Month: February 2013


If you win $ 500, $ 510 dollars is spent per month, every month. You will be the most miserable person on Earth. Truth is that what you want? Do you want to continue blaming others for their poverty? Do want to continue in the role of victim system and Government, or perhaps because of supposed bad luck that comes with it? Follow under stress and with family problems due to the lack of money? Do you want to continue being sought by all the people to whom you owe money? And if I want to stop being miserable all my life. What is the solution for this case? Well, if you win $ 500 a month, then every month should spend $ 450 on their basic needs and save $ 50, and believe me will be the happiest person on Earth. Since will be paying if same first and that money, which is 10% of what you earn, must put it in the account that you called: financial freedom.

But at this time, am sorry to be the bearer of bad news and It is as follows: be thrifty is not enough to be rich. And this is because banks do not reward savers rather punish them and their money in the Bank is depreciated or loses value over time. Therefore if you should save 10% of everything what is won monthly, this should be done as a first step, then you should invest that money in any type of business that you a monthly interest, this interest is small. Remember the magic of compound interest is that will give you the keys to your financial freedom. In conclusion I can tell you that you can analyze the following investments that generate passive income, such as: investments in funds of fixed or variable income, investments in foreign currency, investment in real estate, equity investments, investments in automated business that do not require their presence, investment in patents, and all that investment that can generate a monthly income.


These prophets of catastrophes, have sought to explain very good numbers for the second half of 2009 in excessive inventories fall that damaged the economy. If you ask me my opinion, I am on the side of this argument and add the following words: we must not forget that during 2009, the U.S. economy has been stimulated by a very active fiscal policy, which pointed to several fronts. Stimulus policies were the only argument which explained recovery which observed both the automotive and real estate market. With a 3% and 3%, Epstein and a good portion of the market, expect that the economic growth during 2010 and 2011 evolves, but what so likely are these values for an economy seriously threatened on several fronts? If we wear it’s optimistic and put aside the numerous threats that intimidate to recovery, to answer the previous question, we would have to put eyes on the real engine of the American economy that is the family, the American consumer. And without doubt, expectations about the evolution of domestic consumption in the immediate term, is not at all encouraging. There are several factors that prevent a vigorous and sustained recovery of domestic consumption. First, the unemployment rate that in January and February has been placed in 9.7% of the economically active population (PEA), speaks for itself.

Along with high unemployment, fear of losing to those who possess it, modifies consumer habits and thus, American families have shown in the last time, much more thrifty than usual. Moreover, the financial system fails to leave behind the problems. And on top, the turbulence in Europe threaten to affect several entities have European assets in their portfolios of investment! So good (just seeing it in terms of recoverability of financial intermediation), they are the postulates on the new regulation, which can benefit immediately to the dynamics of the consumer credit. Household consumption is still affected by the High indebtedness that they have today and that adds to the loss of riches that suffered by financial collapse.

Bank Country

RECESSION OR DEPRESSION IN OUR ECONOMY? = More than seven moths ago, I wrote an article describing, up to the very last point, – what would happen to this (our country the USA), if we continued spending Billions (by now Trillions) of dollars in a futile war that should had never been started. All for a country that is not our country and whose problems we will never be able to resolve.-, nor is it our duty to resolve-This country, IRAQ, never represented a danger to the U.S., as it has been well established.-The money spent in this war, together with the housing market, and the deficit, – is what has created the economic situation we are now facing-Up to datemore than 90 banks, and many brokerage firms like Merryl Lynch, CityCorp, etc., are in serious trouble-Just today, July 14th, 2008, – hundreds of customers of the IndyMac Bank of Pasadena, California, with deposits in excess of insured limits the (100,000.-),-flooded The Bank branches demanding withdrawals of their money, or to get answers about the fate of their funds.-For many of them, these funds represent their lives savings.-The officers of IndyMac shut down the California based Bank on Friday, and transferred control of it’s assets to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC).-With the failed bank now under Federal control, these hundreds of people lined up before dawn, outside its headquarters branch in Pasadena. IndyMac is the largest regulated thrift to fail, and the second largest financial institution to close IN U.S. HISTORY-And let s not even mention the Stock Market.. This is another economic situation completely out of control. The one meter to measure the economics of a country, is by the performance of their Stock Market (or stock in Spanish)-If the stock market keeps performing the way it has been doing for many months, A RECESSION is Gardner-This is a terrible sign of falling into the Great Depression of 1929.


Analysts say that there are noises in the norma l operation of the Suez Canal, Thrifty step for trade between Europe and Asia, the oil prices would soar to $200. The revoltosas the social circumstances of two countries to Africans (Tunisia and Egypt, this last headquarters of the channel) enthusiastic about the calculations of some projections, and the truth is that oil barrel has already reached the $100. When Iraq, on eve of the fall of Hussein and invasion to his country, much is speculated that man would fly oil wells so that the invader, in case of succeeding in their objectives, could not enjoy its benefits, but also signature of the judgment could not be for own usufruct. As you will be recalled, the crude prices were the clouds already by itself elevated by the war situation. And when the chapter of the war in Georgia, through whom U.S. and European powers tried to do with the BTC (Baku-Tbilise-Ceylan) pipeline, in addition to the geostrategic region Caucasus-Caspian Negro-Mar, not the story was different. Rose oil.

1.4 million barrels a day of oil through the pipeline were threatened in its transit to Europa. and not to mention Iran, Persian Gulf. The stormy ghost of the war against the oil country is a circumstance that inflated the figures of the oil price with every gesture. Nightmare is for consumer countries of petroleum (Europe!) the threat of the Iranian Government to block the Strait of Hormuz (a passage of 100 km. wide on the coast of Iran), by circulating where 40% of the oil that is sold in the world, namely, about 15 million barrels per day. It is now Egypt and the Suez Canal, i.e. the connection path between Europe’s East and coveted oil from the Gulf from Iran, via Red Mediterranean Sea, i.e., the thoroughfare of 26% of world imports oil.