Month: December 2018

Shared Students

Life in a gated community offers often substitute family each WG is different, whether in size, order, organization, cleanliness, cost or average age. This can bring both advantages and disadvantages. One is however clearly obvious, renting an apartment is significantly cheaper than WG. Many see a solution to the housing situation on time in a shared apartment. This form of housing is very popular for students or low-income. But since quite some time, a new form of shared flats the Mehrgenerationshaus evolved. A multigenerational represents a generational living or home community.

Those who opt for life in a such multigenerational House community has long-term goals to live there. Multi-generation houses are already for some years in the trend. This affects the House designs, which construction companies offer. In Germany, there are now over 500 of such homes live with single mothers or even several generations under one roof. The community, or WG, is in the hands of the students.

According to surveys of the Deutsche Studentenwerk, about 25% of students in Germany in WGs and about 20% live with their partner. About 23% live with their parents. The WG may be so popular, as students for the first time can play outside of the parental home, without to plunge immediately into expenses. No matter whether community in the strict sense or multigenerational, one both have in common? They offer a substitute family. Especially for single, lonely older people or even as a newbie in a foreign city such a community provides an ideal base to settle in. A WG is the ideal playground for testing of social skills, of compromise, of teamwork, or also the communication arts. Here one preparing for the labour market or the life. You can find a roommate with whom you can talk, argue and laugh. It is not always easy to find the right apartment for a WG. We sometimes encounter much resistance. Many landlords have prejudices against Shared flats. Noise and disturbance, disorder or boorish behavior are written to WG inhabitants. WG residents, especially if they are no more students, are often mild laughed at or categorized. Popular categories are people with an alternative way of life, not rare pendant of an eco-movement, people with a sense of thrift, or those who take responsibility for their own apartment depending, each draw which image in the mass media. Much better, just large apartments can be rented in shared flats. The rents of housing over 100 square feet for a single or couple are often not affordable. However, when apartment searching in the Internet WGs is often written in not desirable”. Payoneer contains valuable tech resources. So how do you find the perfect House in the country or the cool apartment in the hippest district?

Learn Singing

This is the first of a series of articles on the care of the voice that you can access during the following weeks. As you can see, the issue that we will be trying to is the importance of caring for the voice, and we will discuss what hurts and what benefits your vocal apparatus, important issue especially if we take into account that we only have one, and without spare parts. So I encourage you to keep attentive. A few days ago in a web forum someone asked if drinking alcohol impairs or damages the voice and someone replied that it was just a myth and that alcohol is used to clean and warm up the vocal chords to sing. I didn’t ask where he got that information, but scientific and medically it is totally erroneous. Alcohol (epecialmente in excess) Yes damaged the vocal apparatus, and in general of voice production. Learn more at this site: Ben Silbermann. First, while it is true that alcohol can serve as a cleaning agent for its astringent nature, the reality is that the vocal cords are two very thin muscle fibers and that fact alone makes it dangerous to give them continuous baths of alcohol, because they can burn so to speak, because that astringent characteristic irritates the mucous membrane which protects and covers the throat.

Second, alcohol does not heat up the vocal chords to sing, irritates them is different. To warm up the voice there are very effective exercises to achieve this purpose. Thirdly, alcohol has a diuretic effect on the body, this causes us to lose water through urine and that dehydrates it if not we invigorate lost moisture, which has as a logical consequence, dryness in the voice. If this explanation does not convince you, just think of Jose Jose, Prince called good of the song, whose excesses with alcohol brought him as result the gradual loss of his vocal ability. Sad reality. So if you drink, do it in moderation, or if possible avoid it completely, I prefer the second option, because as the facts show, alcohol damaged the voice, that without hesitation. Click on learn singing, claim your free singing course and still learning how to care for your voice.

