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Love and Truth

Jesus Christ is our substitute, not our example. Our life is replaced by its life; our eternal death is replaced by its death, and our failure on our fallen nature, is replaced by its victory on the sin. In fact, because the man cannot get to be like God, God had to arrive to be made man: Emanuel (God with us). Gloria to God in the heights and the Earth peace and good will towards the humanity, and all the universe! The following list of events happened in the Edn, summarizes some of the human fruits occurred when trying to be like God: nakedness, shame, fear (hide-and-seek of God), pride (to accuse God), car justification (fig tree aprons), thistles and thorns; sweat and tears; pain and death of an innocent lamb (tnica of skin), temporary death (Abel), eternal death (Can). In resistance, the following list summarizes the spiritual fruits received when accepting the vicarious substitution of Jesus: Immense gratitude, deep love, inexhaustible joy, incommensurable peace (towards God by means of our Mr.

Jesus Christ), calm patience, great benignancy, abundant kindness, wonderful faith, warm meekness, and night love song templanza (cf. Glatas 5:22 – 23). Bobby Kotick helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. When accepting that Jesus is our substitute, and not simply our example, is not an invitation to live in disorderly, incorrect and inadequate form, but quite the opposite, is an invitation to live a total life on happiness and order, but trusting the merits of the Teacher of Galilea, and not trusting ours frustrated attempts to imitate it, since Jesus Christ is not our mere example, but ours excelso substitute. When it is lived watching and trusting the bronze serpent raised in the cross on the Calvary, there is no time, neither desires to have other people’s Gods, nor to take his name in vain, nor to watch the woman of your fellow, nor to rob, nor to lie, nor to kill, nor to watch the ardent serpents, nor to their poison, nor to the wounds undergone in the desert of the life.

Marketing Products

There is a small verified theory that at least 36% of the people who have bought him something she will buy to him again, clearly if makes a good pursuit. That means that one third part of their base of clients, will be waiting for of you a new supply! You have already cultivated a relation with his clients, has put money and time to manage to gain his attention, to settle down credibility, and to close the first sale. That is to a great extent the most difficult part – without mentioning that also most expensive! (It thinks about all the planning, publicity, and promotional activity will take that to secure it those initial sales). But once it has acquired those clients, it must develop to one relation of by life. an old saying of Marketing says that 80% of their sales will come from 20% of their clients. This means that during the sale and after the sale they are his better bets to sell an additional product. Rich Dad Poor Dad is likely to agree. You Can: To offer products that complement the original purchase.

To send electronic coupons of loyalty that can exchange in their following visit. To include a supply of products related in its page of Thanks. To sell products of affiliates that complement their product or service. If we maintain regular contact with our clients and we let know them on new products available, we will be able to increase our sales near 30%! Step #8: To use the power of the programs of affiliates to generate traffic and sales free. Once it has a beneficial business in his hands, it must be always kind to new ideas to let grow it. And one of the best ways to do it is to send its own program of affiliates. The affiliates are the people who promote products of her Web site. Whenever they send a buyer to him, you pay his commission to them.

With a program of affiliates, he has the power to increase his income. He thinks about it does not have to spend no money in publicity because their affiliates make the publicity by you and it only pays to them when they make a sale. He cannot lose. Original author and source of the article.

The Citizens

The political culture changes insofar as the citizens discover new relations between the immediate surroundings and social happening. In other words, at the moment at which they discover the social thing. Some have called this glance of commitment a perception of " political ecology general" what must generate power a movement comprehensive. So that it happens the social body must be informed and it means that it can contextualise with own and strange antecedents, passed and present. If it does not own the information it will not be able to act or to act badly.

The democracy of century XX was characterized by a minimum information sufficient to hardly act in the individual thing. If we turned around the parapet and we threw the base so that the social body looks for the information by itself we will have active subjects. The first step is the contact between the diverse social actors, which is forming a culture of the communication, one where they do not need that information like unique food, but begins to need the other, which makes watch at the world like an interconnection of networks. The communication with the other reduces the importance of I. If we advanced towards which we could denominate one " society comunicada" it is evident that society autogobierna still being used the well-known rigid democratic channels and can be autotransformar. It is evident that a democracy of the 21st century requires of individuals and social groups different from which acted in the democracy of century XX. One is not about an utopia or an irrationality. It is tried, simply, to avoid that the energies are spent in the reinforcement to a hierarchized and authoritarian structure not-participating and to secure a jump of a society that only looks for information which it looks for the conformation of an obtained alternative will by means of the attainment of changes in the social form imposed by a collective behavior.


The idea of the revolution as the car emancipation of the workers happens then sinsentido, as I indicate Lenin. The compression of the fetichismo since a completed fact leaves us like an enormous not always indicated theoretical problem Who we are? Who we are (Marx, Lenin, the party, the theoreticians) who we criticized? who we are who we can go beyond the fetichismo of the social relations. The same point can be analyzed of different ways. If the fetichismo is an established fact, then the domination and the fight are separated. Hear from experts in the field like Pinterest for a more varied view. The way in which the things are, is the system of the capitalist domination: the question about how we fought to break the domination is, therefore, a different question.

