Month: June 2013

San Juan

3. That _ is not what I mean. _ Will be sued every time that they have not complied with the laws. _ The doctor who were looking for wasn’t there. _ I learned that it was fake. _ Do not realized that already it was late. _ That day had the certainty that we win. _ She told me of that will not participate in the ceremony.

That way _ was that he escaped. ________________________________ Fue en ese where everything happened. _ That night was that it I was presented. _ She is the front of our. _ She is behind me. _ I was at the front of you.

4. More never again _ do. More _ no one has brought anything more. _ More none arrived that night. _ When will they come from? _ For what you want it? _ Do you why protest? 5. The film _ is boring middle. _ My friend was half unhappy. _ They are dishonest media. _ They ended up so much noise disturbed stockings. _ Is a person very prudenta. _ 6 Does now you you said what happened last night? ________________________________ Eso no satisfy the teacher. _ I satisfied your response. _ Never satisfaci their curiosity. _ Yesterday translate the story. _ Do not conduciste very well that day. _ The US induced to commit the offence. _ The car slowed down, stopping several meters below. _ Discussed the issue, reaching an agreement. _ There will be many surprises. _ There were many floods last month. _ There were more than 100 people. _ Two years ago went to San Juan. _ Was made several hours. Marta was _ is. _ Keep it if you want to, because do me not lack. _ Will do it if you cooperate us. 7 _ That week there were several activities in order to collect funds to help the danmificados of Arraijan. _ That was a meteorological that we would never again presenciar.___ phenomenon had many people who slept outdoors. _ Do not there is difference between these two objects. _ Do not believe that there is time to go to the tiatro tomorrow. 8. The mendigo _ acting with humility and was very polite; the millionaire was a man very greedy and full of pride. _ Should explain in detail the metamorphosis of the sapo.___ 9 tomorrow I have exam, so I must study. _ Must be asleep, because the lights are off. _ After the March explained to students prejudice that will cause to the environment the installation of highway. _ 10 Still have not found the card. _ Three are the projects to develop. _ Were many activities to perform. _ Drawn up according to what was told. _ Do not acted according to what is established. _ 11 Go where us envien.___ not is the farm where big iremos.___ non was sad, if not you get sick. _ Do not participate but want to. _ Not wine that does not pudo.___ why not come? _ This is the pencil so he wrote it. _ Original author and source of the article.

Abdomen Abdomen

It is very common to see in gyms impacted people doing abdominal and all kinds of exercises for the abdomen. If you ask them, they usually have these two goals: lower belly or mark the abdomen. Today, more than show them different types of exercises for the abdomen that exist I want first to clarify the error more common which all these people make, or rather commit (I also was wrong) when seeking to achieve any of these objectives based on, say the abdominals. We must understand that the belly or belly is one thing and the abdominal muscles quite another. We can be doing abdominal all day, 100, 200, or that we are capable of doing, and without a doubt, will strengthen our abdomen, even, we will succeed in the squares or as commonly say: an abdomen of laundry, but nobody is going to see! If before we have not removed the belly or fat that covers it. So is!, we must understand that developing the abdominal muscles is one thing and burn abdominal fat, another.

To burn abdominal fat, or delete the belly it is therefore necessary that we adopt a regime dietary fat burner, do exercises well balanced aerobics that work large muscle groups and learn to carry them out correctly, this is the first step to eliminate abdominal fat, belly. Once you have managed to adopt the best regime food burning fat that suits your needs, and that you have a good plan of exercise aerobics, fat burners also, then, you can begin to work to have a flat or marked abdomen. Of course that these processes do not have to be different, you can start to work your abdomen at the same time you’re burning fat, will no doubt get more faster to your goal. Exercises for the abdomen, focused to flatten your abdomen or mark your abdominal muscles and that they are, in short, must be accompanied of a nutritional regimen and a fat burner exercise plan. I hope I have helped to better understand the process. Original author and source of the article.