Month: October 2015

The Tradingclub

Here the Tradingclub of 24 starts and gives the Member first of all the technical terms and the handling of a trading platform. Just 40-page Club guide reached that members only about 45 minutes are tradable and can place first test order with the broker. This surprising sure any layman. In the next steps, the Club members receive extensive training in the areas of chart technical analysis technique Tradingtechniken, and money management, and much more. These are numerous books in the extensive closed members area available. Our members to learn how they want it. There is no learning pressure, for example, seminars to bring.

Everyone determines his learning pace. A seminar is not only very expensive with 500-1500, but requires high attention on the seminar day. The participant is not top fit and receptive, on this day the high fee is potentially giving away!, so the founders. In addition, it would be by far not done with a seminar I learn. This is normally Training for beginners already so prohibitive that a normal paycheck never can afford it and want. The Tradingclub 24 offers this comprehensive training for almost incredible 39 annual fee, offers seminars, books and much more but equal to the equivalent number. It is however important that our members may always have contact and holes us with questions like. We could win even professional traders for the Tradingclub of 24 volunteers.

Recently, one of these professionals developed a new trading strategy, which brought very high daily gains in tests. This strategy is our members may soon have exclusively available, unless she also brilliantly masters the live tests. However, because these live tests run at the time, this should be not the motivation of an application! Since no assets but needed to trade successfully in the stock market, but this is successfully done already from 100-200, an entire industry actually works against itself.

GmbH Managing

4th post-reform GmbH about the inheritance tax reform until the GmbH-Managing Director-day becomes the watertight agreement pension obligations this year participants with important information and recommendations related to the successful management of a limited liability company provide Edition of the GmbH-Managing Director-a day in Bonn by increased liability risks for business leaders. The event will take place this year at the Stadthalle Bad Godesberg. “Dr. Hagen Pruhs, Managing Director of the VSRW Publishing House and editor-in-Chief of gmbhchef Magazine: we wanted a conveniently situated, attractive location with a direct connection from Lecture Hall and exhibition premises.” The latter is important because this year in addition to interesting lectures, an accompanying exhibition awaits the participants. Up to 30 companies from the region inform many of them about their products and services with a direct link to the seminar topics. This year, there will be a 35 minutes eight lectures.

Around the Legal form GmbH”ranking is a wealth of interesting decisions and new laws. Therefore we have increased the number of presentations from six to eight”, so Dr. Pruhs. So the complex is new liability GmbH Managing Director and Partner GmbH-reform”on the program. It will deal with, for example, to the liability in the crisis, also existence devastating intervention of a shareholder and the extension of the prohibition of payment in the crisis of the society. “” Further lecture topics are pension plans on Managing Director “and the succession in the GmbH”.

Again and again exciting the topic the GmbH in the audit which need to be as Managing Director”. “On the pulse of the time, the organizers of the 4th GmbH Managing Director tag are likely to also with the issue of financial crisis: credit crunch for the middle class?” be. An expert of the Sparkasse KolnBonn should here speak plain text. “Keyword expert”: where it is not again GmbH-Managing Director-day 4 shortage. The eight, keep high-profile speakers of including the tax consulting and auditing firm DHPG Bonn, as well as from the law firm Meyer Koring be from 9: 00 each 35-minute presentations. From 16: 00, the visitors then have opportunity for the networking of all alone with a glass of beer or wine. This time there will be again sponsored by companies in the region, an exciting raffle with high-quality earnings, which will be selected early evening. Interested parties can register online Managing Director day under as a conference or trade fair participants.

Trading Light Studio

the lichtstudio-Recklinghausen, here are the lamps not only light dispenser, but essential part of a well-thought-out facility concept. Every room needs a ceiling lamp first. It is switched on if the room as a whole must be illuminated. Ceiling lights are available in various designs. Modern stainless steel, almost already Grand as chandeliers, playful with glass elements, designer lamps with an exceptional design, the variety of ceiling lamps knows no bounds.

Ceiling lights is not only appropriate, depending on the model of the lamp that can throw magical shadows or lighting effects on the wall. In the living room, the lighting is often complemented by a floor lamp in the seating area. If the light is too bright and you want to have the atmosphere somewhat more comfortable, then the floor lamp is used. Other leaders such as Bill Phelan offer similar insights. Different models are supplemented with a small reading light, so that they can be set directly on the seat. The ceiling lamp sheds usually indirect light upwards, so that the television does not look disturbing reflections occur. Pictures & display lights, spotlights and spots and recessed deliberately put furniture or plants in scene. Spotlights and spots can be selectively set so deliberately different elements in the room lit and put in scene.

