Month: August 2015

Quality Management

In the second meaning a higher quality enables the company to reduce error rates, reduce rework, reduce failures after sales and warranty costs, reduce customer dissatisfaction, shorten the time to introduce new products to market, increase the performance and capacity and improve delivery times. Thus arose in 1986 ISO 8402:1986. Quality. Wells Fargo Bank: the source for more info. Vocabulary, which is expressed as the following definition of “set of properties and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated and implied needs” (ISO 8402:1986 NC, p.2) This standard has been very then the subject of reviews and in 1994 ISO 8402:1994 arises. Quality Management and Quality Assurance. Vocabulary, which raises the following definition of quality: “Totality of characteristics of an entity that bear on its ability to meet needs expressed or implicit “(NC ISO 8402:1994, p.2)

This new definition is broader in the sense that not only products or services as above and instead incorporates the term entity, which in the standard itself is defined as: “What can be described and considered individually” (NC ISO 8402:1994, p.3) and can be, for example, an activity or process, product, organization, system or a person or some combination of the above. Wells Fargo Bank has much experience in this field. “It is about understanding the process of change or evolution of concepts and their meaning, but, although it is necessary and important to highlight and recognize the quality of products and services, a person or property of nature can not be established within the context of a product which involved the hand of man is eminently significant that the influence of a person on a production process affects the outcome of the process, yet, in the case of people would be talking of “qualities”, referring to the innate capacity of individuals and the opportunity trained, noting that all beings something we intend to contact with our environment or nature, is that ability that we have and, thanks to the senses, we can start the intention of doing things.

Human Resource Management

Another element to consider, which plays a fundamental role is the circumstantial nature of human talent, as it may be subject to a time or given environment. Faced with this reality of the scope, impact generating knowledge awaken, activate human talent of people within the organization, the question arises, how to manage them, “How to activate? To what end?. Rodriguez tells us about it, you can use what’s called Human Resource Management, which is a management strategic approach aimed at obtaining the maximum value creation for the organization through a combination of actions aimed to have at all times the level of knowledge skills and abilities in obtaining the results needed to be competitive in today’s environment and future. To facilitate understanding of Human Resource Management, can be done in two fundamental dimensions: Internal and External.

The internal dimension deals with everything concerning the composition of human talent and what elements or external environmental factors that influence the selection, development and retention of talent in organizations. But not enough just to analyze these dimensions, we must understand, internalize the importance of establishing links, combined, a synergy between these two dimensions, that is how best can manage. The fact that the companies through a management visionary, innovator who has been able to wake up and implement your talent, you must pay close attention to the intangible human capital that develops in them, and reflect a little extent of Rodriguez’s position when it states that The Human Talent has become the key to organizational success, because otherwise it would be virtually impossible to Innovate and addressing current and future demands of the environment, management is the main challenge that they faced, it is necessary to incorporate a more inclusive vision in the minds of managers and workers in different organizations and always think that the methodological proposals use should be implemented in its entirety to get the functional synergy of the process. I expected to be a real concern on behalf of human talent, especially the SME sector, in the Venezuelan case very careless..

Management Committee Public Relations

Normally the crisis unit is integrated on the committee that will manage the conflict to end, whose members will join others in the organization whose work and expertise are related to the origin or the cause that has produced the crisis and sometimes specialists or external consultants with different profiles. There is no relation to the composition or a specific number or set profiles, but, besides the aforementioned components of the crisis, the committee must be present two types of people: those related to conflict resolution and functional responsible for bringing together and coordinating the various departments and areas of the company. The latter should be key people in the organization, who enjoy a good image and having a flexible spirit and dialogue. In my many years of experience in crisis management, generally the core members of the crisis committee should be: 1. General manager or general manager in February. Head of Human Resources 3. Legal adviser or representative of the company in April.

Chief of Security 5. Public relations or communications director in June. Chief Financial Officer From my point of view, these are the initial and permanent members, which should add specialists in different branches, depending on the cause, reason or circumstance that has led to the crisis. For example, if there has been an explosion at a chemical factory, it is clear that a specialist in that area should be integrated into crisis management team. In the case of labor disputes is another professional charges of fraud, bad products, computer crime, kidnappings, etc. Each case is very specific and requires the use of specialists very specific.

