Month: June 2012

Pablo Freire

Acceptable that the professor develops some activity before dessasvisitas. In the intention of one better exploitation in the knowledge in the visits. The professor must give to preference atrabalho that they can be shared with other people. Thus he will be able reuniroutros groups of the proper school, or familiar, in the intention that the pupils to possamcontar the experience lived during the stroll, and what had obtained aprendernaquele moment, therefore second, Heerdt (2003, p.24.), the indispensvel participation to generate a world more just. CONSIDERAESFINAIS Ametodologia proposal and used in the compilation of this work revealed umaferramenta useful for the accomplishment of research scientific – pedagogical, masseu to be able of action is not limited only to this, its necessary use and to deveatingir the most varied fields of knowing. Freire got good resulted to aoaplicar its ideals of freedom for pedagogical ends as we saw in the city deAngicos. Aoidentificar the ways as the education of History comes being ‘ ‘ transmitido’ ‘ in salade lesson, understands that these conceptions must be object of studies for todosos professors whom they desire to act in this area, therefore we take as deestudo source the conceptions of the pedagogia Freireana, that is, the Pedagogia Libertadoraque of certain form works with these trends, where the mission of educadores to prepare the new generations for the world where they will have that to live. Nanossa searches the professor leaves of being the main element of orienting education for sero, together with its pupil to reflect on the knowledge.

oscontedos, the historical sources of research assume a way role and not defim, supplying subsidies to them so that the individual can operate on seumundo and construct new concepts, helping them to exert it of form amplaa more its citizenship, not as mere spectators, but as eativos actor-participants.

Brazilian Society

It is very common in the medias if to hear that the child place is in the school, however, the time that this individual passes in the school is only four hours and half, and the remaining portion of the day? It passes in the projects of the integral schools, to say this is to close the eyes for the truth to the integral schools is a distant reality, since the destined mount of money the education does not obtain to supply the necessities of this project. ' ' Tragically, this model favors a reducionista, established culture in a shortened vision of the life, consumista, exaltando the individualism, magnificando smartest, considering most competent, enaltecendo the competitive spirit and weakening the ideals of cooperation, solidarity and compassion with dismissed sociais.' ' (BOFF, PG62) the school is one of the formation polar regions more is not the only one, still has the religion that through its moral doctrines the character of its works adepts, we have the society that it has on each person its influences individual and as already the family was said. To place the guilt in the education would be much infantilidade, all the others has its responsibilities. The question is of who is the guilt? He is clearly that some guiltier than others, but let us be sincere if we want a true culprit, is enough looking in them in the mirror, all we have in them our parcel of guilt since we close the eyes for the social inaqualities, the abandoned minors, the hunger, the increase of the violence and as many things more than you raise the social problems. ' ' In a mercadamente unjust society, its right is not another thing seno a pillar of the injustice. The Brazilian right does not run away from this rule: the divided society, of the opulence of some and the brutal misery of many is also the society of the civilization and the legality for few and the brutality of the violence without right for maioria.' ' (I MASK, PG31) the quarrel is long since our form of government does not have one social politics that it reaches layers more needed, I am not speaking in alms as the projects of stock markets (Stock market family, stock market school, etc) yes of one public politics that characterizes the citizen for the work market is can support its family with dignity, has other priorities as the land redistribution, financings of the small producers, familiar agriculture, the small trader and as much other sectors that bad are managed.


However, this measure was not enough to cure social estadesigualdade, and with the population growth since then, situaose aggravates each time more. Although the right to the housing to be guaranteed nConstituio of the Country, due to low governmental efficiency to finish with> MST, in which its integrant ones protest invading abandoning public building, deducting, in such a way, the chance of better fulfilment of the serviosprestados ones for the entespblicos, in view of that in related local to poderiamestar people duly qualified to become dynamic more relaoentre the population and the governmental bodies. Although to have one old popular outcry on the problem dafalta of housings and the Brazilian legal system to allow that sejampositivados statutes with intention to facilitate the acquisition and, also, aliquidao of the financings of the proper house for the population of low> income, the cases of borrowers are diverse who are disabled to honor deriving osdbitos of these financings, exactly that if deals with habitations worthy semcondies of housing. This study it has for purpose to analyze possveisarmadilhas that they meet inlaid less in imobiliriooferecidos contracts of financing to the classrooms favored financially. Such traps mainly to sereferem to the concepts technician of the financial mathematics, quesempre are inserted in way not very clear in contracts them operaesentre the credit institutions and the borrowers, what he finishes creating umagrande difficulty it borrower to understand the oscillation in the value of the monthly suasprestaes in elapsing of the signed contract, as well as in relation aoseu debt balance in the final phases of the contract. The clarification of these traps is of interest of grandeparte of the society, therefore innumerable they are the families who pay aluguelmensalmente, as well as that already are liveing in property Yahoo! Babel Fish – Text Translation and Web Page Translation

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