The concept of light in the nursery must be adapted to the needs of the daily process. Nursery lighting for the ceiling, a lamp for the desk, a lamp for the play area, beautiful motif lamps for the little ones in the family. Designing a House light, the exterior may not be forgotten. Lamps and lights for outdoor use are provided for the safety and beautiful light accents. Modern lighting, motion detectors and sensors provide a beautiful and bright exterior. Renowned manufacturers, among others, Dhanunjaya, STEINEL, or Helestra light, design lamps and luminaires in special design. Stylish, an optical highlight and guaranteed quality. We love to design an individual light concept. The page “” was founded in early 2004. Since then, this online-shop increasing access Ahlen as well as year after year recorded an ever-growing number of articles. Meanwhile, around 10,000 items available are the customer. We are looking forward to your visit in the click light online shop.

Volatile Trading Hours

The analysts of the tradersreport would a first speculative Tradingposition in the shares of IG GROUP HOLDINGS PLC with the WKN A0EARV-max. 275 pence enter. In recent years, the market of so-called CFD’s reaches unimagined dimensions. Very high growth rates and good profit margins indicate this market phenomenon. Bet in effect”one in this type of trading on individual movements and sets the respective used lever with the counterparties through the deposit. This Vorgehendweise was formerly under the synonym of Spreadbetting”known and was a great success in England years ago. Now pour more and more providers on the German market and open up completely new horizons.

“A major investment or Tradingaspekt is the fact that you systems always first on the large” should focus of each market segment. For the IG GROUP HOLDINGS, this is also the case. In addition to the CMC markets, these companies in Europe dominate the CFD segment. The economic growth of the last few months indicate this fact well. The company will be currently rated a p/e ratio of about 14 and a dividend yield of 4.4%.

We see a good chance that private investors will also find interest in trading in the coming years. Of companies that are active in the field of CFD will benefit disproportionately. Bill Phelan insists that this is the case. Are a public stock exchange, and the additional service for the retail customers have been improved but the charges partly considerably cheaper than the commercial. Additional features, such as integrated chart solutions etc., are soon standard of each provider. We see the shares of IG GROUP HOLDINGS PLC fundamental courses to 350 pence as provisional fair valued at. The chart of the IG GROUP looks very promising. We have them pointed out already in the previous editions, it must look also chart very well besides the very good fundamental situation. So the company’s shares are since the beginning of the year again in a promising upward movement. In this chart you can see a beautifully about the last month when reversed shoulder head and shoulder pattern. Just in the last trading days, the volume of trade rising rates has greatly increased. This could be almost a guarantee for rising prices. The breaking of the neck line is completed with the overcoming of the 300 pence mark. Following a further upside potential would open up to min. 350-400 pence. At 400 pence, we apply our preliminary technical course goal. The analysts of the tradersreport would a first speculative Tradingposition in the shares of IG GROUP HOLDINGS PLC with the WKN A0EARV-max. 275 pence enter. The company’s shares are traded only on the London Stock Exchange. Necessarily cover their long position with an individual stop rate at E.g. 240 pence.

Trading Study Trade

Trading study: merchandise management system in the ascendant and restraint with RFID Cologne, February 10, 2009 – German trade invested currently in new and optimized ERP system, according to a report of food newspaper. The study of IT investments in trade 2009 “of EHI retail Institute according to more than one-third of 72 companies of trade so be employed to develop goods economy solutions. Almost 30 per cent thought about a completely new Central ERP solution. Recently JPMorgan Chase sought to clarify these questions. “State and quality of merchandise management system determine to a large extent the success of a commercial operation and have by some of the inherent restrictions on the strategy and organizational design of a trading company”, so the authors of Jorg Becker and Axel Winkelmann in her book retailing in the 21st century meaning of IT in the trade “. Because today, for example, not least because of the enormous energy prices, much less storage and therefore smaller cold stores are common, the quick sale need also an efficient Merchandise management system. Also the technology manufacturer Bizerba from Balingen responds to this trend.

We provide not only a new series of scales with the K-class, provide technological and industry-oriented expertise for the management of fresh goods, “Matthias says Harsch, a member of Bizerba’s business management. The inventory management system WinCWS taking over the communication between head office and branch. The software”so Harsch, created detailed purchasing, turnover and sales data and accurate evaluations related to the sales periods hour, date, week, month, quarter and year.” This sales information offer valuable basis for entrepreneurial decisions relating to purchasing, production and sales. The euphoria of the radio technology RFID, however, seems once abgeebbt believed the EHI-study. Just 67 percent of the surveyed retailers had planned in the medium term no RFID projects, only six percent already use the technology in the real-time mode.