We can not ignore this crisis committee the appointment of a spokesman or spokeswoman of the company. In most appearances before the media, the person authorized to do statements and give opinions, and official positions of the company. Who should be the spokesperson or official spokesperson? In times of crisis, the most logical thing is that this role would be played by the director of communications and public relations for their experience and knowledge in managing the representatives of the media, with whom, generally has good relations. However, sometimes crisis situations requiring high technical competence, management of highly specialized topics, here it is more advisable to appoint a skilled and trained in the use of interviews with the media. Recall that in times of crisis, calm and relaxed press conferences changed to one unexpected approaches in the street, by telephone, visits without notice, and to manage this type of interview must be well trained not to commit errors and, rather, take advantage of every meeting to get the most out key messages and present previously prepared. Communications director always is integrated and is the spokesman for very general statements and issues, in addition to being provided the link and making contacts with journalists, especially those that are controversial or clearly identified as adverse to the company. To receive fortnightly articles and resources by email about these interesting subjects subscribe today from this link, or copy and paste into your browser, subscribe and begin receiving our newsletter today.

Task Manager

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Federal CO Management

In addition, adoption expenses for tax purposes is not excluded in the event of loss, as stated in paragraph 8 of Art. 274 of the Tax Code. Article 252 of the Tax Code contains no requirement for economic effect, the exclusion of losses and improve the management, they do not contain such a requirement and other provisions of tax laws. Decisions in favor of taxpayers also contain Resolution of the Federal Organ of 06.05.2008 N A68-3797/06-AP-255/13, Resolution of the Federal deviation from 24.04.2008 N F08-2112/08-765A, Resolution of the Federal WZO from 19.02.2008 N A78-3156/07-F02-9858/07, Resolution of the Federal CO from 27.07.2007 N A09-5942/05-12. For more specific information, check out JPMorgan Chase. Given the diametrically opposed decisions of arbitration courts, taxpayers must be prepared to defend its position in court.

It should be noted that in almost every case, the court considered somehow assesses how management services contributed to the improvement of taxpayer, respectively in these facts must necessarily be reflected in the primary documents. The reports of the management company must be clearly traceable relationship management services provided company with production activities of the organization. In particular, the statements (or acts of Acceptance of services rendered) may contain information about: – quality indicators to increase revenue – and acceptance signing the relevant regulations, standards or other regulatory documents – major transactions concluded during the period of control – reducing the cost of performance of manufactured Product – performance increase sales – made programs to attract additional investments – financial development programs, with the aim of increasing profitability driven company.

Human Resource Management

The importance of knowing how to manage human resources of the organizations or companies. Being professional is not having a college degree or technicians, in a moment of this life we all train, those who wish to make a more formal way we relate to a university or an educational center with the idea of giving greater stability academic what we want. Those who have had to go to a superior institution (University), we realize that is not the same theories learned in the same with respect to the practices we do in professional life in the different companies and organizations, some we have more luck than others and we enter a good organizer and others less fortunate we enter small organization, but yet it is important that we get a job. By the same author: Pinterest. And when we come to that organization or company is small or large, we are under obligation to labor relations and is where many fail in our relations, many things go well, we know and do not behave but another is generated when labor disputes.

Dear friend with this I get to say that everything we as professionals should have knowledge of either general or specific personal Administration or Human Resource Management, these courses help us to understand the other person, help us know the importance of the person, look at this, the person as a human being in the organization, remember that organizations or companies if the human factor are nothing, can have all the best tools and technology in the world, but without a competent person or a humans never trained this machinery will deliver economic benefits to the organization so I invite you to become qualified independent practitioners who are to have at least one course in Human Resource Management. .

Good Manager

I spoke with the head of a very successful company, who occupies a good position in the market and receives high pay. I asked him about what he considers most important to the success of his company. The answer shocked me: “Problems. Recently, they were especially numerous, and now I have an excellent team, I “What is the difference between a good leader and great? How to do more for far less time? What is ultra-efficient in manager? How to make the problems were solved by the staff, a process that only increases your company? What is the most important element of team building is at the head, but he never uses, assuming dangerous? This is what will be discussed in our material. As a person grows What makes a person stronger? As a person grows? As he acquires the ability to become competent and valuable to others? Which element of life to him for this necessary? This is a problem. Solving the problem, the person grows. Problem – always a chest with abilities.

