Month: August 2015

Management Committee Public Relations

Normally the crisis unit is integrated on the committee that will manage the conflict to end, whose members will join others in the organization whose work and expertise are related to the origin or the cause that has produced the crisis and sometimes specialists or external consultants with different profiles. There is no relation to the composition or a specific number or set profiles, but, besides the aforementioned components of the crisis, the committee must be present two types of people: those related to conflict resolution and functional responsible for bringing together and coordinating the various departments and areas of the company. The latter should be key people in the organization, who enjoy a good image and having a flexible spirit and dialogue. In my many years of experience in crisis management, generally the core members of the crisis committee should be: 1. General manager or general manager in February. Head of Human Resources 3. Legal adviser or representative of the company in April.

Chief of Security 5. Public relations or communications director in June. Chief Financial Officer From my point of view, these are the initial and permanent members, which should add specialists in different branches, depending on the cause, reason or circumstance that has led to the crisis. For example, if there has been an explosion at a chemical factory, it is clear that a specialist in that area should be integrated into crisis management team. In the case of labor disputes is another professional charges of fraud, bad products, computer crime, kidnappings, etc. Each case is very specific and requires the use of specialists very specific.

We can not ignore this crisis committee the appointment of a spokesman or spokeswoman of the company. In most appearances before the media, the person authorized to do statements and give opinions, and official positions of the company. Who should be the spokesperson or official spokesperson? In times of crisis, the most logical thing is that this role would be played by the director of communications and public relations for their experience and knowledge in managing the representatives of the media, with whom, generally has good relations. However, sometimes crisis situations requiring high technical competence, management of highly specialized topics, here it is more advisable to appoint a skilled and trained in the use of interviews with the media. Recall that in times of crisis, calm and relaxed press conferences changed to one unexpected approaches in the street, by telephone, visits without notice, and to manage this type of interview must be well trained not to commit errors and, rather, take advantage of every meeting to get the most out key messages and present previously prepared. Communications director always is integrated and is the spokesman for very general statements and issues, in addition to being provided the link and making contacts with journalists, especially those that are controversial or clearly identified as adverse to the company. To receive fortnightly articles and resources by email about these interesting subjects subscribe today from this link, or copy and paste into your browser, subscribe and begin receiving our newsletter today.

Good Manager

I spoke with the head of a very successful company, who occupies a good position in the market and receives high pay. I asked him about what he considers most important to the success of his company. The answer shocked me: “Problems. Recently, they were especially numerous, and now I have an excellent team, I “What is the difference between a good leader and great? How to do more for far less time? What is ultra-efficient in manager? How to make the problems were solved by the staff, a process that only increases your company? What is the most important element of team building is at the head, but he never uses, assuming dangerous? This is what will be discussed in our material. As a person grows What makes a person stronger? As a person grows? As he acquires the ability to become competent and valuable to others? Which element of life to him for this necessary? This is a problem. Solving the problem, the person grows. Problem – always a chest with abilities.

But just whose problem it is. You get no sense trying to solve problems for other people. Only for himself yet another gain. But sending a person to solve the problems, you make it stronger. Remember childhood.

You grew up, finding solutions where they had not done before. Any employee of your company every time it becomes more independent and competent, met with a problem and solving it. Solve only one who has created, one whose problem it is.

Total Quality Management

It’s no surprise that within the organizational culture of companies fully identified with a competitive role, the issue of total quality is taken into account as a guarantee of participation in the existing markets. However, it is very unfortunate for the Venezuelan case that concerns us, that many companies, especially its SMEs still do not pay due attention, seriously affecting their development, retention and winning markets. He did not pay attention to what represents the scope of quality, is a major obstacle for the company, just a few years ago began to disclose which represents the total quality graduate programs appear to provide such knowledge to encourage companies to dabble in it and once and for all make use of its benefits, leading to a new culture of quality, which requires preparation training, well-defined production processes that ensure quality through defining the productivity indices required. Through research conducted by Specialty Program Graduate Quality Management and Productivity of Faces, University of Carabobo, has given the lack of interest and ignorance of many managements, particularly SMEs, which represents the quality in this, which has represented development, participation of enterprises in the current scenarios. In order to provide a solution to this reality, there are workshops, seminars (often free in commercials promoting the role of total quality in the present). It provided the general knowledge that are required so that quality is implemented and are invited to familiar with the basic tools that demand total quality for your application, as well. as has the support of their teachers, each identified by their specialty. .


