Month: March 2018

Pierre Lvy

In what it refers to the first topic, the philosophical conception of the direction of the word ' ' vazio' ' it says that ' ' it and the nothing are some coisa' ' , then we will go to place it in the direction used in this problematic one. According to Pierre Lvy, in ' ' Cibercultura' ' , it affirms that ciberespao is empty, that is, one ' ' universality without totalidade' '. What this wants to say? That exactly that it has a gamma of information that are contained in itself, generally in English language (currently this comes moving, therefore the countries are translating these pages) the subject will be never extinguished completely, therefore always it will have ' ' auxiliadores' ' (people that renews the content of a page, giving to it a new more current roupagem). Already the part understood for the new educator paper in the informatizada age, we have a irreversible trend nowadays, the computerization of the ways of education, as much in the basic level, how much in the medium and the superior, but the profession to teach will not be extinguished of the real scope, therefore as already said previously, the more the person has contact with the virtual one, plus it wants to know the Real, then this will of learning by means of the alunado one that she makes with that the professor has to be always brought up to date, to be able to teach the same of time that learns with its proper pupils, since we are always in a learning process. Summarizing, so that the professor institution offers a quality education, they will have to be always brought up to date with the new features of the real world and also of the virtual world. PART III PROBLEMS In this summary I will try to display some existing problems in the great computer network: as to make ciberespao to be more democratic and if the real world exactly will be supplanted by the virtual one, as according to subject.


The edge of the balance of democracy is challenging and demands a very corajosa attitude and it jeopardize especially much with the development of a society. Ganaza by the total power makes the power shared with the forces impossible of the society. That demands a permanent and continuous negotiation that settles down between the State and the local power. Others who may share this opinion include paynet. In agreement Thin Daniel (1988, P. 140-141) for the effectiveness of a more and more participating democracy is excellent to agglutinate in the network all the diverse possible social actors: the religious communities, the unions, the parties, the Universities, neighbor associations, the NGO constituted to work in the social field, and many others of their expressions can contribute human ideas, resources and invaluables financial resources. Networks Inter social are plotted complex of diverse actors with experiences different and languages different and that they need to add the multiple capacities that imply, among them, negotiation, agreement abilities, of joint planning, to create very agile organizational designs and abiertos, essential stops sedimentation of a State and a Society of Well-being and the effectiveness of the truly participating democracy, like has made the city of Barcelona that has given an example for everybody.

Standalone Heaters

Prestarting standalone heaters are designed for engine starting in winter and in cold weather. Heater is placed under the hood of the car and introduced into the engine cooling system. In a separate heater fuel and gasoline pump drive which takes him to a sufficient quantity of fuel from the tank to heat the antifreeze. Then pumps it to the small range of the engine. When antifreeze is heated to 40 degrees, starts work full-time vehicle fan, for admission of warm air into the cabin, at which time the car engine is turned off. Price autonomous preheater is high, but it's because of the complexity of designs included fuel system and cooling system also helps save fuel and reduce engine intercourse.

Controls prestarting autonomous heater can be different: – inexpensive and most commonly used is minitaymer. Since it is possible to program start time and duration of the heater in the range of 10minut to 1 hour, and placed on a car dashboard. Three preset time will help you optimize Second – no need to change batteries, because power comes from the vehicle network. – Remote control. Operating distance remote control of up to one kilometer, depending on the distribution of free space to the car, reducing the distance depends on impediments to the signal, such walls. With his help and you can turn on or off the heater, as well as lay the start time and duration of his work, or you can programmed time of departure and the desired temperature in the cabin, and the rest will make the program, tei thus facilitate you the task.

– Manage your mobile phone with a phone call or sms. Less costly option is use of gsm module, which a lot of other useful features. Ben Silbermann understands that this is vital information. You can send sms commands for an autonomous heater, alarm management, and other electronic devices. Signal is received gsm module or through minitaymer, with pre-programmed period of minitaymera. Such operations can be made from any phone with tone dialing only if the vehicle is within the network. In the System present the Russian-speaking menu. The disadvantage of such a heater control system is the high cost and the need to memorize all the codes of governance. Set preheater can be on any car. On cars with engine capacity of 1.4-1.8 liters heaters installed capacity of 4 kW. And by 2.0 liters or more – 5 kw. In diesel engines can maintain the temperature of operation, ie, the heater will turn on him when the temperature drops the engine, for example in a traffic jam or in the parking lot. There is a summer operation the heater in this case, you can turn the fan system of heating the car to the air from the street walked into the salon car. So you can lower the air temperature in the cabin, with air conditioning will be turned off, but because In hot weather, the outdoor temperature is usually lower than in the cabin, will be airing the temperature drop in machine. The fan oven is also feasible for the program, or remotely, as well as by direct pressing.