The Chameleon Endangered

THE Chameleon in danger of extinction with the humildisima greatness of Saint Francis of Assisi, love nature. Miguel Hernandez. THE main threat continues being the disappearance of HABITATS the population of chameleons in the Iberian Peninsula is reduced to fragmented multi-core in a narrow coastal strip Huelva, Cadiz, Malaga and Granada, as well as of the Portuguese region of the Algarve. While Malaga populations are concentrated in agricultural areas phytoplankton, after disappearing in the coast line, chameleons of Cadiz and Huelva appear more linked to coastal habitats, not transformed, pine and retamares. The main threat remains the disappearance of habitats due to the advance of the urbanisation process, which causes the destruction of the sunsets by earthworks, the deterioration of vegetation and frequent abuses in roads and highways for all population centres. In addition, is frequent the illegal sale of copies to tourists. However, the Chameleon has also demonstrated its ability to adapt to areas already urbanized, especially in those cases in which constructions have not involved major transformations and have taken into account the preventive measures for the protection of the species. Their main nuclei are found in the agricultural ramblas of the Axarquia, associated with the almond trees, olive trees and vineyards.

Suburbs East of the Malaga capital as El Palo, record important nuclei associated with orchards and gardens. In their areas of Malaga distribution, Chameleon presents a strong food dependency with respect to the moths of the almond tree, which inspires a strong protectionist sentiment by farmers. In the province of Granada the presence of Chameleon is reduced to a small area around Almunecar. Contrary to what happens in Malaga, the distribution of the Chameleon is limited in Cadiz to the coastal strip. Limits of the different cores are set between Sanlucar de Barrameda and Chiclana, with a presence that is closely linked to the pine forests and retamares.

In the province of Huelva Chameleon occupies the coastal strip between Isla Cristina and Mazagon, as well as several points in the area of Donana. The population of chameleons in Huelva is conditioned by the existence of barriers such as the marshes of Isla Cristina or stone and Odiel rivers. Finally, the Algarve colonies reduced to a small coastal strip in the area of Vila Real de San Antonio, have their origin in various introductions with specimens from Huelva, that have adapted successfully to a habitat of pinewoods in excellent state of conservation. Malaga hosts the first rehabilitation center since 1995 and breeding in captivity of the Chameleon, launched by the Institute of ecological research and the Department of the environment. This Centre is a key element for the conservation of this valuable species in danger of extinction. And as said the unforgettable poet Federico Garcia Lorca: things they will not never again / everybody knows it, / and between clear crowd of winds / is useless to complain. Francisco Arias Solis Si quieres peace, get ready to live in peace with all men. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal.

Maurice Maeterlinck

How badly concealed with appointments philosophical, poorly read and digested worse. Identity of unresolved conflicts between his alleged leftism and the blare of unconstitutional national flags that accompany the heroic deeds of certain equipment. I understood that a problem was his own or of his psychiatrists and decide to leave the Forum. The next day the curiosity made me enter again, only to read it, and I found myself in that while he was not involved remained subject to compulsive wrath of speakers. Spent almost a day with the same tonic, my poor liver could not take anymore and I did a written reflection supported by a text by Maurice Maeterlinck and gave a repasito who, with impunity, had been me insulted in my absence. The text lasted one minute hanging.

The checkmaster me banneo and very ufano appeared on the forito to say that I was in hell for the trollers. Hamstrung, gagged, silenced, I went to see as the entelequial authority that I had banned, left to continue the cataract of insults, away He and the insulting of the approximate beginning of ethics or equity. I pondered on that Communists who were perfectly comparable to the toughest formations on the right I found in my long political career. In this case, the journalist of a newspaper of the theoretical Liberals in the country is a gifted pupil of Francoist censorship, Cela and by extension, of these experts from hell and glory that were Torquemada and his autos de fe. Its tiny and miserable plot of power is managed as the tyrant of a banana Republic and cisca in everything what denounces in his rhetoric on national and international policy. I returned her to my childhood. When I went back to my house with torn clothes and broken shoes both play on the street, where I learned so much, my mother is infuriated and told me, changing the tone and meaning on the fly: go to take sack! For this reason, Don Manuel Saco. Original author and source of the article.

