First Congress

“You come out on top with lean and Kaizen!'” On October 27 this year, the lean Congress Mittelrhein in Montabaur in the castle hotel will take place for the first time. On this day, you will experience expert, supra-regional speakers around the large and current topic of lean management. The Congress is for all business leaders and decision makers of the Middle Rhine region and for all those interested in lean. For only 490,-EUR (net) learn the Congress participants in addition to current information from science and research, also best-practice examples of already successful lean conversions by companies from the region. Lean management in German translation also lean management, the totality of thinking principles, methods and procedures for the efficient design of the entire value chain of industrial goods referred to.” (Source:). So the principles of lean management have become already in many different branches of industry as the standard for the cost-efficient corporate organization. Aims of the day of the Congress, the information, which conveyed across Germany and Europe-wide lean conferences, to bring in consistent quality, compact at a reasonable price in the Middle Rhine region. The two managing directors Michael Meiss and Hans r mountain of company Amplico and organizer of the Congress are convinced that the enterprises of the region of lean management as a basis for business need.

So Michael Meiss: in our projects we recognize always, that there is a great need for information and inspiration. With our event we want to create a platform for entrepreneurs, providing regular information on the implementation of optimization projects in companies.” Five different speakers from all over Germany are expected. So for example Mrs Dr. Claudia Kostka, a renowned lean book author, or Olympic winner and Keynote speaker Dieter Thoma, he talks about success and failures. The Congress is hosted by the actress and presenter wife Sabine Swoboda and completed it with a special icing on the cake: you experience a relaxed Representation of typical behaviors in the operating process of change in the form of a role play. By the almost calculated price, as many employees of the companies to have the opportunity to be able to take part on the day. Seems a concept that to go on, from many companies, two and sometimes even more people come to the Congress. So far, 90 participants from around 40 companies have decided to participate. For more information and the ability to login please on, Amplico Unternehmensberatung GmbH, headquartered in Bannberscheid in the Westerwald, sees itself as implementation partner for the optimization of production systems according to lean principles. The consultants of Amplico have both work experience in all levels of industrial enterprises, as well as several years consulting practice.