Rio De Janeiro

What it is happening in Rio De Janeiro in other cities they are for causes of these actions, great climatic catastrophes happens because of the global heating, them try to maquiar saying that not, they are constructions in hillsides and others, is because of this also, more is fact that the nature is rebelled with the humanity, these strong rains, land floods, landslide to the times dry very extensive who happens in some parts of the world is all consequence of the action of the man not having another explanation, are taking off more than what the nature can offer, in exchange returns with destruction not with the preservation, not keeping its support. The same one needs a time to be to recoup, is our paper to make with that this recovery happens and as we can make this, with orientation, being extracted the natural resources in ecologically correct way. The organizations need to acquire knowledge themselves that it does not advance to be alone in the theory, that great slogan, that says: we go to preserve, the nature it is thankful, in the layer of the same notebook we evidence this, preserves! In commercial of TV and the others. Plus this conscience will not be alone game of MARKETING to increase its profits, will be that these companies would have courage to place available at least 15%, 20% or more than its liquid profit the disposal of the preservation of the environment? This is a thing that all we doubt. Botar the society along with the problems that will go to appear if will be taken measured immediate in favor of the preservation of the world is the first walked way, to guide them to apply these measures of prevention also in practises. The education institutions are one of half the most efficient ones for already starting these injunctions. The children learn in the theory on the importance of the preservation, pass the knowledge acquired for the parents to be applied in practical in the day the day. if not to take these and others you provide, will happen a world-wide disequilibrium, the disaster that is happening in the present future, it will be tripled in the next future, we will have problems more disastrous than it will go to not only provoke the suffering of the society more also of our future generations.