Month: September 2014

Safety In The ICQ

First, you must comply with the elementary caution when using numbers. Basic rules ICQ-Safety: 1. Do not put a simple password. In no case can not be put passwords shorter than 4 characters, simple passwords form 123456, and and passwords that have semantic meaning: password, icqpass, myuin, masha, windows, etc. The password should be complex enough to preclude his selection and at the same time so that you can remember it and a couple of years. 2. Do not save your password in the ICQ-client not to use the official clients under icq Lite.

The most popular mistake. There is one very important point: some of the ICQ-client (for example, all the official client version under icq Lite) physically, in any case keep the password even if the check 'Save Password' you will not put. You can check this by a special utility (program only shows the passwords and will not send anything anywhere). Trojans are constantly improved and can get your password of any ICQ-client: qip, Miranda, & rq not to mention the official client. For example, for qip is a small program that gets the locally stored password (similar to the previous tool, it's not a trojan – a program running locally and no hidden functions). Remember! Of Trojan horse is not insured nobody! Trojan – it is extremely despicable thing. 3. Do not click on any links sent to you via icq or e-mail strangers or unfamiliar people.

This is one of the main rules of safe operation of the web, but some people for some reason, it often seems that their ICQ-friend with whom they had two days interesting to communicate, can not send them a link to a virus (or page, infected with the virus). People, be Alert! 4. Do not use your icq number in internet cafes, clubs, etc. institutions. In any local network with Internet access can be installed a program that catches all the passwords from icq. It can be as legally installed program, the results of which no one will use to steal your number and a Trojan horse, caught the inexperienced administrator.

New Corporate Image

The corporative image of a company is not eternal: the fashions change, the competition tightens, the market evolves, the companies extend services and products If the company changes, the image whereupon appears its clients and to the society it must also change, or it will be representing something that no longer is real. In this article we will see the main reasons that have the companies small and medians to create a new corporative image, or of updating the one that already they have. Generally, the reasons that we presented/displayed to renew the own image can group in two categories: 1. Strategic reasons, planned, to take opportunities. 2. Reaction to already existing problems.

While it reads the list of reasons, it pregntese if it can be the case of his company, and if already it agrees to him to renew his image. 1) THE COMPANY IS NEW This is the most evident reason: a new company habitually does not have any established image with which to appear to its clients, reason why must procure one. It is an error to think that it is not necessary to create one image: one is always had, although she is the one of " company that does not worry about his imagen". The suitable moment to create the new image is during the process of creation of the company, before it leaves to look for clients, but when the strategy has already been defined. It is not necessary that is perfect, is possible to be improved later; but it must professional and be adapted to the company. 2) THE COMPANY HAS BECOME STABILIZED When it is created a new company always is necessary to fit the plans to the reality of the market. Not always it is possible to know in advance which will be the activity that will be realising after a time.


In 2003 he was created "Center Vietnamese medicine "(which can get only Vietnamese person to them priblezhennye), equipped with necessary medical equipment. The center employs highly qualified specialists. Each employee Corporation on favorable terms can get advice here, take a course of treatment. (lie pure, simple, to workers about it does not say) with a special concern in the "Tehnokome" refer to their children employees. And take care, incidentally, is about someone: the number of children under the age of 14 years, there are almost 700 people.

This, you see, an eloquent indicator of a bad life, how many children govoritsf is born! So, gifts on New Year's Day child protection, cultural campaign into a circus, a puppet theater, the city's Palace of children and youth work – this is self-evident event. (1 ticket for 40 people, and twice a year here, and choose …) A except that – in the summer of children aged 7 to 14 years of age have the opportunity to relax and get healthier in the sea at the recreation center in Evpatoria. Sports number 1 in the "Tehnokome" is, of course, mini-football (where they are driving force after work and top of the list check for failure to appear fine 50griven). On each of the companies has its own team of futsal. Between them are regularly held friendly matches.

They are involved in corporate tournaments. SUN, air and water health – the main property rights. In "Tehnokome" strive to ensure that workers are included in the company of enterprises not only gain satisfaction from their work, but also had the opportunity to maintain a proper level and your health fully relax.