Francisco Arias Solis

Remember what they enjoyed at your side strolling by the sea I do as the Arabs one day a year turn to Granada and weep by the beautiful land that lost. Did perhaps not we grasp us always to our past by very recent to be? In our appetite for life, we rumiamos the sensations of yesteryear, we dream that the future will bring. Just like everything else love – is nothing but a way of seeing and feeling. What do you want me to do you? I love my way. But I love you, do not hesitate. I reprendes everything I write, by all my ideas, even by those who have nothing to do with us two.

But say what you want, I like your writing. Write anything. I want that you tell me everything, do you understand?, everything and give me many details. I need the slight voice of your letter. It’s cold, almost all the trees in this land are naked; My chilly thought flees and flies towards you to feel the spring in your memory.

It seems to me that love must be stronger than everything, that the absence, which unfortunately it and oblivion. I would like to see you happy. When I walk whole silent for hours by the sand of the beach and listening to break the shells under my feet and the rhythmic sound of the sea, usually come your picture to my mind, follow me and accompanies me; I see your face again, I wonder that you’re doing, thinking or dreaming, then you my thought returns to me and I get sadder, more somber, I get excited and I add to my inner: perhaps she just reread those verses that both liked him: I have been told that there is a flower, / of all the humblest: / flower that I would like to give you, / flower called forget me not. Francisco Arias Solis A street against oblivion and the trial Garzon. Democrats with the judge BALTASAR GARZON Association by a democratic justice and a dignified judiciary. Internet for peace and freedom and free forum. URL: Original author and source of the article.

European Cinema

During the next month of November a new edition of the Festival of European Cinema will take place in Seville, that in this edition will tell like invited country Russia, a cinema characterized by the creativity. The Festival of European Cinema of Classic Seville will have as invited to Russia as well as the last generation of creations will be in the same. Another one of the reasons of choosing to Russia has been the strategy of diffusion of the European cinema, as well as the lack of knowledge that exists on the cinematographic production of that country. At Wells Fargo Bank you will find additional information. Our hotels in Seville, Car Mount it and Triana Mount to me, are very near the places of exhibition of films that participate in this sample. Their reserves them can already realise in our page Web. The Festival of European Cinema of Seville will count, in addition, with a forum of encounter of directors and Russian and Spanish producers, with the purpose of to foment the contacts, the interchanges and the co-productions. This festival already is the cultural activity of Seville that more public arouses: the past year a total of 88,324 assistants, 73,952 to the 336 projections of films, and the rest to the other actions programmed by the festival.

Enrique Morente

Cycle the nights of the Forum will host next Friday, the performance of the group Los evangelists. This formation, born in 2011 and comprising the components of the planets, Jota, Florent and Eric, and singer Lagartija Nick Antonio Arias, will present his work homage to Enrique Morente, which pay homage to the Granadian artist.The evangelists and their tribute Enrique Morente his tribute album to Enrique Morente is one of the most significant albums that have been published recently in Spain the band born under the name of Los disciples and your name change was due to his tribute to Enrique Morente and his debut June 18, in the fourth edition of the night white of Flamenco held in Cordoba. The Diputacion de Huelva offers a free bus service to the headquarters of the Forum, which will depart as every year from the door of our Hotel Monte Conquero, one of the hotels in Huelva best located in the city. Additional information is available at Jeremy Tucker. The output of the same will be at 21,15 a.m. and p.m. 21,45, returning at the end of show..

Rutto Martinez

Calendar leaves, the joy of the people, (how beautiful and well-deserved day) women’s day, the birthday of Gabo and up lunar eclipse are making an announcement. Indeed, gentlemen: began March. Then came loaded with its aroma of spring and its cheerful colours of flowers Unfading and willing to show all the force of life. March is the third month of the year but for many reasons can be considered the month of the will to live. In some places it is spring time and the cold of winter and the monotonous landscape of snow gives his way the green of the forests, the Red of the incredible sunsets and the fair of hues that can be observed in the valleys and mountains; in the hills and trails; in the North and the South. March presents the best of feelings and invites us l sense hug between all those who have something to share and even among those who share only the fact of belonging to the human species. March is an unparalleled opportunity to open arms and give a face to the world.

