Another positive factor of the nuclear energy is its raised density, that is, in small soil pieces if they construct plants that produce amounts of infinitely superior energy to other sources, for using few insumos? the nuclear fisso is for return of 2,7 million times denser than oil. The capacity factor? FC of the nuclear plants surpasses any another power plant. The FC is a performance pointer that measures the energy generation face to the installed potential. In U.S.A., the refined factors in the year of 2007 had been: 13.4% for combustible oil and diesel; 36.3% for hydroelectric plants; 40% for energies you renewed (aeolian, solar, biomass); 73.6% for coal; 91.8% for nuclear. Brazil and Australia withhold the biggest reserves of Uranian, natural element more weighed of the Land, whose resources are enough to supply the world-wide demand for about 85 years. Already the thorium, main substitute of the Uranian one, possesss reserves three bigger times. How much to the radioactive, defending rejeitos of the nuclear energy they affirm that after 175 years the emissions of this garbage fall for only one bilionsimo of the index that left the reactor and that technological advances certainly will find solution for this deposit of energy. Nuclear engineers and specialists work incessantly in the development of research to solve the problems of the current generation of reactors.

It has hundreds of new projects in study with the central objective of that new plants, assigned of fourth generation, are less onerous, safer and with lesser ambient impacts. Each one of the nuclear reactors spread by the world has a proper executive project. The standardization lack raises the engineering costs and construction, compromises the formation and training of workmanship hand and becomes capenga the fulfilment of the rigid and essential protocols and routines of security. The nuclear industry is proud of its model of security, called prohibited in depth, to the test of multiple imperfections techniques or human beings.