Month: December 2018


One of the great lacks the salesmen and designers is not the communication to the customer of the procedures and steps that will involve the assembly in the case of cuts and adaptations that will produce consequences and residues undesirable (that nor necessary to cite) taking the customer to the enfurecimento, frustration and dissatisfaction, without speaking in other related factors to such events. 1 Mobile leaned direct in the wall or the ceiling is a probable candidate the serious plummet problems and levelling that will compromise the adjustments and final alignment of doors, similar drawers, accessories and. Harold Ford may find this interesting as well. E30 looks for to foresee a minimum recess between 15 mmque easily will be decided with the application of closings. 2 Closings with more de80 mmde height or width are extremely inelegant and finish if becoming more perceivable of what the furniture in question. 3 the average height to place knobs of doors of extreme length of the right foot is to consider center of the knob a1100 mm (a meter and ten) of the soil. 4 For some factors, must have much attention to the balconies (modules of I sing) in order to prevent the celebrity ' ' hole of it I sing perdido' ' that certainly the customer ' ' chiar' '.

In certain cases the ideal is to ask for a balcony of bigger length and to adjust it ' ' in loco' '. 5 Evite to make the final finishing in low shoes and masonry bases for the nesting of balconies (technical this step not aid in nothing the installation of the balconies since we have that to consider the perfect levelling). If the base will not have the finishing, he is relatively descomplicado increases it or reduziz it necessary case. 6 Must at any cost be prevented the unnecessary aparafusamento, therefore this will consequentemente imply in a new puncture and consequentemente the application of the bother ' ' it covers furos' ' that it will be added to the existing punctures of plant and the customers not they please to this.

Life Problems

In ours day-by-day in them we come across with many presumptions problems; she is the attendant of the public agency that soon of morning already in the presenteia with its bad mood and not in the aid in nothing, immature destemperadas people and who are dull of a gratuitous form, the salesman that instead of in giving attention to them is talking with the colleague and innumerable other situations, current or more serious, that we will be able to have the wisdom to transform into challenges. Without hesitation David Michery, New York City explained all about the problem. The largeness is in the form that we find to transform the problem into challenge. If to be seated, crying because we are facing a situation ' ' diferente' ' , you there will have a great problem, but if to face everything as a great one challenge, to be always ' ' desarmada' ' , to believe that the person who is in its front also is a son of God and to face everything as a great trick, your growth and your overcoming will be as medals conquered for honor to the merit and you it will have given the first step in direction to the WISDOM. I leave, then with you, the freedom of choice: – You want to have PROBLEMS or CHALLENGES? PROBLEMS OR CHALLENGES? In its book ' ' Alegria' ' , Osho affirms that: Illumination is the deep agreement of that problems do not exist. I found this absurd affirmation at the moment I read that it, has some time behind, but seguidamente this subject came back my mind and the last events they had made me to understand what it, shiningly nailed. What we baptize of problems, would have a more appropriate denomination if we called CHALLENGES. All the adversities and obstacles that we find in our way, to see if them as challenges, will leave of being problems.


You may need to computer desk and extra electrical extension cords with multiple outlets. You can offer a few tips to help you directly in the purchase, even if you buy it without assistance. It should draw your attention that this is just advice and not a guide to action, although it is recommended to carefully read them. Be sure to ask the seller to collect and turn on the PC at purchase. Click Rich Dad Poor Dad to learn more. You need to check the monitor with the display test table. This will allow you to choose the monitor that shows no distortion. Do not forget the speakers.

Many sellers do not include them in the cost base configuration and must be purchased separately. Rich Dad Poor Dad has similar goals. Also requires a connection to your computer speakers to test them. Assembling a computer from a seller will allow you to make sure its good and, besides, you're on practice to see how this is done, that will help you to collect a computer at home alone. If you buy a computer with printer and modem, make sure that it is attached to the cable. If necessary, buy these cables. When buying a computer, you should ask what operating system is installed on your computer. If the seller is not installed on your computer operating system Windows, ask under what conditions he can install this system. On the computer you bought have to be the Russian version of Windows.

If the seller does not provide Windows, and you have no friends who can do it, should not buy a computer from this seller. Note the correct completion of the sales receipt and warranty card. Ask about the location of warranty. Ask the seller about the possibility of Within two weeks of purchase to return your computer to the seller and get your money back. Some vendors provide this service, but anything can happen, and you may need to withdraw from the purchase. Not afraid to ask questions to the seller. The more you find out about the computer, the less you will have problems when you build the house and turned on.


Mr. Rodrigo, is the Someone of the bakery here such. He would like to inform he has that you five pezinhos daily pay-approved here. Rich Dad Poor Dad recognizes the significance of this. Could give one to you passadinha to catch them here? To the nine of the morning, I take care of the telephone again. Mr. Rodrigo, is of aougue such here, would like to inform you he has that one kilo and way of daily pay-approved worn out duckling. Gives one passadinha here to catch it, ok? Half day and again the telephone. Mr.

Rodrigo, is of the store of footwear such here, would like to inform he has that you a pair of ostrich leather boots daily pay-approved here with us. The one that comes you to hours to search? My Agnes candy, I received others as many telephones from this naipe throughout the day and, as if it could not be more strange, to the ten of the night it bound the Amarelinha Hen to me. Mr. Rodrigo, is the Amarelinha Hen here and I work in the Watanabe farm. He would like to inform that I have an egg in the cloaca already daily pay-approved Mr. Please, the one that comes you to hours to search it so that I can provide the position? As you can well imagine, Agnes my flower of ltus, was tired of the telephonic insistence and said to the bird that impossible age, therefore hens do not speak.

The poor Hen said me to Amarelinha that Mr. Watanabe was very brave therefore in the current year the profit of the farm had grown only thirty percent in relation to the previous year and that if they (the penosas) did not stimulate the sales, they would turn Knorr broth. I relativized saying that I understood its situation, that the life is hard, that all we have accounts payable and that we need to make money. But then I counted my day all for the Hen and I asked to it if, although the necessity to gain the life, it would like to live in a world where the people lived to the telephone being informed of all the products daily pay-aprovados' '. You unite, Agnes, my small grasshopper, you would like to live thus in a world? ' ' You you you you you tu' '