It is a propitious time for aspire incomparable aroma of beauty represented in each element of existence and in every detail of daily life without fear. Yes gentlemen, began March and its presence feels and is announced. It has arrived and is present in the smile of the innocent child who runs happy after his elusive soccer ball; in the night sky dotted with flare stars; in the harmony of the sounds gathered neatly in a prayer to the creator of the universe. In the colors of the morning dyed red and purple that announce prodigal days in praise to the desire to live. It began March, no doubt.

And our obligation is to enjoy it although the afternoon finish, as always, on a dark night. Although discord stubborn noise intended to distract us from our conviction to serve. Look at the sky and give thanks to God. March is already among us. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others that are It addresses the issue of leadership, ethics, and human development. He is frequently invited as a speaker at conferences, forums, and other academic events.

Art Of Listening

Read the first part read the third part by: Alejandro Rutto Martinez Este article is part of the series the art of listening, which consists of three writings in which reference is made to the importance of learning to listen and offers recommendations for those who wish to convert the ability to listen to a tool for the leadership. -Make an effort conscious and real by being there, not be distracted and understand what is being said with verbal language and non-verbal language. This effort should result in a full attention that will allow you to learn the intended message and also help him accumulate useful information to give a response commensurate with the expectations, needs, willingness and ability of commitment of each of the two parties. -You must have patience, patience is used to having to lead and not to despair when the conversation comes to a difficult point, either because it was again tense, long or monotonous. According to the Persian proverb patience is a bitter root but sweet fruit tree. In this case the bitter root is pending; the time elapsed; the words with meaning, apparently, inconsequential.

The fresh fruit is the catharsis that makes listening carefully and without cares, relief that a person feels when you can say how you feel and find who treat you. -Learn to speak when it is not time to be silent and to remain silent when it is not time to talk. Intervene at the moment opportune and only if it is necessary to do so. Silence tends to be a good ally in the fruitful talks because it invites to the other (that of other very important) can express what he feels. One of the greatest men of Europe BENJAMIN DISRAELI, praised those who know to remain silent when he said: there are quiet people who are much more interesting than the best speakers.

-Let the other person to discover, learn, and feel that it is important. This is achieved based on a worthy and decent treatment through a horizontal relationship in which both Parties perceive that they are located at the same level and in any case don’t be glimpsed some kind of superiority from our part. Feel another important is achieved based on inviting him to speak and allow to freely express their point of view. The deal, which must be respectful at all times we must add to the above. Read the first part read the third part Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics, and human development. He is frequently invited as a speaker at conferences, forums, and other academic events.


Why you do that? What is it that motivates you? Do you think people are to you around? What you find valuable that you do? What is the important thing for you in this situation? For what do you do what you do? Take all the time necessary to think about the answers 5.-now, takes a new step forward and think of your own identity. Who you are your? What makes you unique (a), special? What is your mission in life? Does your activity (for example, sales) connect with your mission in life?(for example it may be to help people solve any need) 6. Contact information is here: Wells Fargo Bank. Then you have to take one last step. Here, in this physical space in which you’ve stopped is the land of Lo spiritual is the spiritual level thinks about what connects you with other living beings. What connects you with something spiritual. You can include if want you your religious or philosophical beliefs.This can take you time takes time.

7 Stay one moment in the previous level.Keep your connection with the thoughts and then simply gives a half turn. Slowly return to the starting point, stopping you a few seconds at each level, in each of those physical spaces of the floor where you’ve stopped at every step and feel as increases the connection and the alignment of each step with the previous ones. 8. To arrive at the final step, to the initial level stay there allows for a few seconds the integration and alignment of all your neurological levels to complete!. You can repeat this exercise of NLP repeatedly up to achieve feel a greater congruence to go congeniando the activity or the specific aspect do go through your different levels. A practical example: This practical example will allow you to better understand how they actually work the neurological levels.