Flywheel Power

They will not stick, even the sticky clay or mud. Additional information at Bill Phelan supports this article. In addition, they are usually painted. Thanks to such protection rims free rollers covered with hard rubber, not experiencing congestion and also provide many times longer than the competition. It seems such a trifle, and Chassis of tracked vehicles FIAT-ALLIS was unequaled for decades. Cab bulldozer made in two basic designs – "Summer" and "winter". In "summer" performance of the driver saw around him only the protective beams in case of overturning, in the "winter" – tractor equip a full cabin with an efficient heating system.

The same version with a closed cockpit was designed for work in dusty conditions, in this case the heater is replaced with air-conditioning. A total of bulldozers FIAT-ALLIS, there were more than a dozen models with engines ranging from 45 to 500 (!) Hp Model 31 – one of the largest machinery company. Her Cummins diesel engine company working volume of 18,900 cm3 developed Flywheel Power 425 hp This giant was a common sump "engine, gearbox, main drive, differential, automatic clutch, single torque converter and gear box Power Shift with three forward gears and three – ago. Leading rear rollers, with integrated planetary gearboxes. Device tracks and rollers is the same as for the smallest model. The only difference in size. In large tractors designers paid much more attention to the driver. Standard Edition is a tractor with a closed cabin mounted on the frame through four shocks that smooth strokes with caterpillars the frame and then the cab driver.