Month: October 2023

Language Holidays In Italy

Study Italian in Italy in Tuscany Italian in Italy to study is the fastest and also most exciting way of learning with guaranteed success. Language holidays in Italy give the opportunity to put the language into practice immediately. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Citibank has to say. Also, constant listening to the language on television and on the radio, on the road, in the restaurant or in a Cafe contributes to optimal deepening of the voice. Taking an Italian course in Italy, is also an artistic and historical experience. Further details can be found at Sort, an internet resource. The concentration of artistic treasures is so high that you could call the whole country confidently as an open-air museum. It is estimated that 60% of the world’s greatest art treasures is accumulating on the Italian soil. This is a record which no other nation can boast.

The historic region of the boot is without a doubt the Tuscany. It is considered not only the cradle of the Renaissance, but also that of the Italian language. Thanks to the works of Dante, which were written in the Florentine dialect, the dialect was gradually in all Italy as a “National language” by. The cities of Pisa, Lucca and Florence are home to the world’s largest collection of artistic masterpieces the Istituto linguistico Mediterraneo is a renowned Italian language school in Tuscany, in Pisa, the city of the leaning tower and Viareggio, a beautiful town on the coast of verlisianischen. Since 1981, the school offers the possibility of holiday language programs and specialist courses, such as the preparations for exams for the University and combination courses from group and individual, suited especially for those, who wish a vocationally oriented Italian people from all over the world. In addition, the school offers a selection of art and culture courses. The Italian courses are recognised for the German educational holidays. For detailed information: Istituto linguistico Mediterraneo via Cesare Battisti N 3 56100 Pisa Tel: (0039) 050 500399 email: contact person: Rossana Filippeschi article posted by: Agathe Manetti