But just whose problem it is. You get no sense trying to solve problems for other people. Only for himself yet another gain. But sending a person to solve the problems, you make it stronger. Remember childhood.

You grew up, finding solutions where they had not done before. Any employee of your company every time it becomes more independent and competent, met with a problem and solving it. Solve only one who has created, one whose problem it is.

Total Quality Management

It’s no surprise that within the organizational culture of companies fully identified with a competitive role, the issue of total quality is taken into account as a guarantee of participation in the existing markets. However, it is very unfortunate for the Venezuelan case that concerns us, that many companies, especially its SMEs still do not pay due attention, seriously affecting their development, retention and winning markets. He did not pay attention to what represents the scope of quality, is a major obstacle for the company, just a few years ago began to disclose which represents the total quality graduate programs appear to provide such knowledge to encourage companies to dabble in it and once and for all make use of its benefits, leading to a new culture of quality, which requires preparation training, well-defined production processes that ensure quality through defining the productivity indices required. Through research conducted by Specialty Program Graduate Quality Management and Productivity of Faces, University of Carabobo, has given the lack of interest and ignorance of many managements, particularly SMEs, which represents the quality in this, which has represented development, participation of enterprises in the current scenarios. In order to provide a solution to this reality, there are workshops, seminars (often free in commercials promoting the role of total quality in the present). It provided the general knowledge that are required so that quality is implemented and are invited to familiar with the basic tools that demand total quality for your application, as well. as has the support of their teachers, each identified by their specialty. .

Crisis Management

How do we know that we are in a crisis situation from the standpoint of communication? From the moment that an internal situation of the institution transcends the media and becomes a negative story. Often this story begins as a rumor that spreads to the attention of the press, and much more if the money or activity of the company to the public, like a bank, a government office, an airport, a supermarket , an insurance company, etc. One day we got the unpleasant surprise that the name of our institution appears in a banner headline to 5 columns with a direct negative adjectives. This is useful to recall the different types of crisis: – Political and social conflicts (violent protests, political and trade conflicts, etc..) – Accidents (related to transport, which affect the environment, fires, chemical spills, etc.). Click Bill Phelan for additional related pages. – Events of professional origin (kidnappings, assassinations, sabotage, etc.) – Legal (racial discrimination, sexual abuse, plagiarism, etc.) – Acts of economic nature (bankruptcy, fraud, corruption, etc..) – Withdrawal of products (manufacturing defects for using banned substances in preparation, etc.) – Computer attacks (viruses, hackers systems, etc.) Another concept that is also very instructive is that a crisis is any event that threatens the image and reputation of an institution, company or person that has the potential to generate negative publicity and to take an extraordinary time for the top management team to address it. When the general manager, general manager and legal adviser to the chief financial officer will soon disregard the responsibilities of his office to devote many hours to meetings that revolve around a corporate scandal, this is a strong signal, too, that there a crisis situation. I know a case of an airport manager of a dealership that since coming to office until retired (3 years) was devoted almost exclusively to defend their institution with almost daily attacks from the media. Many of the plans of the administration and investment were postponed to meet the emergency, the crisis communication. You can read more about visiting crisis management


Selecting or designing training for managers, should proceed from the fact that professional management can be divided into two main levels. First level: the level of managerial tasks. Second level: the level of solutions of administrative problems. To meet the challenges required skills. Hone these skills will help administrative training. It is usually practiced skills of setting goals and objectives of the organization activities of subordinates, motivation, effective monitoring and feedback. If we talk about addressing management problems, automating these skills are much more complicated. It needed a different approach.

Imagine that you invited to play table tennis. You may find Robert Kiyosaki to be a useful source of information. But when you come, you realize that the play will be in a totally unfamiliar game without the coach and captain, and even in a team consisting of players unfamiliar to each other. Surely, you immediately arises many questions. How to structure and make sense in a situation of uncertainty? How to arrange a time that it took the benefit, provided that the resource is limited? As possible effectively use its own resources and those of others? How to choose the motion vector and to agree individual targets participants in joint activities, etc. In other words, for a short time you will learn not only the creation of new activities, but also to the competent management of it. Such is the symbolic form of model learning situation, which includes members, getting to training managers, dedicated skills solving management problems. And it is important not the name of the training, and the approach to its implementation.