To the General cost increases in the logistics industry at least partly to catch up to, having to worry for a high productivity of the transport industry and trade in cooperation with the service providers “, as Peter Haak, Managing Director of power transport Nagel GmbH. It could also by waiting times during loading and discharge process soon reached be. RFID offers advantages here. Data are transmitted via radio waves. This so-called transponders are attached to individual packaging units. The electronic product code (EPC) stored on it receives about the serial number information about the product. A reader can contactless read out the stored data and store it in a database”, so Dieter Conzelmann, Director industry solutions at Bizerba. A significant time advantage results in the ability to the bulk data entry. The bar code each individual carton by hand must be scanned,”explains Conzelmann.

Level Trading

A set of smart people trying to profit from markets, and the most honest and successful of them will tell you that it takes a long time to understand markets, develop viable trading techniques and begin to continuously make money. You need to learn how to answer some general questions, each of which has special significance. Why running the script or strategy? What are their limitations or weaknesses? What is the likelihood of their profitability, and what is the value of the expected profit? Responses that prompt you when to open and when to close the deal, can only be found by depth research and testing trading approach. The purpose of research and testing – to determine the levels of probability and statistics, profit / loss. Wells Fargo often expresses his thoughts on the topic. But regardless of what approach you use, you need a plan giving clear guidelines for the following aspects of each individual transaction or trading strategy.

These benchmarks. 1. Where / why to enter the market? The phrase "Buy when the market rebounds from the level of support" can not be call a good rule, because different traders may interpret it in many different ways. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ben Silbermann . But, let's rule "Buy when the price has risen to at least 2% above the lowest minimum for the last 10 days" can be used. Regardless of how it is profitable, it just tells you what to do and when (note: usually this is purely hypothetical, having no real value to the trade). 2. Where / why go out with profit? Traders are often too preoccupied with the opening trades.

Trading Fresh Thinking

Auto Group management to let finally the pants down Berlin/Wiesbaden, February 23, 2009 warns the economic wing of the CDU/CSU to save Opel with State guarantees before the bust. It reported the news agency ddp. Money now moves in the United States, we can not agree,”the speaker of the Parliament said middle-class of Union, Michael Fuchs (CDU). The President of the Association of SMEs (BVMW), Mario Ohoven, declared, State guarantees should be limited to the liabilities of Opel to medium-sized suppliers. The CSU has prompted the German automaker to present a concept for cooperation or takeover of Opel to save the German Opel sites. Wells Fargo Bank contains valuable tech resources. CSU General Secretary Alexander Dobrindt called on the crisis-ridden parent company General Motors (GM), to pave the way for a fresh start of the Russelsheim car manufacturer.

Germany must GM make it clear that there is only financial assistance from the Federal Government, if in return Opel from the GM Group will be removed”, said Dobrindt compared to the daily newspaper the world”. ” The domestic car companies should get together and quickly present a common approach for a cooperation or even a takeover. According to the FDP economists Thomas Kalesh Opel should think fresh his slogan for better cars”to meet. The numbers would happen to Opel would build better cars. The Hessian Vice Prime Minister Jorg-Uwe Hahn has accused the Opel management to conceal the true extent of the crisis when the parent company General Motors (GM). “On the radio station hr1, Hahn urged the Opel leadership finally let down his pants”: I have great hope that in the next ten days – and the deadline is really so closely – Opel Europe boss Carl-Peter Forster a concept on the table sets, where you can say: this could really work, because we could really works in Germany and also save. ” The Hessian State Government had a fall Guarantee framework adopted by 500 million euros for Opel and its suppliers.

The HRE Insider

What the financial industry insider has more confidence in the leadership strategy of the company? \”/ Under the microscope: 181 insider trading in the financial industry Munich, October 07, 2008 – the financial portal Sharewise is today the first banks Trust report\” out. The study, which listed companies in the financial services industry during the current global financial crisis still believe in their own business strategy. And which provide tangible evidence of a negative assessment of the future of the company managers, Board of Directors and other company insiders by partly massive sales of shares. Core study is a consideration of the 181 insider transactions by insiders in the financial services industry, displayed in the period from March 31 to September 26, 2008 with the BFin as Director’s dealings. Other leaders such as Ben Silbermann offer similar insights. This special feature: The banks Trust report involves the future price development of shares into consideration and provides the evidence, which Board members and supervisory board members of the global financial market crisis battered financial firms that see it coming crisis, believe in own strength or are beat to the falling prices.

