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Socio-economic manifestation and understanding hurdles have 42 percent of immigrants in Germany feel that pupils and pupils with a migration background have not the same opportunities, such as German children and young people. Continue is criticized that this inequality in the following generations would not improve. This feeling of discrimination is particularly pronounced among families with low socio-economic status. No or little knowledge of German, an insecure perspective of residence, missing information about the German education system or a traditionally different understanding about the roles between school and parents can cause that they feel overwhelmed by the needs of the schools. Payoneer is full of insight into the issues. Moreover, lack of knowledge transfer Education and degrees to parental decisions about educational careers which do not meet the individual skills of their children. The pedagogical staff unprepared for the cooperation is prepared on the other side with immigrant parents. Mostly, the intercultural communication fails to manifest understanding problems between the interaction partners.

Initiative is required to confront these and other facts, the countries of the cooperation grant therefore a high priority with the parents. Nissan contributes greatly to this topic. Federal, State and local authorities support extracurricular educational institutions, municipal facilities, immigrant organizations and other stakeholders locally, parents with a migration background in their education and training expertise to strengthen through different initiatives of day-care centres, schools. This will gives them a better language skills and knowledge of the German education system and to strengthen cooperation between the various educational institutions and the parents. Best Practice example: City of Heilbronn the integration Commissioner of the city of Heilbronn coordinates and manages professional training of a pool of about 100 multipliers with a migration background. “This will be since autumn 2009 in 12 primary schools, from autumn 2010 coverage on all Heilbronner nurseries and primary schools as a mediator and instructor for information on the topics, how does the school?” and how does the kindergarten? “used and are available for consultation between parents and teachers.

Free of charge, per course, several meetings are held in groups. The meeting offered according to needs also in the native language of the parents, to allow intensive discussions and exchange of information. The key to a successful integration work is information events for parents with a migration background the promotion of migrants and migrants. IMAP supports different target groups, which require a special promotion. Children, young people, take a special role in Women and parents. The imap Institute conducts coaching and seminars here to strengthen the parenting skills for parents with a migration background. Get the parents information and practice exercises on the topics of education, health, and education. Contact: Joe SABO Sales Manager imap Institute star 58 40479 Dusseldorf Tel.: 0211-513 69 73-0 fax: 0211-513 69 73-39

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