Month: July 2017


It appears the money like fundamental means of interchange, but this subject belongs to the history of Capitalism and to only it interests us like element in the process that goes from the destruction of the old feudal order towards the birth of the Be-nation. The certain thing is that the backward movement of the divine right implies the sprouting of agreed forms, those that are called constitutionalists and a new hierarchy forms cradle in the wealth. A unique source of authority was required. It is, by all means, in the French revolution where the bureaucratic centralization holds fast. In 1870 Germany it is unified and it is born the Reich. The rationalism created the citizen idea, a right uniforms and the equality of these citizens in front of him. Capitalism took step to a man in freedom to sell its force of work. That State began the common creation, bureaucratic norms to administer, banks and national armies.

The old feudal order was destroyed. The crisis of the Be-nation Today we spoke of the crisis of the Be-nation, one that began, without doubt, in the Seventies, with three factors: the blockade oil to the West, the internalizacin of the capital and, finally, the fall of the socialist block, all helped by the ferocious neoliberal attack against the State. The first one factor showed an unpublished face: the crisis of the model of growth and accumulation in the West, with serious a political consequence: the State of well-being flaqueaba and the rupture of the conditions that allowed the arbitration of the conflicts in the social plane. The second entailed to a redistribution of the power that no longer respected national marks: the capital lost its face, moved in a world-wide plane, without nationality and scruples of respect to the old woman marks. The third party showed the military fall, of dominion, control on the part of the poles in which the world came working.

SEO Best Practice

Why directories are important The Boards should play an important role in their SEO efforts, well, at least the big and important, for the following reasons: – Listings of directories provide "context" to search engines. For example, if your site is listed in the Open Directory Project under the category Pets – Pets Weird – Blue Cats, search engines will assume your site has something to do with blue cats. Your website and the pages will be indexed faster and might have a better ranking in search results for specific terms (in this case, "blue cats"). – Major directories (Yahoo! Directory, ODP, Jayde, etc) have very high rankings on the web and while obtaining a list of them non-reciprocal, paid or not, the page rank of your site will benefit greatly. – The major directories are often replicated by other web sites (think of the PAO, with hundreds of copies) which means that an ad will appear somewhere the directory of this scale, this will make listings across all replica sites, contributing to their efforts and boost link popularity and ranking diapren is their website. – The ODP (Open Directory Project) feeds results to Google, AOL, Altavista, Lycos, Netscape – once again, a presence in the ODP can take your page far enough. Submitting to Directories As with most good things in life, it is necessary to make efforts to enter the directories of quality. Although the detailed instructions on how to submit your websites are always proportionate to the directory, there are certain aspects to consider before you start hunting for directories and submit their websites: – Start with Yahoo! Directory and Open Directory Project: included in the two of them worth more than included in other directories together! You will find very soon that, unfortunately, that listed in these two is the hardest thing to do: Yahoo requires an annual fee of $ 299 for regular web sites (not just commercial sites qualify for a free listing) and $ 600 for adult sites, whereas ODP is free but you need luck to break into this directory.

ODP is very large, however, the issue still is reviewed by humans, which means that the waiting time to enter the list can extend to even years! His duty as an employee of SEO is to submit your site, but illusion too, unfortunately. – Religiously follow the submission guidelines provided by directories: read it as many times as necessary to ensure that their publishers do not bother by submitting your site the wrong way, with inaccuracies, incorrect description style, or wrong category. – Try to find niche directories if your site content is appropriate for it. For example, if your site deals with marketing issues, focus their efforts seeking a sale of a single directory (such as and submit your site there: search engines love links from sites related with yours! – You probably will find many directories with paid inclusions: use your common sense to determine whether it is worthwhile or not. A good test is to check your Page Rank in Google: if at least three levels higher than the Page Rank of your site, probably worth spending the money to pay for inclusion. However, look for directories with a flat, one-time fee rather than recurring monthly or annual fees: as so we will spend less money! Finally, remember one simple rule: if it is too easy to get in a directory, you may not be worth the effort to enter it in the first case. .