Objectives of the management audit The annual management audits, covering all critical areas, AGN defined the following objectives: Establish the extent to which the entity and its employees have amply fulfilled the duties and powers assigned to them. Determine if such functions have been implemented economically, efficiently and effectively. Determine objectives and goals proposed silos have been achieved. Determine whether you are conducting, only those programs or activities authorized by law. Provide a basis for improved resource allocation and management of them by the body. Improving the quality of information on the results of the administration of the entity that is available to policymakers, legislators and the community at large. Encourage the management of the entity to produce processes to provide information about the economy, efficiency and effectiveness, developing goals and specific measurable objectives. Evaluate compliance with laws and regulations applicable to government operations, as well as plans, standards and procedures. Determine the extent to which the agency and its staff monitor and evaluate the quality in its services as the goods purchased. Audit and report its opinion on the financial and accounting statements, as well as on the degree of compliance action plans and budgets of state enterprises and companies.

Task Manager

The keys will not respond except to enter an unlock code, all that is called the Task Manager, a screen magnifier, appears behind this banner. When you press the power button on the computer first rolled banner can be seen running program, but stop off the machine, is no longer possible. Booting in safe mode leads to a blue screen. Alternatively, only to find the code that is not so rapidly spread on the Internet, or remove the banner handles that now, and draw. You'll need: working computer. Disk image Alkid Live cd & usb. Program is to mount and burn CDs.

So, download the Download trimmed Alkid Live cd & usb 137.50 Mb us, this is quite enough, or if you do not hurry, you can download the full version. Alkid Live cd & usb (10.06.2010) Full 437.84 Mb This is a bootable disk with Windows pe, which enables us to load on your machine and enter the registry. Extract the image from the archive and burn it to cd. For those who do not know how to burn image to disk. Downloading the software UltrISO unpack it in a folder and run the file UltrISO UltrISOPortable.exe In the catalog: find the folder where you unpacked the disk image file with ico. In my case, this folder WinPE_USB, in the File name box, click on the file extension ico, in my If the file is MiniAlkid.iso

Digital Entrepreneurs

For example, when the competition box is empty or there is very little competition, it may indicate us several possibilities: If you have many searches and has no competence quite possibly us is indicating that it is too general for that then the We use as a keyword with which to attract clients, but also could tell us that our niche has great potential to succeed. If you have a high competition, may be telling us that there are many people working with that niche finally also exists the possibility that this niche is to exploit or Google does not have enough behavioral data and as entrepreneur Digital we must be attentive to this. But really we should take into account a joint and comparative study not just a term, but several related to the same niche that interests us. Is there a specific number of global searches that we should give as correct in finding our niche? We said earlier, there is not really a number we can give as positive, since we should take into account many variables. For example: should bear in mind if the niche that we decided to dedicate ourselves is one of our products.

If so, the number of searches on many occasions, should not be decisive There is not a single word that defines niche, therefore it must be sure always find all the relevant words in that field and make a comprehensive study of all of them. It is very important to be a Digital entrepreneur before determining if that niche is valid for us, among other formulas, we make a detailed study of all terms related to that niche or at least the most relevant. I hope that the article has been useful and of interest. Chicoaceb Lopez specialist and apprentice in Marketing and international trade.

Analysis Entrepreneurs

BIBLIOGRAPHY Caland, 1992, Jim Carland: Doctor highly respected and known internationally in the fields of psychological type and empreendedorismo. The Index of Empreendedorismo Carland is the result of years of extensive research in empreendedorismo for drs. Jim and JoAnn Carland, internationally recognized specialists in this area. Each item in this evaluation has been scientifically validated as a necessary measure of the enterprise unit. The test it is based on the premise of that an entrepreneur is a person who is searching a company who leads to the accomplishment of some personal objective, wants if she deals with auto-satisfaction, she rewards financier, or some combination of these. The Index of Enterprise Carland is the only one measured validated of its type that evaluates and classifies enterprising potential. It will go to foresee with precision, established in its personality, capacities and tolerance to the risk, where you would be more comfortable as an entrepreneur.

All the business-oriented entrepreneurs have a life and a personal life, what it makes with that entrepreneurs different is where if to balance these two lives. Some entrepreneurs to entirely place the value of its existence in the success of its company. Others place a great respect in its personal and familiar lives on its businesses. All the entrepreneurs are in some place between these two extremities, and knowing that the information goes to help you to understand which accurately the level of envolvement of the companies who you need to have success in its chance of business. Jakob Nielsen, respected Consultant, guru of the usability, Celebrity for many of its concepts of usability. Many argue the optics of Jakob Nielsen, ' ' defender of usurio' '. 1 Pupil of the Course of Analysis of Systems Web – Fatene -. 2 Pupil of the Course of Analysis of Systems Web – Fatene – 3 ISO 9241 – the usability as of easy learning, easy memorization Specifies and low tax of errors.


