Two Houses Full Of Stories!

The MyPlace warehouses in Nuremberg extend 266 compartments that is beautiful in our daily work, that it comes with a variety of people in contact”, Claudia tell Wedel, Assistant in the MyPlace warehouse in Nuremberg Schopper Court. Our customers come from completely different areas and walks of life, each of them has a different story,”she adds. Persons in need of storage space, can rent individual storage compartments in both MyPlace homes in the outer Bayreuther str. 48 and 72 Schweinauer main street. Individually means that the size of the storage space and the duration of the rental can be varied according to need. Self storage”is called this, originating in the United States, service, what do you mean so much as even store”. Now both branches in Nuremberg be expanded due to popular demand. In the Schweinauer main road 72 come until end March 166 new compartments, Bayreuther Strasse were already in the exterior in the February 100 new Built in compartments.

Overall, now 900 storage boxes with items of Nuremberg are filled. 900 doors, behind 900 stories. It’s been four and a half years that the first MyPlace House in Nuremberg Schweinau has opened its doors. In May 2009 was opened in Schopper Hof, in the outer Bayreuther Strasse. Since then about 2,200 customers have stored possessions of various types in the storage compartments in sizes from 1-50 m sq – about two-thirds of individuals, the rest of the trader. Due to the ever-increasing demand, the branch in the outer Bayreuther str. 48 now in February was expanded more 100 storage compartments on an area of 1,000 m.

For the first time, there are compartments with a size of only 1 m now m. These are intended primarily for customers who want to store only a few suitcases or packages. Due to the strong increase in private as well commercial demand, as well as new 10-up to 20m 2 large compartments were built.