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Poetry & piano shows a music poetry concert in the backyard show the lyrical and musical community project of the German writer Christa Lehmann and pianist Hansmartin Kamwana combining poetry and music finally refreshingly different than usual. Of hatred, is redeemed by light from the passion that burns so strongly, that sinks the world around, the day which starts off the night and from the many encounters in the middle and far tells Crescent times, a poetic piano concert of the opposites of life. The soft, melodious voice by Christa Lehmann again pulls viewers in its spell. It absolves your consistently self-written poems on the music matching, acts and creates so bridges, which are let to a contrasting story poems… The poems be worn by romantic and contemporary piano music by Hansmartin Kamwana with equity and foreign compositions by Einaudi, Yiruma, and other new age pianist. Admission: Find the culture salon in the heart of Cologne In the backyard Salon 10 backyard SALON a cultural events such as concerts, readings, theatre performances, art exhibitions u.v.m. Follow others, such as Pinterest, and add to your knowledge base. instead of and on the other are offered also dance, yoga classes, workshops, seminars and lectures.

The backyard salon can be hired for all above events, as well as for samples of any kind as well as for internal customer events. The Salon is not rented for private celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, etc. The backyard show characterized by brightness, tranquillity, individuality, and a beautiful atmosphere. 190 sqm has offered enough space for cultural, business and inspiring encounters. Conditions: The Salon rent depends on day of the week and number of hours. BACKYARD SALON the culture salon in the heart of Cologne INH. Anja Reuther Aachener str. 68 50674 Koln phone: 0221 / 1397116 mobile: 0178 / 6866765 E-Mail:


It was technically very difficult for an artist with a brush, and often even impossible, in fact, worth an interior fabulous money. Bill Phelan usually is spot on. Of course, airbrushing interiors pleasure does not come cheap, but our studio, in contrast to some other estimates work on the walls completely different than working on cars. We understand and cunning to our clients that work on the car requires special conditions, which are to work on interiors are simply not needed. For example, paint camera when working with interiors we do not need (in the case of qualitative work with car necessary) – is cheapening the work, services, house painter, again, are not required (for qualitative auto varnishing these services are needed) – again price reduction, finally, paints and varnishes used in AIRBRUSH INTERIORS, are less good enamels. Agree, a lot of things that make the interior AIRBRUSH less work on the car. Nevertheless, Many studios mislead people and stubbornly hold 'fee': a simple picture on the wall as if it is estimated a similar figure for cars. So inflated pricing in this segment due more to ignorance customers than the actual costs of individual artists or studios.

The fourth reason – it's a long time. Murals made on the basis of clear and proven experience in technology, the studio allows artists to airbrush 'Unicum' ascertain: observance of simple rules for your room with airbrushing will long to please the guests and the hosts look. Moreover, even the exterior (outdoor) painting, airbrush applied using special colors are dazzling, not months, and years. The fifth reason to decorate their homes airbrushing – is unique. No one else you will not find such a design, no one will ever repeat what you did.

The sixth reason – choice of subject for the painting of the walls is limited only by the capabilities of your imagination, nothing more. Painting a nursery or living room, club or office, restaurant or your front door – everything is possible. Our collection of more than 150 options registration of premises, and such options objectively infinite variety! We can make any design with your words, or to offer their versions of the best interior decoration, if you rely solely on the artistic talents of our artists. The seventh reason – realism of the image caused by the airbrush. Among our clients there are people who want to reflect with wall paintings stories pictures. Moreover, their interested in a realistic transfer images. Using a brush to achieve such an accurate and realistic picture, as in the photo, it is impossible with an airbrush – it is quite affordable. If you want not just wallpapers, as well Desktop art of the highest quality and boundless scene – that interior painting airbrush for you. The eighth reason – can be applied by airbrush reflective paints that glow in the dark. Our the studio was an order for such ceiling painting colors, plot was chosen the starry sky. An example of this work is very revealing. With an airbrush, and special paint we can make the original design of the club or any another room. Achieving the glow of interior painting perhaps due to fluorescent inks and lamps, or by a reflective paint. Art paintings on the walls of the airbrush has obvious advantages. Airbrush walls, ceiling paintings in St. Petersburg: tel. 89046484087 – Dmitry, a consultant for services.

