Environmental Pollution

Carlos Mora Vanegas Patience is a bitter root tree but very sweet fruit. Persian Proverb Take note that statistics show that world population will grow from 5,700 million today, an estimated 12,000 million in 2025. This reality forces to produce more, creating more pressure on the use of natural resources and increased demand for consumer goods and services, which require having to expand the production capacity of enterprises, increasing the use of natural resources and generating greater volume of waste for dumping pollutants into the environment. The problem now is that we are polluting at a speed exceeding the renewal capacity of the environment and well above the self-cleaning nature that is currently there is a clear deterioration in the environment, characterized by the phenomenon of accelerated global warming planet caused by the greenhouse effect caused mainly by excess C02 in the atmosphere (greenhouse gas) resulting cone highly polluting industrial processes and fossil fuels as a means to produce energy. Ignoring environmental issues would be irresponsible, on the economic implications, but exaggerated, it is not convenient, but the atmosphere is there and sooner or later, somehow cause their effects. Within this context, the management in the present, must achieve a balance in industrial processes to reconcile the opposing views of environmentalists and developers. You must have the answers to questions: How to establish policies that meet the demand for goods and services, stimulate productivity, and at the same time safeguarding the environment, optimizing the use of natural resources and minimize waste generation? How to identify companies with the surrounding culture, social responsibility? Indeed, to achieve a good environmental protection, conservation is a major challenge that management must resolve, is a reality that can not be ignored. .