Strategic Component

The right mix is crucial for the success of Munich, November 20, 2008 – the right strategic mix of corporate financing is often critical to success for small and medium-sized enterprises. Factoring as alternative financial services offers many benefits to the company and is the ideal complement in the financing mix. Factoring companies can secure their liquidity”, explains Christian Furst, management consultant and Managing Director of target management consulting GmbH. In contrast to the bank credit the company factoring need no additional collateral. This makes the services especially for young and fast growing company”.

Liquid with factoring secure their financing still retains the classic current account credit many medium-sized companies. About can be cover only a part of the needed liquidity but usually against the provision of securities. Companies are looking for alternatives, then they quickly come to the service factoring. While a company sells its Loans and advances to the Vantargis factoring and gets about 80 percent of the invoice amount immediately paid off. He gets the rest, if the Vantargis factoring has received the amount by the debtor. For a fee and interest are calculated depending on the model. In addition to securing the liquidity the failure protection of assets and the acquisition of customer management with the classic full service factoring services include”, explains Marco Frohlich, Manager of the Vantargis factoring the advantages. Advantages of factoring in the financing mix more than 10,000 companies in Germany have already recognized the benefits of factoring and secure so their liquidity.

The main reasons for the usage in the company are different depending on the industry. The advantage in the congruent sales financing is for many wholesalers, they hedge to seasonal peaks. The manufacturing purchasing advantages can be thanks to factoring secure and implement discounts. Personnel service providers and transport companies also the failure protection and relief are in addition to the securing of liquidity Customer management critical for use. Also factoring users can offer their customers extended payment terms and have a competitive advantage”, so Christian Furst. Prospects for more information on the subject see On the website, also the 50-seitige free guide can successfully with factoring”be ordered. Background to the Vantargis factoring the Vantargis factoring GmbH is a bank-independent factoring company. The company financed small and medium-sized enterprises with an annual turnover of up to EUR 10 million nationwide as a full service provider in the factoring. Here, the Vantargis factoring GmbH with finance, insurance of bad debts and Receivables Management combines all aspects of factoring in any service. For companies from 10 million Euro turnover is factoring also implemented in the in-house procedure. Questions or more information: Vantargis factoring GmbH Widenmayerstr 28 80538 Munich Ilka Stiegler corporate communications phone: 089 2429373-18 E-mail: Web:

Corporate Strategies Training

Strategy & personality to success on 27 June 08 at Hotel triad in Kaltenkirchen the experience Conference strategy and personality to the success “takes place. It is aimed at medium-sized entrepreneurs and executives of from different industries. In terms of content, the participants and experts deal with corporate strategies. In addition to the development of strategies, it is primary and their implementation. The term experience Conference has chosen the Organizer, because leadership training are integrated into the programme of the Conference and expected 30-50 participants are actively involved. This concept promotes not only the dialogue among the participants, in particular, it supports the personal learning success of the single.

“, so Jorg Ristau by the CrewCoaching Clubacademy, the organizer of the meeting.” The CrewCoaching Clubacademy is a network of trainers and an event platform to the personality-oriented training. Focus on CrewCoaching offers team training and event to lead teams since 2006. The network currently consists of 15 providers and supplemented as needed. The idea is through the combination of different providers to synergies can use and generate so attractive offers for companies. The meeting consists of a lecture and discussion section on 27 June 08 in two parts in the morning and a range of three parallel leadership training in the afternoon. Could include more than a performance measurement system, my balanced scorecard, Pocket Guide as speakers Dr. Walter Schmidt, author of the bestseller balanced scorecard – balanced scorecard and the Hamburger business Theatre katabatic winds can be won.

