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Dominican Republic

The Constitution of companies and societies in most regards Dominican commercial companies this regulated by law 3-02 of the commercial register and the code of Commerce Dominicano. Common commercial societies of greater use in the Dominican Republic and which in turn has best operational advantages are generally companies by shares CxA. In this shareholders only responsible to the supplied contribution, with regard to their obligations by society. The nationality of the shareholders is not an obstacle according to the laws of the Dominican Republic to be able to constitute a company. The commercial code has the requirements for the incorporation of companies or company for actions that the minimum in terms of the number of shareholders is seven. As regards the procedure of incorporation as the lawyer representative initiates the process of organization of the corporate constituent documents, should have on hand the following information from your customer: 1 – the domicile of the 2 society – society name.

3-must provide the General for all these shareholders must be a) the full name of each shareholder b) address or domicile of these c) nationality, profession, or occupation d) copy of identity card or passport (if foreign), and electoral. ((e) specify the Social object of the company, f) which shall be the authorized capital of the same. (g) distribution of shares between shareholders. (h) as conformed will be the Board of Trustees, President, Vice-President Secretary etc. Among others. .With this information are developed and drafted the operational and constitutive documents required for the Constitution of society these are: 1.-registration of the trade name of the company before the competent organ in Republic Dominican ONAPI 2-drafting of statutes social. 3-Drafting and preparation of the list of the list of subscribers. 4-Payment of taxes constituting the company or society, 5-listing of shareholders 6-Compulsa or notarized document declaration before a notary public.

7. General Assembly of shareholders. 8-obtaining the certificate of registry. 9 RNC national of the taxpayer of the General Directorate of internal revenue and obtaining tax identification card registration number. 10-subscription of shares of contributions in nature if it propagated and drafting of the Assembly Act approving the same. 11. seal of the society. Do Capital and its rules outside of everything related to the insurance and banking sector, which are highly regulated by the law of Dominican Republic, there is no in the Dominican Republic a strict regime in terms of the capitalizacio? n of a company. Types of corporate actions that contemplates the Trade Act are to order shares, registered shares, bearer shares. It is obligatory to fix the nominal value of these shares. A suggested value and the most used is equal to RD$ 100.00 per share through majority of votes gathered in ordinary Assembly or extraordinary importance for the company decisions are taken. This simple and simplified process should be handled by lawyers in confidence and experience in commercial law to avoid delays and burdensome complications.

The Team

On the road of life there are two factors to consider:-the external, not dominating nor can control, which refers to the environment, to other persons, the circumstances surrounding the facts and – the internal, that Yes dominates and controls according to the own ability. More human power that you have, there are realities that cannot be changed, as the place where you were born, parents, family, teachers, colleagues, study, work, subordinates, heads and all situations that must face on a daily basis, by the simple fact of living. But, for these challenges, there is a very powerful weapon. The day we are born, the manufacturer, call it God, Jehovah, Allah, Nirvana, Mareigua or how you want to call it, gives us a team, which consists of a hardware and a software last generation, with unlimited capacity in his memory, and a wonderful information processor ever created, at a suggested retail price of $0. This bargain we ourselves, perhaps cheap product, do not allow to properly valuing, and it is Why is violates, at every moment and without any remorse. This team, which even earthly manufacturers, not been able to imitate has the following components: memory MSL: read-only (ROM in English), is that brings configured, you cannot change, and that is a salad of genes of the last 10,000 generations that preceded it. This gives you a unique and unrepeatable character.

MAA memory: random access (RAM in English), is which is incorporating into the team over time. The early years, by the teams that surround it (parents and other relatives and acquaintances) and then, independently, by the own team. Receivers of information: able to down any conversation, music, image or video, heavy they are. Powerful speaker: with a breadth of fully adjustable volume and tone. Power stabilizers: this team needs two types of energy, the material, which enters through the senses of smell, taste, touch and the intangible that receives through intuition.