ALPHA COM Expanded Location In Munich

Leading service modernised branch in Munich, the Bavarian city, the 23.11.10 highest security level, more space and an optimised space allocation: for this purpose the ALPHA COM Germany GmbH has fundamentally modernized their production facilities in Munich and expanded by 40 percent. There are now 700 sqm available in well-known and conveniently located Landsberger Strasse. “The expectations of our customers in terms of safety, quality and flexibility are significantly increased”, explains Dietmar Rieger, Branch Manager in Munich at the ALPHA COM Germany GmbH. As an example, he calls the trend to outsource complete processes in document management includes IT operations or software as a service (SaS) digital archive systems. Therefore, the service has invested in State of the art server, secure data lines to customers, efficient networks and backup systems. Further optimize short distances to the internal workings of ALPHA COM implemented a new concept of space, creating new space concept the is already has proven in other branches: successive steps take place in bordering areas, creates what short distances. This significantly increases productivity and ensures enough space to even large volumes of document storage.

The Munich team consists of 35 staff in the two-to three-shift operation. They act for clients of all industries and sizes in Bavaria, Austria and of Switzerland. The services provided range from the daily electronic Inbox, via the digitisation and precise deployment of personnel files, medical records, registration dossiers to the automated invoice processing for virtually any ERP system. Dipl.-ing. Corinna Scholz