Month: August 2016


It does not happen different with the church offers ' ' algo' ' (intangible product) and she needs to elaborate a process and all all a way so that the people feel themselves attracted for it, come its meeting, however is validates to study what these institutions have made to remain themselves in a segment that this each more competitive time and that for many already is characterized as ' ' war santa' ' or ' ' war of religies' '. The religion is something that is present in the society has many years, and for if dealing with something without many scientific explanations it calls attention many, until certain time brings the churches could only be dealt with as white the holy ghost, however, after its division and expansion, this vision was left for, nowadays it is possible to find innumerable denominations, however it exists some that more are known than others, this happens because these denominations if make to be seen in a different way, is this differential that will be presented always looking for to make an interconnection practical-theory. The present work is about a study of case of the strategies of marketing and communication adopted for the religions having as base the evanglica church Snow Ball of Maring. This research has as objective to identify what the church snow Ball is making to attract its ' ' fies' ' , beyond identifying which strategies they are used, is intended to show as they are applied. In the development of this research a revision will be found bibliographical that works questions as: Anthropology; that it has for function to define the basic characteristics and main of the human being, since, this is the greater of the churches well. Marketing where it will have an explanation excellent technique of aspects in an exchange relation, religion, what it is and as it structuralized itself in the way that is seen today.


The MTK determined compliance with the error limits of medical product. Evidence, that exceeded the maximum deviations or the medicine has been significantly modified or influenced, a measurement-technical control must take place. As for the technical safety control exist also for the MTK certain requirements and specifications to the examiner. Bodies that are active in the field of metrology are suitable for the MTK. The testing person must be through hands-on experience and training in the field of metrological control able to properly and proper control of medical technology. Training completed by the investigator of the manufacturer of medical instruments is also advantage. Even with the MTK, the examiner of any instruction may be subject to. Another important condition is that the controlling person in the competent out is logged.

The examiner must have all required measuring and test equipment. A documentation of all findings will take place also at the metrological control. These include the measured values used measurement procedures and the assessment results. The findings must be entered promptly in the medical product book. Are the controlled measurements below the margin of error or they correspond to the reference values, the medical device can be equipped with a test badge. You determine the year and month of the next required inspection date.

Required inspection plate with printed medical valid until “get also in the online shop of the brewes GmbH. VDE testing after Berufsgenossenschaftlicher regulation BGV A3 improper use and wear of electrical equipment in surgeries MTK lead to accidents. In recent years, however, the number of electrical accidents and fires could be reduced. One reason the accident prevention regulations are electrical systems and operating materials”(BGV A3). The medical devices exams before, after a repair, maintenance, or inspection, as well as in the form of regular retries. There are the various electric appliances, which are further subdivided for the VDE tests the practice rooms, waiting rooms and rest rooms.

Lance Winslow

So even if the wave design is a little less exaggerated in the wings of an airplane of savings in the wing tip vortices can be significant and therefore more efficient flight. The design of the hull in this case is a perfect compromise form for efficiency between salt water and fresh water since the two have different densities. Instead of a normal hull designs elegant has designed a hull with odd contours at specific intervals. The peaks were set at 24, 68 meters from the fore with the valley of 44 yards. These same techniques of fluid dynamics occurring in aerodynamics research indicate that while the dimensions were proportional the concept could be used in any length by simply adjusting the position of the peaks and valleys concave convex in proportion to the length of the hull. So if the fins on an A340 or a C-17 is 68 inches, then depression would be 44 inches. As the air flows through the wing up on the wing-let. For the fuselage of an aircraft of the same idea could be used.

And you thought the old B-52 needed to be re-skin just because they have 500 000 TT airframe hours and wavy and worn? N reality that can actually work better than way to reduce induced drag and a slight modification work exceptionally better, no doubt, interesting. If warplanes intake was monitored over this concept? To reduce the fan blade consumption and wear and proper air flow to help produce maximum sustained soft inputs and thrust? The answer is yes. Most likely, the compression and the Bernoulli principle not only help to this effect that allow flow through the air to hug the surface and under the border area. If we realize that such an effect is compressed air at higher level, while allowing it to flow, that information is equally valuable in hypersonic intakes and engines. Tip vortices of wings are so violent and move much air that he had even considered the potential for wind energy to power the runway lights or blue lights taxes. You may want to Google that a recent study that was done. We must look at these ideas airframe and sections of the tail, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles, smart munitions and airships. Is this something that should be taken into account in the 7E7? We know that the wingtip vortices and wake turbulence have sound.

The sound causes a firm, if we reduce the sound signatures of the tops of the stealth unmanned aerial vehicles may wish that the wavy surface? A submarine or UUV would also benefit from reducing the acoustic signature as the security depends on the submarine could not be detected. There is much benefit for this concept to the inside of the engine intake pipe to reduce the damage of harmonic currents of air and increased friction associated with the boundary layer for temperatures. It also makes sense for the exterior of the hulls of submarines, torpedoes, 18 Wheeler trucks, blimps, the nose cone of the bullet trains, blades of the propeller or airframe.