Next Startup Ecosystem

The format of event organised by STARTeurope ‘ startup live Vienna has made it to the target to promote Austria’s manageable but growing entrepreneurial eco-system. Now startup live Vienna will take place for the meantime eighth time that Palace in Vienna from 25 to 27 January 2013 in the Marx. During these three days, the business ideas of the participants are accompanied to the launch by means of networking, the provision of resources and the feedback from mentors and allows. Not only Great Britain and Germany are covered by the start-up fever also Austria got it. Vienna is based increasingly on the strengths of the dynamic Austrian community of entrepreneurs.

Christopher Kahler, co founder and CEO of Qriously: “Startup live everything has started for Qriously: it was so to speak our first foray out of the cave.” Especially the excellent community of events, consisting of entrepreneurs and mentors, was of great benefit to us: we are private as well as business contact today with many and be it possibly be forever.” The startup live Vienna in January brings together the local start up scene with international entrepreneurs and enables the participants to experienced entrepreneurs to contact experts and investors in contact. Accordingly, it promotes the entrepreneurial scene in Austria with the aim to generate an start-up ecosystem. “STARTeurope is the best organization I know in CEE countries for young entrepreneurs to start their businesses. I wish I’d had this organization at the time when I started. It is impressive to see how they start-ups ranging from teambuilding accompany during the process and the development of the product. So they create”a substantial value for young entrepreneurs and investors, says Tamas Locher, founder of Lookk. Startup live there also across Austrian borders: the format of the event has already established a foothold in cities such as Hamburg, Istanbul and Budapest and networked to start-ups and entrepreneurs all over the world. Jurgen Furian, co-founder of STARTeurope, startup live: “the format”Startup Live”is the ideal breeding ground for all people who want to work on such business ideas and innovative business ideas. 54 Hours exchange of ideas, networking, mentoring, expert and customer feedback, as well as learning from special founder know-how are just a few words what startup live stands.” Yet the early booking bonus of registration is available until end of December and more info on the startup live Vienna are located here.