Month: May 2013

Woodrow Wilson

That does not mean that they are stronger. The power is determined by the technology and the preparation, not the number of people. Although this matter not curdled with Arabs, blacks, Indians and Liberals, who believe that by being more must be owners of others. Westerners use their scientific and intellectual power to defend against the barbaric hordes which grew economically, but not mentally evolved. Money can buy many things but not the creative ingenuity that characterizes few cultures and ethnicities. With a mulatto President; Socialist; Muslim past; I of the Nobel Peace Prize, at the White House, the situation is different to everything that lived until now.

If their predecessors were not dared to attack Iran, you could speculate that Barack Obama will act equally. However, using as a reference to another progre: Woodrow Wilson, who was re-elected in 1916 under the slogan kept us out of war. And he adhered to the world war I in 1917. It is possible that Obama form a coalition with Israel, several European countries, and perhaps involve some Arab States. Wilson turned in the more severe and intransigent of American leaders, imprisoning dissidents and nationalizing industries and businesses. This is a characteristic of Liberals. In emergency they act vigorously.

For them the State is everything and enjoy your unrestricted control. In this case specific that might be good. Strong leaders is required in the war. When you pass the legislative elections of November and Democrats lose at least one Chamber, they will begin the war finishes. According to Gallup, 90% of Americans considers Iran a serious danger and 65% as a critical threat. According to Rasmussen, 26% strongly approve Obama management; 43% strongly disapproves of it. Before the remarkable decline in his popularity, the war is his only alternative to recover. BO will have the excuse to placate their anti-war supporters more extremists, alleging that it was Congress who decided to attack. You will win the backing of the independent majority that wants to end the Iranian nuclear threat and want to see the end of the conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan which has already been nine years of duration. Finally will fit with the Arab majority, who feels so threatened by Iran as anyone else.

Transantiago Chapter

..Each country and its people .se deserves what has between 1990 and 1992, being Minister of transport of Patricio Aylwin, German Correa ordered the first tendering of buses. Lakes entrusted the task of creating a system of efficient locomotion, and appointed him as General Coordinator of the Transporte of Santiago. Correa had to resign in 2003 after being accused of repeated fraud, duplication of collections, simulated billing, among other charges, the bodywork of buses four ACEs factory, of which he was President after being Minister of transport. The Prosecutor of the company was also sued: Jose Fernando Rebolledo, brother of former parliamentarian Victor Manuel Rebolledo (PPD)…Chilean…Chilean Chilean of heart. Today and figured out that in July 2005, Buses EPYSA, representative of the Brazilian Marcopolo, closed millionaires contracts with operators of Transantiago. That year, sales of EPYSA rimmed the 360 million dollars. EPYSA belongs to former Minister and former Ambassador Edmundo Perez Yoma and current Super-Minister (DC), the brother of the head of the construction company COPEVA. Jaime Ravinet – former Minister of housing and Defense-for transport.

Ravinet and Etcheberry headed the Government Committee in charge of the Transantiago in the Lagos Government. Housing was concerned of expropriations for expand avenues of exclusive brokers. Ravinet, strongly supported urban sprawl on agricultural land and millions of dollars of real estate speculation. The governmental Committee was also composed of the Mayor Marcelo Trivelli (DC) – today Adviser communicational AFT-; the Metro Chairman, Fernando Bustamante; the Coordinator of Transantiago, Aldo Signorelli and Undersecretary of transportation, Guillermo Diaz (DC),…among other comenzalez of of RJA face. Guillermo Diaz, who was also director of Conama and President of Ferrocarriles del Estado (EFE)-, was prosecuted for fraud to the Treasury in the MOP-GATE case and has interests in the company Transpalitos – registered in the name of his father, whose business is to reintegrate retired buses of circulation.

In August 2006 the DC Supreme Court suspended their militancy. Diaz resigned the Presidency of EFE then that ratified his encargatoria of reo by Minister Chevesich in the MOP-GATE case. When he was head of the division for operations of the coordination General of concessions of the MOP, he coasted with public money a postgraduate course in Spain. Also investigated the fate of 46 million pesos paid for a survey of the Plan of transportation and decontamination of Santiago (1998), which never took place. As Assistant Secretary, Guillermo Diaz should complain to justice so to investigate illicit detected after an audit carried out in plants of technical review of Rancagua. Gradually discovered the actions of representatives of the ruling party, among them own former Undersecretary of transport Patricio Tombolini case bribes (PRSD) – influential political-, finally convicted operator by the. They were also implicated Victor Manuel Rebolledo and the then-Chief of Cabinet of the Minister transport, Alejandro Chaparro (PPD), former seremi of transport. German Correa, replacing Manuel Navarrete would occupy the post of general manager of Metropolitan Buses and Buses Gran Santiago.

Cheap Cars Where You Are

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