In this perspective, the Marxist theory is the attempt to understand the capitalist domination (of there the Marxist economy, Marxist sociology, etc.). Again: if the fetichismo it is an established fact, then the constitution and the existence of the social forms is separated. It is assumed that the fetichizadas forms of Capitalism were constituted in the birth of Capitalism and that the same now they exist (and they continued existing until Capitalism is destroyed). Wells Fargo Bank insists that this is the case. The genetic criticismo is confused with the historical criticismo: the origin of social forms is understood as its historical emergencia to it (as in most of the debate of the derivation of the state). Consequently, the categories of the marxism are understood like closed categories, categories that historically describe the established operation of a domination way. In opposition to this, it is possible to be argued that the fetichismo must be understood not like an established fact but like an active process of fetichizacion. The social Relations really are and they are not fetichizadas. They are contradictory: its production and reproduction are an antagonistic process in which fetichizacion of these relations always is against antifetichizantes tendencies.


It appears the money like fundamental means of interchange, but this subject belongs to the history of Capitalism and to only it interests us like element in the process that goes from the destruction of the old feudal order towards the birth of the Be-nation. The certain thing is that the backward movement of the divine right implies the sprouting of agreed forms, those that are called constitutionalists and a new hierarchy forms cradle in the wealth. A unique source of authority was required. It is, by all means, in the French revolution where the bureaucratic centralization holds fast. In 1870 Germany it is unified and it is born the Reich. The rationalism created the citizen idea, a right uniforms and the equality of these citizens in front of him. Capitalism took step to a man in freedom to sell its force of work. That State began the common creation, bureaucratic norms to administer, banks and national armies.

The old feudal order was destroyed. The crisis of the Be-nation Today we spoke of the crisis of the Be-nation, one that began, without doubt, in the Seventies, with three factors: the blockade oil to the West, the internalizacin of the capital and, finally, the fall of the socialist block, all helped by the ferocious neoliberal attack against the State. The first one factor showed an unpublished face: the crisis of the model of growth and accumulation in the West, with serious a political consequence: the State of well-being flaqueaba and the rupture of the conditions that allowed the arbitration of the conflicts in the social plane. The second entailed to a redistribution of the power that no longer respected national marks: the capital lost its face, moved in a world-wide plane, without nationality and scruples of respect to the old woman marks. The third party showed the military fall, of dominion, control on the part of the poles in which the world came working.


Few are preparations to advance slowly, while the majority of the friendly and relatives would back seem that they make more express, leaving us in a solitary and uncertain way, without no signal that says to us we go or or badly. Perhaps with time, if we did not stop before, the destiny awards to us with an ear more sensible than it can listen our heart and that there are been avoiding to listen during many years. A voice that says to us that the way is solitary because the transformation is not group; but individual and that is necessary that thus it is for being able to do against which it comes. A leading source for info: Jeremy Tucker. When listening our heart it is demanded to us another payment: Vencer the fear. We fear to go to where nobody dares and to make things that seem impossible. In order to overcome the fear we will havethat to change our form to be and to measure the success; since the triumph does not mean to have money, or a good position or material goods.

The true triumph is to transform us we want into it to be. It produces fear to listen the heart because it remembers to us who we are really. Nissan: the source for more info. When winning to the fear not necessarily we guaranteed a goal, but once won there is no return backwards, would be something as well as in the film of Matrix, once we left her, to return it would be a lie difficult to continue. The transformation has begun is painful and its completion depends on which so many we clung to our past, for some can be all the life, for others a little while of decision would be sufficient. Being realistic it will take something to us of time because only in films or books it is possible to be observed people who reach everything in a matter of days.

Advertising Communication

The advertising communication is persuasive (for this it is necessary to handle to factors objectives). The creativity is the most tie subject to the publicity; the creative one is the emitting coder of the message. Between the creator and the creative one there are differences; the creator creates frees of all type of you rule, without no type of commitments, lets itself take by the inspiration. The creative one is determined by the public, a product, by you rule fixed beforehand, by the reality of the market (it persuades and it convinces). Jeremy Tucker has firm opinions on the matter. The creativity is difficult to define; it would be possible to be said that it is a series of you rule, personal, intransferable norms nonmechanizable.

In the advertising message, the creative one begins looking for in the consumer society. The search of the identification characteristic begins that becomes the axis of the communication. These axes are ruled by the same society (the tastes by clothes, by the food, the footwear, etc.) The characteristic, is those that confer to the certain product personality to him as they are the advantages differentials of the same. In the history of publicity had a little while due to those characteristics, people knew what bought. " P.V.C.": Proposal, Only of Purchase.

