The Airplanes

' ' Everything this will go to waste itself. The world is great excessively to be bothered with isso' ' , they spoke. She knows, ' ' the world is great demais' ' , and it in fact was for those stands at that time. In other words, these Ford cars Model T, they would not go to destroy the planet. But you look at today for these roads, and see all these cars and trucks, and later airplanes? Seeing here of this arrest, every day, if it sees only tracks of condensation of the airplanes, face.

Good, you also it must see these things where you are. Everything this goes direct for its pulmes, face. You have that to breathe this excrement. to the times I think that people in other parts of the world exist that are creating this here because they want to destroy this half of the planet. She knows, if they will be able to destroy America, this would give the Europe to them. You have that to save the entire planet. You cannot want to save half of it, or part of it.

Only one form exists to make something how much to this, and this form is not mine. I did not invent it, I I only visualized. In other words, I am not saying ' ' he looks at here, I I created this idia' '. I am not creating nothing. I am only visualizing what he is real, because I was forced to abandon my being I have 60 years more than. If you make what you order to make, and this is the only thing that you can make? what you order to make? then you think on that it is for backwards of this. In other words, you he sees somebody saying something to it, and you see what they are making, and you say: ' ' Good, them they are saying this to me, and they are that outro' '. I want to say, who I am the true delinquent? They are saying to all these besteiras to me, and are stealing my rights. They are not giving my rights to me, and there she has the Kadafi and the Barackabable, and all these faces, and then they to say come you: ' ' Good, them they can make any thing that they to want fazer' '. why we cannot make the same thing that they are making? Why we cannot make what the Nixon was making? They make this in our name. They say that they are in representing when they make these things. Then, I say the following one: ' ' If you to make this, you you go morrer' '. you says: ' ' You threatening are me? ' ' I say: ' ' Not, threatening I am not you. What you are making is you ameaando' '. If you to continue to direct these cars, these trucks. If you to continue to make this, you go to die. You will finish without air. they say: ' ' We cannot stop to make this, because to stop itself, we will not have more comida' '. I say: ' ' Good, when you will not have food, you he will learn to make its proper comida' '.