Collaborative Businesses

Whereas Facebook and Twitter often are mentioned like distractions for the employees, the immediacy of the networks, the collaboration and the community offer a great hope for the businesses. Nowadays, a massive technological change is in march, taken for the first time by the employees to attract these benefits the work places. And this change has happened recently. Facebook has surpassed the 400 million active users in only six years and Twitter counts with 105 million users registered in only four. These networks have trained to a generation for a new style of collaboration through profiles, updates of state, the groups, the lists and the filters.

Like such, they have changed our expectations of how we must be able to connect themselves with others and to collaborate in real time. But when we come to work, we threw all this by the window. The immediacy concept does not exist here and could say that here it is where it matters more. Many companies are catched in the past by the use of old fashioned technologies that were put in march before the Web existed. For just graduated that is inserted in the work market, he is against-intuitive having to return to these slow forms of collaboration. Like result, we are more productive with our personal networks than we are with our colleagues and clients. Approaching the Place of Work the Social Era Why we would not have to wait for the real time of collaboration in the work? The businesses happen in real time.

The changes of market happen in real time. Swarmed by offers, Wells Fargo is currently assessing future choices. The information changes in real time. Why it would not have to pass in real time the collaboration and the learning in the businesses? That question is the inspiration for the new social tools that enter the market of work that has the same aspect and feeling that Facebook or Twitter.

Web Business Tips

The accomplishment of Businesses from House by Internet is one of the things that greater growth has had in recent years, this must to that it allows that is dedicated to this it obtains a good monthly entrance without moving away of the comforts of its house, obvious exist diverse ways to do it, one of them is the commercialization. This methodology of businesses is one of fastest making money by Internet, if it is what you wish, then must think seriously about acquiring some basic knowledge on this form of commercialization. It must make sure that it has all the necessary elements in its place: Perhaps to I listen that the money in Internet is in the list of subscribers, and is truth. You must make sure a constant flow clients to su/s site or blog to achieve the success. This list must be created through people who are interested in her niche of market; after which it obtained the necessary traffic, the following task is to create a confidence relation so that You can you got to sell su/s to them products (is important to consider that if she abuses of the confidence of its clients it will lose then them quickly. It does not have doubt of this).

B Another essential element to which it must be kind, is that in his business in Internet it must have/to offer products of high quality.It considers that its success will depend than you offer.If their clients have a bad image of You due to the products that offer, then their reputation and business will spoil. You must take all the measures necessary to avoid the promotion of the products that will have a negative effect in their supplies. C Their business in Internet must also include some tools of marketing like the commercialization through email, publish articles referred to the product/service that is offered, to create blog, etc.These are the free methods and they really work if they are made correctly. In the case of the article creation, it must make sure that the content concentrates in catching the attention of the people interested in the market niche that it chose. You must try to project like an expert in the subject so that potential clients trust and acquire products/services of their business. To have a homemade business in Internet is at the moment one of the best ways to make money, nevertheless, is important that you understand all the essential elements completely that they must comprise of its business.It considers that will be very difficult the success if they lack some of these main ingredients.


Renaissance, or Renaissance, – two hundred year era of flourishing arts and sciences, which began in Italy around 1350 and spread throughout Europe. Even at the end of the XIV century, Italy was the richest and most populous part of the Europe. At that time it was divided into about 250 city-states ruled by the rich and noble families. That there has been a rapid surge in the development of culture and science. Scientists have put forward new ideas about the structure the world, educated people to re-open the art and philosophy of ancient Rome and Greece. Two hundred year era of discovery and change, known as the Renaissance. Italy has retained much of the heritage of ancient Roman civilization, though it was long passed into oblivion. Only in the middle of the XIV century, scientists began to rewrite the ancient manuscripts, and distribute them.