Trainings are offered in the afternoon by trainers from the CrewCoaching network. Following training be carried out in the individual: “Communication behavior know and use,” coach: Nils Engelhard, NJE training, “the alpha leader: authentic lead”, coach: Wolfgang Bacolod, W & H Bacolod GmbH and “Talent analysis as a basis for strategic work,” trainer: Jorg Ristau, Carivendo. Get registration until May 28, 2008 Participants a discount. The program, as well as the registration documents, see author: Meike Heidorn v. Helen

Inc Network

Powerful network technology: printing, scanning, faxing, saving private users, as well as in small and home offices, economic and flexible solutions are required printing, scanning, storage and faxing. Together with the KD-2000 USB device server users can now use your Kodak all-in one printer on a wired Ethernet network, as its locally-connected. Printer, scanner, or other USB devices are selected within the network from one or more computers, started and controlled. The KD-2000 is one of the few USB device server that supports all features of a multi function device, such as printing, scanning, faxing, and save. Also, up to 10 other USB devices via optional USB hub can be connected such as digital cameras and storage media to the external server.

For security, the network server has an IP-filter function to protect of the data from unwanted access. If a network cable is undesirable, the SX 2000WG is +. USB device server also a wireless connection via WLAN (wireless local area network) here. The MFU EasyShare characterized 5500 and 5300 Kodak special printing costs. The inkjet 5300 with photocopying and scanning function works with the same typography as the 5500. It contains also a fax and an automatic batch feeder for the scanner. Together with the KD-2000 helps printing costs to minimize the EasyShare series of Kodak home users and work groups.

Also the ESP printer from Kodak show how little money documents and photos in high quality are printed, copied and scanned. Equipped with color display, memory cards and USB inputs, you can edit images directly on the device. All all-in one use a handy ink system printers from Kodak based on two cartridges and six inks. About Silex Technology Silex Technology is represented since the year 2000 with a subsidiary in Germany. The Silex Technology Europe GmbH is Meerbusch near Dusseldorf. The 1973 founded in the Japan company headquartered in Kyoto and Tokyo maintains more locations in China and the United States. Silex Technology, Inc. (JASDAQ: 6679) ranks among the leading manufacturers of interconnect products for wired and wireless networks. The product portfolio includes print, USB and serial Deviceserver, biometrics products and modular solutions. In addition to sophisticated technologies and products, the company offers comprehensive service and a free telephone, email and online support.

Risks And Ventures

Hello and welcome my dear entrepreneur, in this article I will tell about your endeavors and micro-enterprises. On the risk and the really true envelope this, since this prevents many people to start their own business or venture, in itself this is something that many do not know about investments. Recalls that this article has been written based on the book by Robert T. Kiyosaki and which I recommend reading compulsorily to take advantage of the entire contents of alor which contains topics of business and entrepreneurship. In the book by Robert Kiyosaki, tells us the following words: the good news about the investment is that the risk can be minimized so significant or even eliminated and you can receive even large revenues for your money, if you know the game. Incredible but true, what many people think about business and investments or ventures, is that they don’t necessarily have to be risky, not necessarily there is the possibility of losing money to undertake a project. One that is investor can say these words: I soon get my money back and how much income will I receive for the rest of my life once you receive the return on initial investment? This is a real successful investor correct mentality, i.e., their mentality translates into their palabe, which uses your money to make it work for him making even more money and receiving gains his life from such investment or entrepreneurship which has started. -On many occasions we think to start a good profitable business, we must risk throughout our capital and this is partially false since the risk that would exist depends on the education, skills and experiences of each person. I say goodbye and wish you the best. Original author and source of the article

Customer Portfolio

With the crisis there has been what we call customer revolution. What does it mean? First, that there is now a hypersensitivity to the price. Current customer takes is now much more seriously the value-priced equation. Thus, you have to check your value proposition.If you are out of the range of market prices, customer you punish. But that doesn’t mean that you have to be the cheapest, explains Juan Jose Peso, director of Daemond Quest. The second effect of the current situation is the network. The management of the referencing, the opinions of consumers, are more important than ever.

That there is to know what to use. And finally, lack of funding is affecting absolutely everybody, which means that many are postponing their purchases. With all these changes we are in a very complicated recruitment environment, recognize Juan Jose Peso. In short, we are faced with a new scenario. Increase the number of visits, customer calls or advertising impacts is not enough to stay in the market.

