Month: June 2015

Analytical Methods

A scientifically informed leadership style analysis, carried out by the Berlin INQUA Institute of coaching and personnel development, brings the strengths and development areas of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, to the point. The federal election is around the corner and everyone is talking about our Chancellor. We took this as an opportunity to analyze the leadership of Angela Merkel with the high profiling ‘s biography-analytical procedure. Summarized on the main evaluation revealed the following priorities in the guide profile of Chancellor: the leadership of Angela Merkel is characterized by a value-conservative, Protestant puritanisches worldview. Their leadership is characterized by loyalty, discipline, commitment and humility.

In terms of the Protestant ethic, suppresses emotions rather, accepted authorities as God-given, less spur innovation, preserves existing. The Chancellor has many strong leadership skills. It is performance-oriented strong communication, disciplined, loyal and modest. Angela Merkel reported open about their experiences in childhood and later experiences in the interview sources consulted for the analysis. While she stays in a while colourful portrayal, but she herself occupies a critical reflective position on these stories. Sense of duty and commitment are above their own needs. This attitude can affect negatively on the one hand on their work-life balance. On the other hand, she will meet their employees with a high expectation as an Executive.

The here presented assessment of leadership competencies is based on the evaluation of published interview sequences, where the Chancellor about their own leadership experiences from their own parents, told from their past. Through an interdisciplinary team of experts, hypotheses about the expression of Angela Merkel’s leadership competencies were based on this text after a scientific process of qualitative social research formed. The method is based on the assumption that human thought and behavior patterns arise from our history and manifest themselves in mostly subconscious core beliefs, values, and beliefs. According to the way in which we talk about their own experiences, and draw conclusions on our social behaviour can be connected. This is seen for example, if Mrs Merkel tells of her childhood. After an illness, she had to stay another three days in bed and eat water slime. “You interpreted this not very cordial education form in the following ways: what was necessary was with all his strength also pulled through.” (Muller Valenzuela, H., 2004: Angela Merkel.) My way) here is clear, as is a belief in childhood later reflected many years in Mrs Merkel’s leadership profile. The complete analysis is available at the following link ( tl_files/inqua/dokumente/Merkel_Analyse.pdf) available. (Dr. Martin Hammed, InQua Institute of coaching and) Staff development, Berlin)

The Planning

At the same time, he emphasizes that even a subject like the encryption must not necessarily directly cause mammoth projects. We recommend a course of action in manageable steps usually rather”emphasizes the mikado consultant. In any case, persistently wide public discussion to the security challenges of the Internet seems but to have brought movement in the planning of security projects of the company significantly. Like the 36 percent of the companies that currently increase budgets for this purpose, each seventh significantly. No more money should indeed inserted in every fifth case be, but for the project priorities should be changed and adapted to the new situation. 21 Percent of the surveyed Security executives see no current pressure to act, and every fourth Mittelstand company has not decided yet whether and how it will react. Search results: Do you feel your company as a potential target for digital economic espionage? you highly 51% restricted 16% rather No 21% can not clear 12% (n = 302 SMEs about 25 million; Source: mikado ag) companies must respond to the systematic listen actions of the intelligence services now generally through stronger encryption? Yes, a short term necessary consequence is 22%, but without actionist measures 39% only when actual industrial espionage threatens 14% more encryption is little help 25% are in your company through the new known threats additional budgets for security measures available to set? Yes, to a significant extent 16% Yes,. with reasonable volume 20% no, but project priorities are changed 19% No, no acute pressure to act not there is 21% still held 24%

Supreme Court

Schrempp no insider information was to behold. Only in the decision of the Supervisory Board of 28 July 2005 this would have arisen, which by the Daimler AG but immediately released. This decision, the Supreme Court had lifted and remitted to the OLG Stuttgart in 2008. Then the OLG in a second proceeding came to the decision that at the earliest the decision-making of the Executive Committee of 27 July 2005 is inside information subject to the publication of. It is decisive whether the future event which has seen here by the OLG Stuttgart in the decision of July 28, 2005, was sufficiently likely. Single intermediate steps were not significantly and therefore not taken into account. The German Federal Supreme Court again has stayed the proceedings and submitted to the Court of the European Union (CFI). Because it is crucial for assessing whether intermediate steps must be considered in a temporally extended procedures.

Since 13 WpHG, which defines the concept of insider information, is originated as a Union policy, the intention of the European legislator must be considered. It was necessary therefore to clarify the question, whether a future fact when precise information is, and whether one can assume with reasonable probability, that this circumstance will occur, or whether proceedings stretched intermediate steps, which already exist, can be precise information within the meaning of the directive. The Court of the European Union has decided that also circumstances in an infected process may apply the directive as precise information in order to. Then, the BGH in implementation the execution of European colleagues has lifted the second procedure and remitted to the OLG Stuttgart. The conversation between Prof. Schrempp and the Kopper, the Chairman of the Board is already on May 17, 2005 to therefore as information subject to publishing. It is valid for the OLG Stuttgart now to check whether the required course relevance was WpHG 13, so, to what extent the public announcement was likely significantly to affect the price. It can be summarized, that with information on the whereabouts of Board members carefully to be addressed must and in case of doubt, public disclosure should take place.

The link of the operation with future events is crucial. Here, no overwhelming likelihood is more needed, but the Supreme Court, requires only that is to be expected rather occurs as with a lack of General experience. A failure message may constitute to a compensation for damages according to 37B WpHG otherwise. Bundesgerichtshof, decision of April 23, 2013 – II ZB 7/09 contact: Bernd rechtsanwalts GmbH Wilhelm-Weber-str. 39 37073 Gottingen phone: + 49 (0) 551 495 669-0 fax: + 49 (0) 551 495 manages the Bernd rechtsanwalts GmbH with locations in Dusseldorf, Gottingen and Hannover 19 and represents companies, initiators, financial institutions and investors in all aspects of economic and capital market law. Focus in particular the concept of capital market products and here on the corporate and project finance, Creation of prospectuses as well as the financial services and capital market law, in particular in connection with the enforcement and defense of claims and disputes with BFin.