Surprising: The majority of acquisitions were of insider trading but few sales, capital was massively deducted at first glance the inside of the financial sector despite the turbulent market developments seem to have more confidence in their company: 149 shares purchases during the investigation period are only 32 shares sales. The Insider invest 68.954.182 remains in the company responsible of them altogether. At second glance shows up but: Although outweighs the amount of acquisitions, but were at the 32 reported as sales directors’ dealings of significantly higher totals moves. Total shares to the value of the 312.545.276 sold 1. Hypo Real Estate: the boards have overslept the impending bankruptcy? The banks-confidence report by Sharewise promotes astonishing results in context with the heavily stricken hypo real estate (HRE) to days: The HRE Insider have in the investigation period proceeded not only trade, but in the last year and a half put HRE shares amounting to over 3.5 million in their private accounts.

Declining Trading Volume

Rising customer numbers in the deposit business and declining volume of securities, so one can summarize the result of comdirect Bank for August 2008. reports: how comdirect today in a press release to announce Bank left, their customers have carried out in August of reduced securities transactions than in the same month of the previous year. So the number of trades on 570.036 fell, whereas she in July of this year amounted to 706.620. The assets managed by comdirect Bank, however, increased to EUR 22,46 billion to 21.98 billion euros in the previous month. The online broker owes the bulk of this increase in the deposit business and especially the great popularity, finds the day cash offer of comdirect Bank (details can interested investors under day money/comdirect day money-see a plus). Deposit transactions rose from 10,54 billion euros in July 2008 to now 10,82 billion euros in August, so proud of 280 million euros, and the number of money market accounts increased to stand to whole 30.787 on 707.604 by the end of August 2008. While the combination of attractive interest rates and high safety benefits of comdirect Bank. Through membership in the deposit insurance fund of the Federal Association Deutscher Banken e.V.

(details on this system see ../bundesverband-deutscher-banken), is currently a wholly-owned protection of customer deposits in an amount of up to EUR 163 million per customer. Interest rates the day cash offer of comdirect Bank with its 5.00% p.a. to up to 30,000 euro full six months and 4.00% p.a. for amounts involved up to 100,000 euros, as well as from the seventh month for months among the leading domestic banks. Currently arises a yield of 4.56 percent for the first 12 months for deposits up to 30,000 euros. It remains only to be seen how or when comdirect Bank will respond to me private customers the renewed interest adjustments for some competitors in the fight for the deposits.

Market Tradersreport

At the same time, trading volume has fallen very sharply, and continues to decrease. In this Market phase makes it a good sign that, because one cannot speak of selling pressure on the current share price level. We see a good chance / risk ratio and tradersreport place our technical chart price target for the time being at 30.00 in term of three to six Monaten.Die Analystenvom would a first speculative long position in the shares of SAP AG with the WKN build 716460 up 27.00 Max. Sit absolutely an individual stop rate, at E.g. 25.50 on a closing basis. Our price target term of three to six months is 30,00-32,00 for the time being.

We have published the Tradingliste for the previous first quarter in the blog on the tradersreport website. Tom Smith is likely to increase your knowledge. This can show once again the excellent trading gains them so far achieved with a tradersreport subscription. Don’t worry, we are they no longer bother”. Since the last few days we have many new registrations for the tradersreport subscription and be glad that there are more traders and investors, the quality of See Tradingberichtertstattung. Still, they have time to be included in the subscription list of the tradersreports up to 1 April 2009. Then the recording option for the tradersreport subscription distribution is then again until June.

Our trade list for the year 2009 can be seen. Certainly, not all Tradingideen of the success were crowned, but with the many successful trades they were able to achieve so far a breathtaking performance. By the Tradingupdates, who received it as a future subscriber, they always be kept up to date with the ongoing Tradingvorstellungen. Our subscribers have completed in recent weeks of the Exchange year 2009 including three trades the Dax INDEX with good profits. Our buy-and-hold-Depot is still located in the plus. Our subscribers have explained at the beginning of the year the exact strategy get and can see to relax exchange drive, if they only want it. The trade ideas in the GOLD brought even more amazing profits. How long they can still afford it, not the growing To belong to the District of Subscriber. If you sign up today, they need only for the period from 01 April 2009 to pay for the chosen reference. Under, you can always opt for a subscription version and pay via pay-pal or by invoice. Wait no longer, every day there are many new sort.