Sure that you are already checking it. But jump into the sand of the precios-chollo does not guarantee anything. You must be creative to attract customers in a cost-effective manner. If it costs you more to get a customer what is going to report on your income statement, are doing bad business. That said, plays to answer the question that we assume because you’re doing. How? First of all doing a review of your situation. Before taking decisions, you should know why your company, in particular, is losing customers.A company that loses customers because they are postponing their purchasing decisions (but they have not gone to competition) is not in the same situation that one that loses them because they have embarked on the hunt for the best price, Inc, explains Juan Carlos Alcaide, director of the Institute of Marketing Services. For the former, the best strategies will be which are aimed to facilitate the purchase.

Online Services Business

Microsoft online services group: New products in the beta phase and new ad formats on Windows Live Microsoft digital advertising solutions marketed not only the portal MSN, but also other platforms such as Windows Live and Office Online will also But there is what advertising formats on Windows Live and who uses it? Windows Live includes about 20 products in the United States in Germany a little more. The best known applications are the Windows Live Messenger Instant-Messaging service, the social community spaces and Windows Live Hotmail email service. In addition there are numerous other applications such as the photo gallery or the blogging tool Windows Live Writer. There are advertising opportunities on Windows Live Messenger, spaces and Hotmail.

Marc Hoenke, the current Germany responsible of the Microsoft online services group, about advertising formats, new products and the objectives of the marketer. We have a year ago introduced Windows Live and developed the mark parallel to the MSN portal. Windows Live includes about 20 products in the United States in Germany a little more. The best known applications are the instant-messaging service, Windows Live Messenger, the social community spaces and Windows Live Hotmail email service. In addition there are numerous other applications such as the photo gallery or the blogging tool Windows Live Writer.

There are advertising opportunities on Windows Live Messenger, spaces and Hotmail. We market parts of Windows Live for half a year and offer both traditional ad formats such as banners, text links, or content ads as new forms. For example, the background with a special theme of the advertising campaign can be inked in Windows Live Messenger. If two people via messaging talk, can one another this motif “pass”. As a viral effect. “Personal expressions” are another product in Windows Live Messenger. The client-advertiser will add his motives to the emoticons. The first customer for this format was universal pictures with the campaign for the movie “Shrek 3”. The classic advertising formats and in addition on the shipping confirmation page, you can switch a content ad. In the blogging service Windows Live spaces is a new form of advertising the brand presentation. Where communities can be built around a product with the functionality of spaces. We call this “Commercial Space”. Our first two commercial spaces were designed for digital cameras from Samsung and for the “Transformers” film. What plans does MSN? How much Microsoft in the online services business division invested, at the MSN portal and the marketers Microsoft digital advertising solutions include, can be read on the just-released figures for the year 2007. The operating loss of this segment has (2007) almost tenfold year over year $ 74 million (2006) to $732 million. The company calls caused mainly by more personal reason, increased data center costs in the online services business and higher marketing and sales expenses. Also the acquisition of the Themenchannels of the portal content costs money. Total sales 2007 by Microsoft (51,12 billion dollars) the Division is online services Business with a turnover of 2.47 billion dollars very small. The total earnings of the company amounted to $18.5 billion in the past fiscal year. Source: Internetworld

New Business Field

Courage to the investment in a new class of ACE set before years hardly anyone in Germany knew the concept of NPL. Through public debate and also by now in the economy that has changed quickly an own business. NPL are loans and advances to customers, which are sold by banks, building societies and insurance companies. The purchase price is this the maximum 3% of the nominal value of unsecured claims, and between 10% and 30% for unsecured claims. Now of course many people ask themselves: “Why should it be a business for others?” It’s simple. Until it comes to a NPL, most years. The situation between creditors and debtors is procedure, the time of the compromise or agreement possibility long past. Of course also the KWG limits close some possibility of settlement with the debtor”.

Quite different to the new creditor: this has a profound interest in an agreement with the debtor, the only way he earns his money. The debtor sees here soon his chance “to get out of debt” and this for a sum which is substantially lower than the actual debt. So a ROI (return on investment) can be quickly from a “title”. Especially recommended are our funds with secured claims. Liens are available here. Here, everyone gets the best possible security on its invested capital. We deem extremely interesting and profitable business unit.

But beware! There are experienced and non-experienced providers in the industry. The members of the National Federation of credit purchase and servicing e.V. (BKS), are recommended here. Is the provider member of this Association, it will certainly be called serious.