Month: August 2012

Government State

They had been demanded, also, the initiation of the cattle one of small transport, the elaboration of a project of reforestation with fruitful trees for the villages, the implantation of a project of creation of fish, the acquisition of wild animals, mills of coffee, engenhoca of sugar cane, animals tractive, wagon of plough, construction of box d? water and of break-springs. In attention to the outcry of the aboriginal communities the City hall of Aracruz in partnership with the State secretary of Justice and Citizenship organized one ' ' State seminary on the Indgena&#039 Question; ' , in which chieftains had appeared, municipal, state authorities and until national aboriginal leaderships as Ailton Krenak, Itatuitim Streets, Terena Landmarks, having the City hall and the Government State, one more time, if compromised to decide the immediate problems of the aboriginals. As nothing he was fulfilled, in day 09 of April of 1992, Day of the Indian, the 1,300 aboriginals of the City of Aracruz commemorate in its villages, painting its bodies and dressing tangas and decorating with necklaces and cocares, and charging entered of the visitors to see its dances typical. According to news article of the Periodical the GAZETTE, 19-04-92, the indians continued to live in the same economy of subsistence of a rudimentary agriculture, it hunts and it fishes rarefied, or artesanatos, while some were engaged in the agricultural or urban market of work as proletarian, as farmers, garis, assistant of mason, house servants, and others earning, when very, the national wage-minimum. In the occasion, the indians had remembered the lack of a conjugated work enter the Government of the State, the City hall of Aracruz, the FUNAI and the Indigenista Advice Missionary, who according to Head of the Aboriginal Rank of FUNAI, Edson Da Silva Fidlis, the problem was in the differences ideological politics and of these organizations. In the same news article, the teachers of the School of the Guarani Village, Ftima of Anjos and Odilia Gustavo Birth, even so perceiving the necessity of the indians to learn the culture and the way of life of the whites to coexist them more beneficially, had questioned its proper work having complained of the difficulty to teach the Portuguese language and of the alfabetizao of the children in a bilingual education (Guarani and Portugus), that they had considered as one ' ' invaso' ' of the aboriginal culture.


Its mind is made for accomplishments. You are determined to reach its goals. To be disciplined means that you do not go to abandon its objectives. A time that you are creating the life that you it desires disciplines, it is another tool of its success. The experience taught to me that for being disciplined, you it can not get the things easily, does not take off the focus of its target, happens what to happen. 4.

Persistence Persistence can be defined as the continuation of a effect and after the cause is removed. The ideal decisive moment is caused to create its life that you imagined. Its persistence allows that you see these obstacles not as problems, but as chances. After all, if it was easy, any person could carry through what you will be carrying through. But nor all are in the battlefield as you. You know that its persistence is what you stimulate to go front. You go to find a way to skirt any obstacle. 5.

Property Property is to be taking the right to the ownership of a thing. These are its dreams, its objectives, and its life, if you not to take ownership to reach its dreams, who it will make? ' ' It has only two emotions in the market: the hope and fear. The problem is that you have hope when you must fear, and you have fear when you must esperar.' ' (Jess Livermore). But not you. Its fear is motivation to follow in front, because you learned that when you to act, you get resulted. Taking ownership it is the change of taking to move to advance, changing behaviors that are not to function, possibly to change its friends who do not understand it, to deal with the world as it is and not as you desire that it is. 6. Orientation Resulted the results goes to finish in one definitive way. You define its objectives and the results that she intends to reach. Because you took ownership, now you have the power to create its desired results. When you not to get the desired results, you you persist, the property is the focus, and of it disciplines are its abilities, unit, to the will, the knowledge and the script, will take that it until where you want to go. The results are simply a form to measure its success. 7. Focus in People Any person understands that the success comes with its success and through other people. A successful person will go to recognize these individuals and to appreciate them for its contribution and the results. We know that success for a person is not success for another one. The success is measured by the satisfaction level that you have in what she chose, for what fought and obtained. As well as we know that to speak, to write it is easy, what it really lacks to the human beings is a small one, but definitive word that will give the way to it of its life: ACTION.

Japanese Immigration

2.6. The SLEEVES to say itself in ‘ ‘ Group of the Mnica Jovem’ ‘ , it is necessary to approach the style and the arrival of sleeves to Brazil, that occurred at the beginning of century XIX, come together with Japanese immigration. The publication of histories translated into the Portuguese, however, only happens in fact in 2001. Since then, the sleeve consumption grew the point to almost represent 50% of the sales of quadrinhos in the national market.

(VASCONCELLOS, 2006). The Brazilian market divides space enters translated Japanese sleeves with others produced by national authors. Although not to be so known how much the foreigners, the national authors if had benefited very with the success of the quadrinhos. However, it is important to stand out that ‘ ‘ sleeve brasileiro’ ‘ if it differs in some aspects of the Japanese model. According to Peter Figueiredo Vasconcellos (2006), the language of the sleeve is a set of techniques that prezam for: ) the presence of contemplativos elements, as the nature, permeando narrative in pictures that specify the landscape; b) opening for constant modification of the representations of personages and concepts; c) approach between the grafia and illustration the point of if becoming part of the same process and becoming inexact the percipient difference between drawing and writing; d) cartunescos and zoomrficos elements in the drawing of the personages, who result in a retraction exaggerated of feelings, situations, states of spirit and, even though, of health. The Japanese sleeves are very difficult to be translated fully for other languages and this leads to the incompreenso of certain graphical techniques. However, if it cannot forget that the full impossibility of translation leads to the biggest necessity of invention, as much on the part the translator, how much of the reader. (VASCONCELLOS, 2006). 2.7. ‘ ‘ GROUP OF MNICA JOVEM’ ‘ For Miriam Abramovay (2007), for much time if they did not see the young ones as social actors, that is, as a segment with characteristics specific.

The Periodical

Thus being not delivery these operations to the inexperienced hands. She is necessary many years of experience to assume the control of one of these operations. Therefore it is prepared to assume less noble functions until having experience necessary to assume that position. It looks job while it is used: Already it is very far the time that if we had in feeling insurances to them in the job. Nowadays it does not have security nor for the president and directors of the company, who can be changed in case of the company to be bought by another one. Old we tinhamos fear to send resume when we found an announcement in the periodical, without the identification of the company, therefore it could be an announcement of our proper company and would be seen as treasonous. The ideal age to pass many years in the same company, therefore this demonstrated loyalty. Currently this is seen as room and lack of commitment with the prrpia career.

Some colleagues have in the contactado one despaired by being dismissed, asking for orientation on a fast course to enter in the market of work more soon possible. Unhappyly I do not have as to help, therefore everything depends on a series of factors displayed in this text. It keeps, therefore, its resume always brought up to date and searching better chances in the work market. The book ' ' Who moved in mine queijo' ' a good one asked for of reading is on this point. If it does not neglect of its network: The word ' ' network' ' , in professional terms signifca ' ' net of relacionamentos' '. The friends, colleagues and relatives are all who can help to enter it or if to keep in the work market. So that its net is not spoken brazenly, it looks for to contactar them from time to time.