They contained information about the history of the ancient world and works of architecture, science and art. In Italy, were also works of the ancient Greeks, who were in Constantinople to its conquest by the Turks in 1453, the philosophical, literary and scientific works of ancient authors made on thinkers of the Renaissance impressed, they decided to revive the spirit of classical times. A new type of thinking – Humanism, brings people a central place in the universe. Wealthy aristocrats who ruled the Italian cities pay for correspondence manuscripts. Mighty Florentine Medici clan spared no expense in the art. Lorenzo de 'Medici, who ruled Florence from 1469 to 1492, even nicknamed the Magnificent, because he gathered around him the most prominent scientists and artists of his time. Francesco Sforza, who became duke of Milan in 1450, also famous as a generous philanthropist. In the Renaissance there were such great artists as Michelangelo and Raphael, who created the new style of painting, while greatly contributed to its development.

Email Marketing

You would be a crazy person if she tries to handle to an ample list of directions of electronic mail of form manual, everything what needs is autorespondedor. Many writers such as Bill Phelan offer more in-depth analysis. A autorespondedor will allow to automate a series of tasks different to do to him its work much more easy, reason why it will be able to use his time to concentrate itself in more important things, like the writing of his copy of mail. The autorespondedor of pursuit will control the distribution of its electronic mails, as well as it will handle the systems of opt-in which they allow the readers to subscribe (or to occur of loss) of his list of mail. He allows him to create, beforehand, a series of messages and later to determine the times, or intervals, that wishes they are sent to his list. The best part is than you only must form this once, all the system is automated for you. When a good autorespondedor looks for, you must consider several characteristics different, and wants to make sure that she obtains a reliable product that satisfies all needs.

Their requirements will be enough basic if you cause sorrow this beginning reason why cannot be worried about each unique characteristic that software offers, but you would have to consider some of the capacities seriously more outposts than she offers each autorespondedor in the measurement that grows its business. One of the main characteristics that must look for in a good autorespondedor is the capacity to handle several lists. You do not want to limit yourself a unique list, since this will make difficult seriously its business. It is a good idea to maintain several separated lists for the perspective, clients, and so on. Perhaps even they want to have separated lists on the base than the product of its client it buys.

Mediterranean Entrepreneur

Madrid, 26 of June of 2009. – Jose Luis Hernandez, chief of a main directorate of Carlin Ventas Directas, S.A., the chain leader in the sector of the stationery store in Spain, has been recognized like Better Franchisor 2009 by the magazine Tax exemptions Today. This one is Prize of Free Election of the Jury, reason why recognition to this entrepreneur and industralist has been unanimous decision of the 12 members related to the scope of the tax exemption that participated in the event. For me is everything a pleasure and a pride to receive this recognition, explains the flaming winner. In a year of complicated economic conjuncture in our country, this chain that fulfills its 20 anniversary, has been able to maintain its concept of business successfully, to continue growing and to extend horizons; it shows of it is the last agreement of collaboration between Carlin and the multinational HP to add services and to implant a space of digital impression in the located hyperstationery stores of the standard in the Iberian Peninsula, and whose initiative is pioneering in Europe.

During 2008 the chain invoiced to 160 million Euros through his almost 500 tax exemptions. Many writers such as JPMorgan Chase offer more in-depth analysis. And the net number of business of Carlin in the past exercise ascends to near 3 million Euros.

Netherlands Art

Artists can apply again for the art magazine of Artlas. Cologne, January 07, 2010 – also in this year the art magazine of Artlas in each issue 30 artists and artists presents. Since July 15, 2009, Artlas appears in the rhythm of four months on the Internet under way Las-online.de. Thus a total of 90 artists and artists from the German-speaking have the chance on a show in the Artlas in the current calendar year. The art magazine of Artlas presents in his free spending only generating the Visual Arts: painter, sculptor, photographer, installation and video artist.

