Month: July 2012


For in such a way, she is necessary that she has an awareness of the society and a personal organization in its finances, in order not to become indebted and to create an obligation that are incapable to honor and that they can, also, to have repercussions judicial due to payment. In short, the bank does not have to be judged as enemy friend or, but yes as an institution where it depends on the consumer to make the correct choices. They exist people who invest through the bank, visualizing the growth of its invested capital and had never had claims. You unite, you with certainty know somebody that does not possess financial problems, you possess applications and never she needed loans. This everything is directly on the financial planning. As well as it must know somebody that lives or it lived the opposite of this, with many debts, always looking new alternatives of credit, thinking about what to make in the following month to pay the accounts, therefore the money that it possesss is not enough, etc. Being thus the tip that is: it invests in knowledge and personal finances. Mathematically you are possible to invest 200 Reals for month, to a tax of interests of 11,50% to the year (current tax of Brazil), in 30 years you you will have accumulated half Real million more than. Today this would represent a monthly income of approximately 5 a thousand Reals for month. Summarizing, it diminishes to the maximum its you divide and plans its future, therefore nobody will make this for you. You make its money to work for and the bank does not stop!

Emotional Balance

FINDING the EMOTIONAL Balance IN the DIFFICULTIES OF the Unnecessary LIFE to detach the emotional unreliability, afflictions and consumings that have left significant of the humanity it faces in the current days. They are difficulties in the work, the finances, the personal, familiar, professional relationships, at last, a infinity of situations that generate the loss of the mental and emotional balance. The periodicals notify the most errifying notice, resultants of the acts ‘ ‘ tresloucados’ ‘ that we commit daily. Interesting to attempt against According to for this historical ticket of the Evangelho Espiritismo, that in the account the moment where Pilatos asked the Jesus: You are the king of the Jews? Of where Jesus answered it: My kingdom is not of this world. Pilatos said to it then: You are, therefore, king? Jesus answered then: I was not born and I did not come to this world seno to give certification of the truth.

That one that belongs to the truth listening my voice. Reading this ticket of the Evangelho, we understand then that Jesus if relates to the future life, that, in accord with its teachings, object of the biggest concerns of the man in the Land must consist. Without the idea of the future life, significant part of the moral rules left by the Christ would not have no reason. Jesus still discloses the existence of one another world, where the justice of God follows its course. The world is this that it promises to whom they fulfill the orders of God and where the good ones will find its reward.

It is by means of the future life that if becomes patent the true justice of God. It occurs that to the great majority such revelation does not pass of a concept, a belief, that lacks of a bigger degree of certainty. It fit to the Espiritismo to clarify and to bring rational arguments to this concept, being made with that the future life leaves of being a mere hypothesis. The certainty of the future life provides to the man a inabalvel faith in the future, generating enormous consequences on the moralizao process of the race human being. The difficulties and tribulaes of the terrena life pass to be faced as incident that the man supports with patience for understanding that they they are of curtssima duration. Having the certainty of that its sojourn, where if it finds, is temporary, little quick attention to the tribulaes of the life, resulting from there an enormous calm of spirit.

In Brazil

But always on behalf of the progress and of the expansion of the economy of the country Brazil has walked the wide steps for the extinguishing of the aboriginal peoples the example ' ' of Haiti, Cuba and Jamaica, where it does not exist remaining of the indians who there they lived, therefore they had been total dizimados' '. In the United States the indians are had as counted legends to the children through idealized engravings and caricaturizadas as ' ' great leader indgena' ' Seated bull, Sioux head assassinated in 1890 for North American federal troops. ' ' For the indians the settling meant the invasion and the occupation of its lands for foreign peoples, which, beyond provoking the physical elimination of the natives, had also been responsible for its destruction cultural.' ' (Petta, Ojeda. p, 70) In Brazil could not have been different, therefore the most illustrious citizens whom they appear in our history had been educated in European molds and for such they had constructed to its ideals of progress and expansion in a culture estereotipada with disrespect the culture of the native peoples and with destorcidas information and without knowledge of cause. Following the study of the expansion of the telegraphs of Marshal Cndido Rondon and the territorial expansion financed by the politics of ' ' order progresso' ' , it has that to observe itself that ' ' of the side of it are of the border of the Park of the Xing, it was the territory of the dispute between gauchos, goianos, natives of So Paulo and as much others that arrived with its dreams of a new Eldorado.Para they, to win age to the same transform the forest landscapes into monotonous fields of cattle and farming, carrying to the open pasture occupation model that its ancestor had applied in other regions of the country. .

Building Your Network Marketing Launch

No matter how good the products or services that promote not help you much if you have an open mind to new technologies. Network marketing is to make money in this current economy collapses and how to create income has changed, but for that you really serve this change must be clear that you want. First you change your philosophy of life Please be assured that having your own business is better than having a salary, wages will rarely arrive at the end of the month, much less strengthen your future. Only you can give your business fortune. You do not have to leave your job at first and you work on your part time online business you find that you're still happy in your conventional job only until the same with your business part-time salary from your full time job. Ponte that goal mainly part-time earn what you earn full-time earn double secondarily ask yourself at that part-time, believe that if you put your mind, you can. Do not think you will awaken interest in the people around you? Only $ 1000 extra per month can change the way of life for many families when they ask you how you do it and explain that your little work part-time awaken interest and will be an invitation to want to know your business. The same wind blows for all the disasters, the opportunities … the difference is in the person, who decide to follow your wind? All you have to do is set you goals and achieve them no matter what, you may decide to follow the same as it is now, perhaps this fine as it is, but if you make a drastic change in your life have to change their behavior, of living.