To be industralist is not just like to be enterprising. All the entrepreneurs are not industralists or want to be it. All the industralists have not been or want to be enterprising. An entrepreneur owns a special creativity, enjoys shaping an idea from zero and he feels motivated to create new things, is that one that dreams about its projects, but the abilities and competitions necessary to manage suitably a business do not comprise of the package that an entrepreneur brings with himself. When it is sent to create their own company puts and it into operation and sees that it does not work to them as they dreamed entoces leave the project, they look for to yield it or to sell it or look for a person handles who it she removes and it ahead. They have the ability to drive the boat but it does not stop to construct it and to remove to almar it. The industralist buys a company, a settled down good business and he lets grow before to pass through everything a creative process to mount something by itself.

The majority of the entrepreneurs has something of industralists and many industralists have something of entrepreneurs. But the truth, is that we must define because many we go away towards the ends of one or of another one. It is very important that if you are an entrepreneur you must become qualified so that your project is developed in the time and is your project of all the life If you want to be success, ten encuenta carateristicas like: It looks for the opportunity, the independence, That you like the hard work, ten security in same you, disciplined, to have the capcidad to take desiciones, to be arranged to the change, layers to handle stress, to have a clear obgetivo, to concentrate themselves in the gains This it is your pefil? These tired to dance to the rate that others touch? Analizalo and asumalo like a commitment with you or with his future.

Antonio Machado Entrepreneurs

To undertake gives fear. To initiate any activity independently always has a high degree of risk reason why the entrepreneurs must be dangerous people, who know what they want, that they are not frightened before the adversity, that is Perhaps this the vision that, from the sofa of our house, we have of that chaste one that raises empires from the garage of its house. But no, it is not thus, absolutely. Perhaps never you have determined an intention you have taken that it until the end? Any thing would be worth, any example is useful. From a hobby until which you prune yourselves to imagine. Well, because of that it is than one treats. to have an idea, to take care of it, to maintain it in spite of the adversities, to fight by Clear her that this will not ensure the success to us, it is a triviality to be deceived, often we will fail but that is not exactly the important thing (although it seems contraintuitivo). The entrepreneurs who have gotten to prevail (in different scales from success) when they began did not have the minimum certainty of than they went to do it.

Simply they had one idea that wanted to carry out and that is what it mattered to them. Later the laurels would arrive but that is accessory to the process. Nobody fight by one devises in which it does not think because it thinks that it can hypothetical get to prevail. So it is not necessary to be a super-human species, only it is necessary to believe in an idea and to want to remove advanced it. Perhaps, at the end of the way, we will not arrive where we had proposed it to us but it is necessary to consider that to also walk is learned and that, as Antonio Machado said, traveller is no way, way when walking becomes.

In any case, this does not mean that the entrepreneurs must be solitary people, whom they must walk single by that way which they are creating when walking. Absolutely, the aid always is positive and, in fact, there are companies that are dedicated to that, to help the entrepreneurs to follow ahead. These companies evaluate the idea, their possibilities and, considering that, they help the entrepreneurs to develop as trying about as much economically better business the weak points, to improve forts But before that we must think what we want to do, what business idea we have and, from there, to advance. Not like a super-human but like which it has an idea and it wants to carry out it, neither the more nor the less.

EBay Bargains

(Online article) – BayHunter 1.50: off immediately all over the world looking for eBay bargains who suchet, who finds. This applies especially on the online marketplace eBay, where millions often offers at the same time are set. The search offered by eBay is not necessarily optimized for speed, because the users in the evaluation of the search result must constantly jump from a Web-browser page to the other. The free BayHunter therefore prefer performs the search in its own program window. By linking to the eBay API can be retrieved even in shortest time.

A prepared search mask can it formulate complex search queries within a very short time and pass on eBay. The user specifies not only a single search term, but can also a typo search enable, search only in certain categories, provide a from up price segment or set filter for the item condition, the type of auction, the seller type, the number of the existing bids and the date of the auction end. It is possible also to search only for actions that have free shipping, PayPal payment method or a location in your environment. BayHunter 1.50: now with international search the new version BayHunter 1.50 extends the search range by a decisive novelty: now the program can search not only local in eBay Germany, but also internationally write the manhunt. Developer Mathias Gerlach: “in this way it is possible to find even more auctions for a keyword match. That is the bargain opportunity to rise significantly. And rare things increases the chances, to land a hit at all.

” An example: A classic search brings to “Mark Levinson” exactly 32 results (as of 6 March 2008). The BayHunter shows already 138 hits with the option “Germany article availability”. In a worldwide search, the yield rises to 182 article. It is managed at the BayHunter that results in a tabular format with lists in the program window. The views of the results is exactly particularly easy, especially since the results by clicking rearrange at any time settle – about after the rest period, the current bid price, or the buy it now price. If you are interested to submit double click to open the article data sheet directly in the Web browser. BayHunter 1.50: certified by eBay at BayHunter 1.50 is a certified eBay application, permanently free of charge which can be used. The software for Windows 9 x to Vista can be from home page ( products/freeware/bayhunter.php) download (2.3 MB).