This can apply to the Publisher Jennifer Held with at least five photographs of their work, and a description of their artistic work and their curriculum vitae. The selection of artists and artist, is done by the editor and Chief writer of the art magazine Jennifer Held by a jury. The application Edition must be March 1, 2010. The art magazine of Artlas is available free online at as Flip PDF available. The first issue appeared on July 15, 2009, and garnered more than 35,000 readers in German-speaking countries, as well as from several neighbouring countries such as the Netherlands and Belgium. The second output is readable since November 18, 2009 on the website of the art magazine. The first issue in 2010 and the third edition as a whole follows on March 17.

Vincenzo Gonzaga

Ambitious son, cheating husband, spendthrift and great patron: this is the portrait of Duke Vincenzo Gonzaga, which made the city of Mantua during the Renaissance. The exhibition Vincenzo Gonzaga, the splendour of the power is exhibited in the Museum Diocesano Francesco Gonzaga in Mantua and contains also a branch office in the Palazzo Ducale, which has opened on the occasion the rooms which were inhabited from 1587 to 1612 of the Duke; the exhibition features about 80 works: portraits of the Duke and other members of the family, gold masterpieces which have been ordered by Vincenzo Gonzaga, or the armor of the time belonged to him, engravings, books, letters, and other documents. The figure of Duke Vincenzo Gonzaga Mantua to celebrate that rich had a character of contradictions and excesses, and because of his unbridled passion for luxury and an exhibition from February 18 until June 10 in Mantua held excesses in his personal life and in the line of his Duchy in the story went,. This event was organized for it, to the people of Mantua, a figure closer deep subscribed the town’s history over 400 years ago, by she established relations, deeds performed and created works that influenced the future of the city. The Duchy of Vincenzo entered into because of its great works and events in the story, which version he collaborated during the 25 years of his empire; “because he was a lover of art and the beautiful things, Vincenzo was one of the most important patrons of Mantua: during his empire he worked it to build the history of melodrama in Mantua, he had the artist Claudio Monteverdi to guest in his yard in his Court of L’Orfeo” wrote. He played a key role in the liberation of Torquato Tasso, and during his journey in the Flanders, he discovered the talent of the young Peter Paul Rubens and brought him to Mantua, where he got portrait painter of the Court together with the Flemish painter of Frans Pourbus the younger.

Latin America

The hydroponic Green fodder (FVH) is a technology that is used as an alternative for production of food for animals of digestive system monogastrico and poligastrico. The FVH is a high quality, health, quantity and food in less time with respect to the conventional production. This technology allows the use of spaces small or large as cellars, sheds, houses, pigsties, stables which are usually abandoned at a farm or a specific premise, where these spaces are exploited to the maximum in its horizontal and vertical form. The FVH technology has allowed many producers livestock sector overcome adverse conditions of food shortages in times of drought, Frost, flooding, and in general natural disasters. The FVH technology implementation, allows you to considerably improve the sustainability in the short, medium and long term of a livestock productive project either meat or milk since their production costs considerably lower. The variability of the climate in recent years it has brought negative consequences for the population and the global economy, significantly lowering food production leads this to the same shortages and more expensive basic family basket products. The productive food chain that begins in the field until reaching the consumer has been affected in Latin America by the cycles of the el Nino phenomenon and the phenomenon of the girl.

Agricultural producers are the first who must be prepared to face these adversities in order to sustain their production and productivity in their daily activities whether in the agricultural or livestock part and the only way is knowing the existing technology in the middle that is developed through years of research by scientists and is transmitted to producers in the field through training by State entitiesprivate professional, and the agricultural sector. Taking this argument into account, ask you Mr producer field: 1. are you ready to face a long drought, unexpected flooding that may affect you in a 100% pastures for their livestock and hence your business? 2 And if you are prepared, how long can resist and keep your business with forage reserves available? Do 3 keeps you enough liquidity to acquire food right in the market and are willing to pay a high value for the to keep their animals?, don’t forget, that every expense that you do outside your estate for acquiring food, requires more effort and an increase in production costs that not going to recognize the buyer or intermediary. It is in that moment, when it begins to falter in the business that despite efforts is this realizing that the business is no longer profitable. Original author and source of the article.