The Story

So Paulo, 10 of November of 2003 the Story Beloved, Laura friend history that I will go to count to it is true, happened has three years with Alexander. It pardons me, but I did not have courage of writing counting the fact to it because it was cliente of the problems that faced at the time. You remember you are clearly of the time of the college when we studied meetings with Alexander, Landmarks and the Andria, we formed a group in such a way and; we made many pranks. You and Alexander namorando and I only confusing the meeting, always left together; I feel homesicknesses! It was a tragedy when its parents had decided to change themselves for Rio De Janeiro and as they did not like it Alexander did not want that namoro followed ahead, better knows of this of what I. In the distance it finished with Alexander, it started to use marijuana nothing that the Landmarks, Andria and I said I made with that he reacted and he accepted the reality we were young with only 17 years and we did not know what to make. I tried to enter in counted for Laura telephone, but never it found it in house and I know that its parents do not like me, therefore I opted to writing the letters and that one that asked for again it left that to count me who was pregnant of it when was even so the reply arrived late excessively. In six months vitiated Alexander of it started to be dealing and with the desperation to go to its meeting it stole the money of the drugs, but before arriving at the road it was transferred by the false friends had taken who it to the vice. It does not need to despair itself did not die form six shots had taken that it eat to it to the UTI, but with the favour of God it survived and today it makes six months that left eat it and its name was to the first word that pronounced. .