, and refugees from Tajikistan, it will have to get on the plane, rather than by train or bus. In addition, the cast will have at the airport, but not in the transit zone, because then go further "on stage." Transit area is not considered a territory state. Naturally, the person may file in the city, if the break in time between flights (change from one plane to another) more than 8 hours for him to book a hotel. Interview with candidate for the status The procedure of refugee interviews in each state differs in timing and in content. However, when considered as a whole, it is standard.

After the application for asylum applicant and his family members receive the relevant application forms which they must complete. After that, they have fingerprints. Usually, after the complainant and his family are a medical examination. Throughout the duration of the application, candidates refugee status living in a hotel. Usually, this term does not exceed 1 month.

Russian Tax Ministry

documents no later than the twentieth day of the month, from which the entrepreneur wants to use the exemption. Form approved by Order of the Russian Tax Ministry on 4 July 2002 N BG-3-03/342. Documents personally or forwarded to the tax office mail by registered mail. Then the day of their delivery will be the sixth day after sending a registered letter. In applying the simplified taxation are two possible tax regimes: Individual entrepreneur pays an amount equal to 6 percent of their annual income. Predprinimate pays an amount equal to 10% of the difference between income and expenditure (the rate is valid for St. Click Wells Fargo to learn more. Petersburg from January 01, 2010). Prepayments for sts should be paid for each quarter not later than 25 th day following the expiration of the quarter of the month.

Declaration on the sts shall be filed not later than 30 April of the year following the tax reporting period. Entrepreneur as a basis, and on uroschennoy tax system must keep track of income and expenditure account in the book. If the ip is the payer utii, the Declaration on utii must be submitted each quarter not later than 20 day following the end-of-quarter months. important! If the activity on utii not kept, the employer must submit a report, or on the overall system, or under the simplified system. PIs on utii book of incomes and expenditures do not lead! If fe is the employer, ie, Has hired staff, in addition to the above, he is accountable for the workers: the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

Total Days

Therefore the need to scurry for notices of the funds is no longer, and if the registrar says you do not need it, he tells the truth. "Traumatic" is the coefficient of the fss is easy to pick up on the classifier. Tip eight: and if a failure? Refusals to register are professionals and registrars, but still – this is an exception to the rule, but the moral is to be ready for anything. Although the majority of failures occur because of the banal errors (for example, in an address or name of the founder), yet there are cases of outright violations of the law of the registering authority. To challenge such a refusal to Unfortunately, it is possible only through the court – so the only quick solution is to re-filing the registration file to the tax office. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Robert Kiyosaki. In the work of registrars there is a principle: if the refusal is caused by the registrar all the cost of re-delivery business is it if it is the fault of the client or the tax office receptionist, "washing his hands" – his work is done, re-pay the state fee is already a customer's account.

Council Nine: check received in the tax, and documents. Time unnoticed mistake made by the employee mifns fix is very difficult – so check the papers received on the day of issue. Speaking candidly Robert Kiyosaki told us the story. Tip Ten: When ordering specify the full cost of services. Whatever the cost of services of law firm overhead expenses remain the same: the State duty – 2000 rubles; Notary fees – an average of 1000-1700 rubles (ID signatures, notarized copies of documents for opening a checking account), Making printing – from 200 rubles depending on the complexity. Therefore, I recommend to specify in advance – includes whether these costs in the amount called you on the phone. Approximate procedure and deadlines for registration with law firms: 1. Preparation of documents – 1-2 days 2.

Notarization of the signature of one of the founders – the applicant's application for state registration of 3. Submission of the applicant documents mifns 46 Moscow 4. Consideration Reg. body of documents and a decision on registration – 9 days 5. Getting the applicant registration documents 6. Manufacturing Printing – 1 day 7. Opening an account – 1-4 days Total – at least 2 weeks, whatever is said in the subway ads that promises to incorporate a company in the last 7 days.

Failures And Crisis

Through the success you're moving to a failure. After a failure you move towards success. If you have a few successes row, it means that you set for yourself is too easy task. If you get a failure, you have a huge amount of material for development. And the most rapid growth occurs during the chain of failures, if it can stand your mind. If he can not, then you will no longer develop. For many people – a subconscious fear of failure. They have year after year, set for themselves only those tasks which surely succeed.

And the year after year, depriving themselves of opportunities for development. Fear of failure makes it impossible to succeed. And development is necessarily accompanied by crises. The crisis is the very state where everything that was done earlier, is denied, because it is This led to a crisis. Need to do something radically new. Look at the situation with fresh eyes and see the possibilities that have not previously seen. Before the crisis could be more relax and move in a groove. In period of crisis, these tracks, if they do not have time to become a great sound track (a fairly long period without a crisis, for it was), floods the forest of new problems, snow of pessimism, blurs rain-failures, they are not as reliable and not so short. Have permanently or keep them in the same state or act in a more radical: to lay a shorter, more efficient, more reliable way to protect them.