Christian Seidel

A such unilateral price-focused analysis can be compared with the so-called iceberg principle. Just like at the iceberg are approximately only 10% of the mass (at the cost of this is the material price) visible above the water surface and 90% of the mass (the costs are above listed additional cost) are hidden under water. Suffer just like in the danger on the high seas, you can here an einkauferischen shipwreck”. 2. use analysis based on benefit analysis valued you, that other parameters of valuable benefits for your company can be in addition to the pure price apart from the pure price consideration. So it quite possible that a supplier offering a lower price, but is not awarded, because all other parameters, such as after-sales service and warranty in comparison to his Competitors are detrimental.

3. when looking with checklists, buyers as well as commercial, contractual and quality-relevant checklists need to insert also the so-called Brownfields checklist old checklist loads. The old check-list loads explores what negative consequences can have a change of supplier for the company, when you analyzed all concerns in the run-up to and checks. Before sheer euphoria over future significant savings, some buyers overlook important details: from many reports of practice one learns that many buyers do not always bother, to put all the details for a planned change of supplier on the table. With such an old checklist loads that choosing a supplier switching supplier, originally planned after evaluating the facts had to be postponed or was nearly impossible found frequently. You will be surprised what results you get with these modern methods and these methods are as efficient, “as Hans-Christian Seidel reported CSEI-consulting “because the buyers is correspondingly better equipped to make an informed decision when selecting a supplier, or changing the supplier.” For more information about purchasing seminars in negotiation training or negotiation seminars CSEI consulting can be found directly at