Month: August 2013

European Supercup

All are good news for the catalan after his move to FC Barcelona. He is perfectly adapted to the scheme from Guardiola and not to score goals. With selection also shows his class, he was instrumental in the comeback to Chile. Freed from the tension of a summer of suffering, in the midst of negotiations between Arsenal and Barcelona, Cesc Fabregas has unleashed the moment of her life in a home of brilliant season with goals in all their encounters of Barca and a decisive engagement with Spain against Chile. To Cesc not remaining steps take in summer. In the shadow had done everything to convince Arsenal and his respected Arsene Wenger that restrained to his icon and let him return home, to the team of his heart. Each step backwards in bargaining it felt like a stab. Good finish for their interests gave way to a few days full of happiness.

Since his debut in Barcelona has not stopped mark. In the Joan Gamper to Naples. In the European Supercup against Porto. In the premiere League against Villarreal. It is a footballer capable to shine in several demarcations. He has unleashed his face more scoring.

And he moved it to turn to the friendly in Spain against Chile. He finished the match and after his doublet trained with surrogates on the lawn of the AFG Arena of Sankt Gallen. After showering when he went out to meet the media in the mixed zone for his head even a move gave laps. Instead of leaving happy by what starring, returning to the hotel without removing from his mind the failed penalty kick. It’s so. I have not been the key to the comeback. It has been Andres (Iniesta).I’m happy but not my moment is extraordinary. I find myself well. When these happy always go better things. Now I’m still a bit of preseason.

Farewell Maiden Smoothly

Now that they begin bachelor parties Bachelorette and Bachelor Party, I want to talk a little from the experience I have in the Organization of such events, what to do and not do. Drives me initially to write this article, when they made us an engagement, often stresses us how badly that did the previous company they hired. I am not saying of course with this, that there is no good and serious companies and professionals in this sector, which is luckily. The first thing you have to keep in mind when hiring a boy, a drag queen or a female striper, of course is the price. Than normal, is you may need to move to your town, entails an economic cost, a time of displacement, which sometimes are several hours at night time and of course, the work of the action of the person, which is already wary of too low prices. The policy of some companies or people who are dedicated to this as an extra, consists of giving too low prices so that the customer says Yes and put together several jobs for the area. If this does not It happens, do not come more jobs in the area, are not presented, because that slope more go than what they are going to win and if on the contrary, they have released more work in the area, are presented when they do well and not to the agreed, always based on excuses such as that have punctured the car or something sothe truth is that you are no longer waiting, since everyone wants to after dinner and it is impossible to be in several places at the same time.

With this they have people waiting for several hours after dinner and ruining the party and night. Another thing to keep in mind, is normally to reserve the performance should be a signal to pay, this is done to avoid false calls and that a person incurs an offset and can be found on arrival that one no. NEVER do any payment, if the company or the person who asks you, previously not sent a documentation identifying yourself, that you may know to whom you are paying you and a contract detailing the concept of payment. This also occurs, since most of the companies and people, not delivered contract nor any document attesting that it has hired this service, whereupon, if they meet as well for all and if they fail, then nothing happens. Therefore, another thing to keep in mind is to deliver you a contract, you/you, possibility for a service that you must be like any other service. Thus, my advice is that you cojais companies that submit a logical price to what is this hiring, which you call a number, ask several budgets and thus do you an idea of what it costs to mount the event in your city, and elijais which more I bring safety, first a difference for example 50You will remain with the company that will deliver you a contract that assures you that you will meet and descarteis which offer a price too bargain and that you do not submit any written document that regulates what you are entering into.

Prince Bentesina

Unlike other Semitic, mostly barbarian peoples, the Hittites were a people say cult, to the same level of Babylon and Egypt, other Middle East powers. Taking the city of Hattusa as capital and owners of a hieroglyphic alphabet (then influenced by Assyrian cuneiform) the power of this new Kingdom brought together numerous City-States of very different cultures among themselves thanks to their military power and diplomatic skill. The rise of Ramses II and the Hittite danger the Hittites, unlike the Egyptians were already in the iron age, they were very soon cause for extreme concern for the rule of the Nile. Hittite advances in Asia minor were spectacular. Suppiluliuma I, half a century before, had made great conquests in Syria becoming even to the exotic Kingdom of Mitanni (population Hurrian and amorite) in tax yours.

These great invasions served very soon the new Hittite ruler Muwatalli II, of which very little is known, to have full control of the region. With the death of the Egyptian Emperor Seti I, the people of the Nile saw in his successor Ramses II, the man who removed road the already annoying presence Hittite. Taking on the faraonato, the young new emperor set out to undertake the risky undertaking. This certainly would not be simple absolute. The Hittite people, so skillful Warrior as a great diplomat, had managed to lock defense and cohesion alliances with other Kinglets of the region (of Nahr el-Kelb, Gubla, Arwad, Ugarit, Naharina and Kargamis, among others), forming an anti-egipcia Coalition almost of granite. In addition, they had recently managed to bargain with the powerful Assyrian Empire a cessation of hostilities, so that they could be spent carefully to focus his defense on one front. Ramses, meanwhile, decided to attack with the same diplomatic weapon after gaining the friendship of the Prince Bentesina de Amurru, ally of the Hittites.

Insurance Questions

The last month of June AMV, motorcycle and quad insurance specialist, was invited by insurance, insurance professionals magazine, to talk about the most current issues in the sector of the insurance brokers, especially the rates during 2010 and the new active actors in the sector. 1 Do you think that there is price war on motorcycle insurance? How will prices evolve in 2010? In recent years numerous companies, have joined the motorbike insurance market which has incredibly expanded offer available to the user. The increased competition has not only affected the price aspect, but it has complicated the recruitment of collaborators and/or business. Always the price has been constituted as a determinant factor when making the decision of hiring, but the current economic situation has most increased the importance of setting an appropriate price. The sector has promoted a very aggressive pricing policy with low prices for new production in order to capture to the clients, but when it comes to renovating consumers suffer increases in tariffs.

Since AMV, has sought a policy based on competitive prices for new production, and loyalty to your portfolio. In addition to price, today, consumers are also starting to value to the companies in the sector, by the values transmitted: confidence, closeness, social commitment, etc., what is allowing make great strides and achieve differentiation with respect to the rest of the competitors. 2. In the branch have entered quite a few companies lately, how are living this new competition? At AMV we specialize in motorcycle and quad insurance for 35 years. We were the first to respond to the issue of insurance, since by then the companies did not want to make motorcycles. We launched to the market a company that launched an innovative system of pricing, which contrasted with the rigidity of the tariffs of other companies of the sector, which had no in He has the real needs of bikers, and not differentiated between different types of motorbike or the use that is outside them to give.

Sponsorship Agreement

And is that MMT insurance offers not only insurance cheap car, if not commitment to the national sport, since it has just signed an agreement with Zamora C.F. to offer sponsorship. The collaboration of MMT insurance with sport is composed of a close relationship with the students of basketball and for a year with Real Madrid’s basketball. Similarly sponsors the team of motorcycling which leads Sito Pons and which has Hector Barbera and Axel Pons as pilots. MMT insurance is a company founded nearly 80 years ago by a group of taxi drivers, profession that its current President was dedicated. In 1983 Roman Rodriguez came into the Supervisory Board. He is member of the Board of Directors for about fifteen years and President since four. MMT is the mutual fourth Madrid auto sector and this collaboration with Zamora CF shall be recorded within the plan of expansion to the rest of the country has begun the insurer from the hand of its President.