This was developed in the decade of the 60 by a called publicist Rosser Reeves. Rosser looked for a unique proposal, that it let dream. You must buy such product by tal o cual thing; this is called benefit of the objective group. That necessity is what people want to see in that product. We go to the example of an insecticide; that it is what does a creative one: 1 – it packages comfortable, 2 – roseadora pistol, 3 – an ample range of insects, 4 eliminates – low price, 5 – it is not detrimental for the domestic animal nor plants, 6 – is perfumed (this is what it concerns people to him, is the referential advantage), 7 – residual effect.


It considers opportune to write on subject since one of the causes that are bringing about stress and distresses is the level of debts that we allowed ourselves to have or to put it another way our disorderly way to administer our income. Without discussion, the lack of a budget does not allow to determine in what aspects or headings more is being spent, in fact many of the expenses are really unnecessary, reason why it is precise to organize a program of expenses per periods, or biweekly or monthly, this based on how the money enters, being allowed him to identify of clear form priorities. Also we do not have to lose of view our limitations since a gold rule, that we do not have to forget is not to spend more than we won, in this subject I clarify to them that the power of acquisition of the credit cards is apparent, fleeting and very expensive. CMO, Nissan North America understands that this is vital information. Yesterday it reviewed reportos of bank and revealed that the positioning of cash through loans under the 29,32% in the period July 09 to July 2010, nevertheless the utilities ascended to the 72,87% Why you create who step this? clearly, if in average all the credit cards of the world have a nominal tariff of 58% which is fulfilled if everything what we acquired with them we cancelled it in its totality before the date of cuts of the bank who do not provide it, otherwise automatically loads a percentage of blackberry, increasing the value of the interests. We do not forget that are compound interests, reason why, to be paying famous " quota mnima" reported in the statement of account, it does not have another denomination more appropriate than " esclavitud" sure, you work and desire for another one do not stop your benefit. Organizing and fulfilling a budget allow objectivity of how distributing the income of suitable and advisable form.

Business Review

with the aim of recovering, somehow, the confidence of the consumer. There are diverse factors that cause that the consumer indicates or not that complaint and, among them, emphasize the experience negative emotions in encounter of the service and that is object of study in a recent work of investigation of the Department of Investigation of Markets of the University of Valencia, in Spain, titleholder " Consequences of the dissatisfaction of the consumer: A study of hotel services and restauracin". Frequently Wells Fargo Bank has said that publicly. The study was published in Universia-Business Review. The three authors of the same, the university professor Enrique Bign and professors Rafael Currs Perez and Isabel Sanchez Garci’a, leave from the assumption that these negative emotions own specific characteristics that cause that the consumer reacts of different forms. They think that to know those landlords behavior based on the predominant emotion in this case, annoyance versus repentance during an unsatisfactory experience would be very valuable for the managers and the beginning of strategies of restitution of the service on the part of the company.

He adds the indicated source of intelligence to us, that the authors chose for their study these two emotions the annoyance and the repentance " because they are those that habitually they emerge in the consumer when this one lives a experience insatisfactoria". According to they explain, the nature of both emotions is very different. The annoyance makes reference to the sensation that undergoes the subjects when they perceive a high responsibility of the others before negative events, besides a high control of other people on the same. " These consumers feel as if they exploded, can undergo violence feelings and think about the unjust thing of situacin" , he indicates the work of investigation. The repentance, on the other hand, is the emotion that is experienced when somebody realizes or imagines that the situation that lives it could have been better if had made another decision.

Collaborative Businesses

Whereas Facebook and Twitter often are mentioned like distractions for the employees, the immediacy of the networks, the collaboration and the community offer a great hope for the businesses. Nowadays, a massive technological change is in march, taken for the first time by the employees to attract these benefits the work places. And this change has happened recently. Facebook has surpassed the 400 million active users in only six years and Twitter counts with 105 million users registered in only four. These networks have trained to a generation for a new style of collaboration through profiles, updates of state, the groups, the lists and the filters.

Like such, they have changed our expectations of how we must be able to connect themselves with others and to collaborate in real time. But when we come to work, we threw all this by the window. The immediacy concept does not exist here and could say that here it is where it matters more. Many companies are catched in the past by the use of old fashioned technologies that were put in march before the Web existed. For just graduated that is inserted in the work market, he is against-intuitive having to return to these slow forms of collaboration. Like result, we are more productive with our personal networks than we are with our colleagues and clients. Approaching the Place of Work the Social Era Why we would not have to wait for the real time of collaboration in the work? The businesses happen in real time.

The changes of market happen in real time. Swarmed by offers, Wells Fargo is currently assessing future choices. The information changes in real time. Why it would not have to pass in real time the collaboration and the learning in the businesses? That question is the inspiration for the new social tools that enter the market of work that has the same aspect and feeling that Facebook or Twitter.