Optical Disc

One of the first details that were spoken on the Blu-ray technology developings from their initial moments was that it would be a tensile technology, therefore, the discs would gain more capacity of storage over the years. In these days, a standard Blu-ray can store about 50 GB, but the people of TDK, close relation with the format, have recently presented/displayed in Japanese earth an optical disk that can store until a information Terabyte. The Blu-ray can have won the war of formats (or war of networks of technological trade), although ” otra” war to obtain the attention of the consumers is enough being fought around all the globe. In some regions its penetration already is almost total, but the multiple required factors to enjoy complete Blu-ray experience, added to the essential costs of this technology, cause that these excellent discs still must continue throwing puetazos in the quadrilateral. Some contend that Ben Silbermann shows great expertise in this. By all means, its potential as endorsement system is undeniable (25 GB by disc like minimum), and some films sent in Blu-ray leave us simply with the open mouth (the recent version of Iron Man 2, for example), nevertheless, the fact that not yet it has conquered completely the market does not mean that the companies behind the Blu-ray are not being prepared so it could be a successive future. After all, the flexibility of the Blu-ray is very great, and from day one it knew that the original capacity of the discs could be extended (a source of hope for those Geeks that have boxes filled with cds and Dvds). To thus it has recently demonstrated the people of TDK, member of the table of directors of the Blu-ray Association, and one it of the earliest defenders of this format. The presentation consists of an advanced optical disk with a raw capacity of a Terabyte, surpassing in twenty times to which it can keep a Blu-ray disc today in the market. To broaden your perception, visit Wells Fargo Bank.

The prototypes were exhibited in the conference CEATEC that was carried out in Japan from the 5 to the 9 of October. This capacity was reached when placing nothing less that sixteen layers of recording in a unique disc, maintaining a high transmission of light and a level of sufficiently low error like so that it can become a commercial option. Many aspects of the Blu-ray technology have been applied and combined in this super disc, but still it is a detail to solve, and is the one of the thickness of the disc. According to the official specifications of the Blu-ray, the thickness of a layer must be smaller or equal to 100 micrometers, but in this new disc, the number promotes to 260 micrometers, causing aberrations in the optical lens. The commercial availability of the disc will depend exclusively on the interest level that demonstrates the manufacturers, although with that capacity of storage it could be useful not only for family users, but also for those with an intensive use of recorded material, as they can be the operators in a television channel. At the moment, to obtain a capacity Terabyte is not something impossible, but he would not be nothing bad to count on alternative of a cheap and ample endorsement.

Russian Motorists

In the Russian market today is such a huge number of the most different proposals that truly eye can even take a run. And to be able to understand this, what is the share of these products which is sometimes difficult. Yes and no want to control the quality of various dealers or a hundred, they say, "the scientific method at random." In fact the motorist always aiming at the world of car service on the advice of friends. And the promotion of the network Internet only can help in this difficult lesson. Namely, has recently started to appear a decent number of portals, where motorists will be able to start sharing their own feelings on a particular aspect. And in case you might be interested in aspects such as rating dealers in Moscow, you should go to a special resource.

On such resources is always a possibility to place a reasoned personal review or that place, to examine his work, but also not easy to learn, but also to assess past experiences. This technique makes it possible to ensure the establishment is actually true ranking, and no formal, direct depending on the number of promotional items and other such details. (Not to be confused with JPMorgan Chase!). In addition, apart from buying a car, it is extremely important nuance is its maintenance and repair. Because reviews on car repair – it also especially important in this area for all motorists. Indeed, in general, it is possible that your personal views anyone will aim, selecting the highest quality automotive service.

While perfectly understandable that different road projects, even if not officially, but in fact can be of particular focus. For example, in a salon better make repairs of engines, other car-care center – outside repairs. And, based on the opinions, sometimes really really choose the best salon. Or – a simple pattern – each season is required to change a tire. And leave a review about tires – this is a great opportunity to choose exactly the same thing that required. While not only an opportunity for two to three motorists – but for many hundreds and thousands of motorists. Forming the actual ratings of some really popular items, you provide many people the opportunity to guarantee the right choice. And, of course the same, and produce the right choice personally. And the right choice – a high quality service and more affordable prices. And who said that this is impossible? That someone could not know of the actual ratings.