Control Center

There were not enough real, live, interesting examples of successful projects on the Internet, much attention was paid to the instruments of labor (Servers, software), but not the methods and ideas of progress. The positive side of the conference was that it allowed a large number of experts and interested parties to gather in one place and discuss the vital problems, plans, share experiences and ideas. Unfortunately, this part could be realized only on the 'round table', and in private conversations. Overall impression – the Internet captured the mindset of people engaged in the business. Internet – is not only world of young people addicted to computers, but respectable businessmen, company managers and analysts (the average age of participants 30-45 years). Not a few 'online' and women who feel very confident freely operate on special terms.

Both large corporations and small business owners realize the need to invest money and effort in advance online. The main thing is that this thesis came to the executives, and does not rotate so far in the community of programmers and ASUshnikov. Managers understand the value and power of the Internet, ready to work in this new environment for them, it is actively exploring and using. Internet project management. Creation site – it is only a small part of a strategy to promote the company on the Internet. Must correctly idea, concept, business plan, based on what will be a comprehensive work on promotion. Web design must be managed and how any management, management of the Internet project should be in a professional manner. As part of consulting work our firm, in developing the marketing policy of the enterprise client, companies to use such an affordable and effective method of promotion as the Internet, Web advertising, corporate website, e-mail.

In the future, one of the stages of some consulting work, will stage developing the concept of Internet marketing, creating online projects (corporate web server properly constructed system of work with email). Properly constructed and 'promoted' internet-project is capable of: – significantly improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and thus profitability – much to expand the contact base – the lower the cost of advertising, marketing and ongoing work (for long distance bw negotiations) – to reduce the final price of your product or implemented by the services due to the possibility to give a chain of intermediaries, 'Spin' on their percentage of the selling price. When implementing a specific Internet project to develop a clear vision for the integration of e-business in the current activities of the company to reengineer existing business processes. The main goal is to set clear objectives and plans develop specific milestones, identify inconsistencies, predicting possible problems, the creation of 'Control Center' for coordinating the implementation and development of the Internet project. Studio Paradox – creation of sites in Yaroslavl