The conventional medical advances based on the improvement and extension of life of human beings have been significant but not sufficient and why: they could control the mortality caused by infectious diseases, metabolic, cancer, have come to understand and use with increasing depth – and we have to recognize and rescue – the molecular biology, immunology, transplantation.This has been achieved in less than a century life expectancy increased from almost all populations of the world in 10, 20 or more years, partly because they have improved the techniques they use, where disease control, but without But it is inadequate and does not solve the main thing is the disease since the disease though not necessarily visible to the naked eye is moving internally, so that human beings today live in constant agony until her death. The quality of life of the planet’s inhabitants can improve and prolong much more, leaving aside a number of disturbances that are thought to be normal until later in life when we believe that the symptoms of old age is upset when it is thus.That’s why I say there must be a culture in health, a general culture that goes to the streets, universities and even the child who just started in his early knowledge. To improve the quality of life and increasing it is important to consider what is important to nurture. Since you’re a child needs to be nurtured, because human needs have to be balanced and know what they need, how much and what time. Definitely, everything you eat is not necessarily what our bodies need. Today everything is sold and food is no exception. It has created a myriad of commercial foods, as for the taste of people is a pleasure and satisfaction to the palate quite exquisite, prompting even a unit and is part of everyday realism generated by modernity.The client ends up happy but it takes a trick on her stomach, and eventually disease. In recent investigations have been made at autopsy, were found from 1 kilo up to 4 kilos in the curvature of the transverse colon, food rotting in a state of fermentation. This is what causes premature death, symptoms and discomforts that millions of people suffer in the world. The human body was created in a manner so perfect, in complement with what is in the nature and know what’s required of them is able to regenerate at all times and achieve longevity. In the shaping of these foods and good combination to do is to have a good life and maintaining health to enjoy life without damage. VEIrons, colon specialist and highly experienced in fasting, referring to American dietary disaster tells us that: “In many cases, food remains inside the body for months or even years. These foods will rot and decompose, and are embedded in the folds and crevices of the colon … In most people, colon, rather than a sewer system fast and efficient, has become stagnant in a black hole. ” Dr. Robert Jackson, referring to the composition of refined foods, denatured and cooked excessively and indiscriminately combined, says: “The elimination of this waste substance (fiber) of our food also removes the natural stimulus for the muscular activity of the intestinal wall …

Climate and vegetation

Other key features to consider are a mountainous climate and vegetation. The mountain climate is cooler and wetter than the plain, as the temperature drops at a rate of approximately 5 every 1 km in altitude and rainfall will increase with height because the so-called “screen effect”, although commonly found in mountainous areas wetter slopes (exposed to moist winds), compared with drier, in which those same winds have lost elevation and moisture tend to absorb the existing floor, a phenomenon known as “foehn effect “Such is the phenomenon that occurs in the Pyrenees, where the northern slope is wetter than the Spanish or South. The mountain vegetation is stepwise or floors.In the lower floors can find similar vegetation to that of the surrounding plain, but as you ascend hygrophilous species are appearing and more resistant to cold after the last tree species appears followed by the rocky alpine meadows and even perpetual snow. The species in each of these stories and the altitude at which we find vary by continent and also with latitude, it is not the same thing over mountainous sub-arctic areas in the tropics. The Rocky Mountains are a moderate amount of precipitation as rain, especially during the winter months. The meadows cover the lower levels and give way to large conifer forests. Above wooded grasslands and shrubs extend isolated. The tops of the peaks have little vegetation and some are covered with snow and ice all year round.

Thailand One

The UN has not been able to reduce nor to a handspan the narcotic culture. Afghanistan provides 90% with the world-wide opium with which heroin is elaborated. The executive director of UNODOC, Antonio Maria Coast, is underlining that to eliminate the opium in Afghanistan depends on the attitude of the governors. Perhaps it is not allied country of the USA and NATO? Is not then those governors by the work to eliminate the culture of narcotics of which the opium is obtained? Five divisions of NATO cannot end the culture of the opium or reduce it? A culture that reaches the highest levels of history, according to the own UN. If a country occupied by fifty thousand soldiers strongly armed, if in allied republic of the USA and the EU the narcotic culture cannot not even be reduced, first stage of elaboration of heroin, has not arrived the moment for reframing the universal crossed one against drugs? In 1920, in the USA one declared illegal the manufacture, elaboration, transport, import, export and sale of spirits. Thirteen years later, the Congress of the USA countermanded the Dry Law. The unquestionable result of the same had not been to suppress to the habit or vice to drink alcohol, pretension of its promoters, but 30,000 died to ingest methylic alcohol, because clandestine liquor did not have sanitary control; more than 100,000 people with permanent paralyses or blindness for the same reason; but, mainly, a powerful empire of the crime, possible because the delinquents accumulated an immense capital transgressing the Dry Law.

That obtained the alcohol prohibition. And something similar obtains the crossed one against drugs. Nothing, except for pain, corruption, crime and death. In our days, fools to learn of the past, the serious consequences of the prohibition of sedative or stimulating substances – crime organized grafted in the world-wide economy, incalculable corruption, increase of new crimes organized thanks to the benefits of drugs add the serious violations of human rights on the part of the cruzados against the drug, like in Thailand. Reviewing documents and the news on drugs and the crossed one against for twenty years, arrives the conclusion that the cupolas of the world (governments, the UN ) do not set out to finalize prohibition of drugs, because the bargain of the Crossed one would finish to them.